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Wearing: Shirt By Malene Birger, Topshop leather trousers, Dominic Jones rings, Camilla Skovgaard shoes

Kind of recycling the outfit I wore out the other night for dinner; I’m really loving olive and black, and the military tones of this shirt Zalando kindly sent me, by Scandinavian designer Malene Birger. I seem to be living in dark colours, which totally reflects the grey moody London right now. Wishing for spring to be back again; why is it so uninspiring to get dressed right now?

On the other hand, I apologise for the lack of blog posts; this time next week I’ll be shooting my AW12 short fashion film, to be shown at my presentation in only few weeks. There is so much to do but I’m excited for you all to see the end result. Thank you for all your comments too, they’ve been keeping me going the last few days!


Even though this doesn’t totally relate to what I’ve been living in the past few weeks, I found myself delving into my iPhoto past and finding these from my last MyDaily ed. I really love the thick wool and shape of this Acne jacket, which begs the question why i didn’t buy it for £50 at the last stock sale, when it was still being sold online at the time for a few hundred. No wonder Acne stocksales end up queuing around the block (If you wanna get serious be there an hour previous). I didn’t mean for that to rhyme. 

Recently I’ve been thinking about how lucky Londoners must be, with dozens of questions coming my way about how I actually afford a designer wardrobe, when I don’t buy anything, ever, full price. The answer is of course; the sample sales happening twice a year ranging from Christopher Kane to Antipodium; the famous London department stores, Selfridges, Harrods, Liberty and Harvey Nichols plummeting their end of line sales to 80% off in the final week; and finally my biggest weakness, eBay. Obviously eBay is for everyone, but the rest has me feeling like Londoners are pretty lucky. Obviously New York probably has it even better, and I know Antwerp stocksales are pretty unmissable, but what’s it like in your city, where do you find your bargains? 


The work of Egle Cekanaviciute, found whilst stumbling through another new discovery drkmttr blog - a must go to for interior inspiration, Egle’s 6 piece collection focuses on the idea that the human species are powerless against nature. Basic minimal silhouettes have been created out of materials such as potato sacks or tailoring canvas, and distorted to make room for the growing plants that have seeded in amongst the fabric. The whole idea is beautiful and poignant, I’ve been thinking a lot about nature recently and this marries my two loves of nature and fashion beautifully. 


Wearing: Aquascutum shirt, Issey Miyake skirt/trousers (scousers?), Alexander Wang shoes, Persol opticals, Dominic Jones rings, Helmut Lang half cuff bracelet 

Keeping it simple for a Friday afternoon with a classic monochrome combo (Check me out blogging on the actual day of wear!). It was kind of a bad idea wearing white shoes though due to the rain; cue horror face at every muddle puddle or building site I came across, which was quite a few. Loving this classic white silk shirt by Aquascutum, with silver studs at the collar and cuffs, it’s the details that make all the difference. 


How incredible are these boots from Givenchy pre fall? Gimme gimme gimme! The black pony/calf hair pair are my favourite. The whole collection offered an alternative to the S/S 12 collection. Those low sharky lapels; long dangling necklaces – this time a deer horn, not so keen, but there are some shark teeth in choker form which I love; the boxy envelope clutches; and the dangling bow drape blouses. Givenchy are at the top for me right now.


Alexander Wang Jade clutch/ Dream come true

I bought this before the new year and it’s still sat patiently in my wardrobe waiting for a special occasion to shine. Maybe I just need to fit it more into my everyday life. I’m getting used to not carrying a large handbag since demanding all the coats I buy have various large inside pockets. Since cutting down, I should be able to fit my life in here with relative ease. Now to take it on the cake run to Tescos…


Wearing: Dior sunglasses, Limi Feu boiled wool coat, Ann Demeulemeester shirt, Charlie May leather belt, complex geometries skirt, Ann Demeulemeester pony hair riding boots

The other day I was complaining on twitter that I didn’t have any belts to go with this outfit, then when leaving the house I spotted this half corset from my graduate collection. It actually works much better as a belt I have found (see original ways of wearing here). Wearing your own designs gives you a feel of what works and what doesn’t, and I want my pieces to be functional and not just for show; which is quite a learning curve! I know most of you will be asking about the shoes, recently rediscovered lurking in the back of my wardrobe, I bought them off eBay a couple of years ago; they are perfect for keeping me warm whilst running around London hoarding fabric rolls back and forth, and are beautiful alternatives to heels. Ann D I love you.

In other news, thank you Company mag for shortlisting me in your blogger awards. It would be amazing if you guys voted for me, but there’s something in it for you too; everyone who votes goes in for a chance of winning £250 of New look Vouchers! A pretty sweet deal I think you’ll agree.


On our last Friday night in Brussels the shops stayed open for the Modo Parcours, each shop had its own entertainment and drinks led out onto the street. It was sort of like Fashions Night Out but much cooler and less structured. Michael and I headed to Icon, where we’d been earlier that day to see the Piece of Chic exhibition, featuring giant animal heads reconstructed out of vintage furs, on top of printed silk shift dresses. That night the animals came alive in the form of electro pop Belgian sensation Hong Kong Dong; the most exciting live performance I’ve seen in a long time.

 See more of me dancing like a mannequin and the night rounded up here…


 It’s been 3 years and still since 2009 I haven’t been able to get this corset off my mind. When will one appear on eBay that doesn’t cost the price of one leg?


Wearing: Ann-Sofie Back coat, Acne peggy shirt, Alexander Wang crossover bra, Vivienne Westwood trousers, Balenciaga shoes, Moxham taba bracelet, Persol opticals

Aside from the heels, this makes seriously comfy loungewear. I’ve been living in this outfit in the studio since being back in London and slipping on a pair of heels to dash out for meetings. I feel much more energised since the Christmas break, my new years resolution, to get up at 7am every morning, has meant i’m up before the workmen demolishing away and I’m no longer a cranky morning person. I am excited about it getting lighter again though. I hope you’re all enjoying the new year!

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