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Halloween Accessories

Christian Lacroix’s oversize rib cage necklaces make an absolutely stunning accessory for halloween! Think I’ve discovered it a little late, maybe next year.

More spooky designs from the catwalks
Ohne Titel and Alexander McQueen
Roll on Halloween!

Leather Dilemma

I was so excited this morning when I knew that it was finally time to put on the leather trousers. I bought them a couple of months ago in preparation and finally I think the time has come, but there is a flaw, it’s too cold!
Leather trousers look their best with killer shoes at the ready, but it’s too cold for bare feet!
Are boots wrong? It just looks too much to me.

Jak and Jil

Whenever I need some cheering up and reminding that there are people out there who know how to go wild with style, I visit Jak& I thought it was about time I dedicated a post.
Mmmmmm food for the eyes…

Eccentric British style at its best!

It’s fantastic to see the shoes of you wildest dreams actually being worn by people in the street!
I would love to sit with my camera all day looking at pretty (amazing) shoes and pretty people, or better yet, being the one wearing them!

I actually made a bet with my boyfriend recently, that I couldn’t go 5 months without buying another pair of shoes. I think he’s realising how serious this addiction of mine is.

My new winter booties!

I finally got to go out and buy my winter boots this week! They are by Solea and are the softest, comfiest leather. I am going to wear them until they die on my feet! Like all shoes should, I think.
They look a lot like those Sergio Rossi boots I had my eye on before only less than half the price!

Fashion TV for the Masses

I’ve just been watching the new fashion program on BBC iPlayer
It’s really good, it covers Topshops rise to cool, with Kate Moss and Jonathan Saunders Ranges.
Also, Designers Ossie Clark and Mary Quant discuss their role in making Britain the fashion capitol in the 60′s.
We need more fashion programs! Its really refreshing to see a good fashion program that’s really full on and knows what it’s talking about.
Find it on BBC iPlayer, Here:

British Style Genius: A Fashion Democracy

Thigh High Trend, hot or not?

Let me start off by apologising for my serious lack of posting recently. Uni this year has been crazier than I thought and I just need to figure out some better time management.

OK, so we all know that one of this Autumn 08′s many trends are the thigh high boots, some love it some hated, and I truly never thought it would catch on but my boyfriend informed me today that he has seen girls ‘hanging out’ in thigh highs at his university.
I can’t believe it! I really dislike this trend, it’s a shame but there are just some boots that make you look slutty more than fashionista. Mariah’s Laboutins look the best out of the trio but I think Rhianna crossed the line.
What’s your opinion on this trend?
Hot or Not?

Viktor & Rolf S/S 09



I was a little dissapointed by Viktor & Rolf’s latest collection, but the shoes were fabulous enough to make up for it
Their latest collection was inspired by pixelation
Love the tights with the shoes

Gucci Babouska

Which ones your favourite?

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