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Graduate Fashion Week

I know that this event was back in July, but I always feel that it doesn’t get enough attention. I went this year to cheer on my university and say near Henry Holland who was judging the designers. His favourite was Alexandra Kaegler

My favourite has to have been Marie Elisse Llagas, with her super fun attitude towards fashion
Her Collection was inspired by the London club scene

Love IT!

Definitely followed by Debbie Waygood, who’s collection was inspired by Willy Wonka

High Waisted PVC Trousers, Yes Please!

I also went to the Nottingham Trent show but I have to say that I was a bit dissapointed. The music was dull, a generic catwalk beat, and the clothes lacked any pow at all
It was absolutely pristenely put together but it lacked original ideas, they were just pretty clothes.

They are beautiful, but I think I have a far bigger appreciation for the daring.

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