Everyone loves an eBay victory

Have you ever wanted an item, had a picture of it in your head, but couldn’t place where to get it from? I love using websites like eBay because I’ll know the item when I see it, and know that it has to be mine. I’m not an obsessive person I would say but I’m definitely the sort that is happy to dedicate serious time late night eBay trawling; searching across continents for that perfect piece. That statement Balenciaga harness boot that Mary Kate Olsen used to live in – finally tracked down through eBay; my very first designer bag – a YSL tote was found loveingly second hand through eBay. Countless beloved pieces from my wardrobe have all started from these beginnings. 

So now I’m on the hunt again, for my perfect bag. My mini handbag broke whilst on a summer trip in Berlin, mortified without it, I knew I had to get on the hunt immediately to find one in time for fashion week. Usually I go for very small bags, but I figured with all the invitations and iPhone battery packs I’ll be hauling around, I’ll need something a little different.

Can you help me on my mission to find the perfect bag? I would love to hear your ideas! Will it be that Céline box bag i’ve lusted over for years, or something a little more contemporary like a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag

I would love to hear about your little eBay victories too. Comment below to tell me about that piece that you finally tracked down :)

5 thoughts on “Everyone loves an eBay victory

  • I shop both personally and for shows (theatre, opera) costumes and props. Ebay is brilliant! Most recent victory? An Alexander Wang (sold-out) Prisma clutch for….$49. Yes, it’s authentic. Still stalking the perfect Mansur Gavriel Bucket and a vintage YSL Roady bag (black, silver).

  • I managed to find the Chloe buckle clutch in my price range, I love it so much, it was so worth the endless search and late night trolling on eBay!


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