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The Golden Dawn

A/W 2010/11


New magazine from soon-to-be graduate Lara Angol.
This mag is a feast for the senses, pure loveliness.
Find out more about her inspiration on her blog here
If your more into aesthetics than theory, it’s easy flippin’.

Collection review on Culture Candy!

My first collection collection review is up! And its from those charming guys over at culture candy.

“Another collection that stood out on the night was that of Charlie May which had a post-apocalyptic ambience. A fairly neutral palette allowed for the texture and form of the clothes to take prominence. Distressed materials, both hard and soft textiles, and buckles and goggles aplenty were combined to great effect. It would have been easy to have gotten carried away when working with such aesthetics but May clearly appreciates the power that can be achieved through subtle refinement. The inclusion of heavy duty footwear with soft fabrics and the exposure of their construction was alluring as May successfully wove together what might individually appear to have been relatively disparate elements.”

Read the rest of the article here.


Here is the first batch of photos taken from the UWE Graduate show on Saturday. How exciting!
The photos may come in dribs and drabs because the photographers all have deadlines too, and chasing them up is hard work. But when they do all come they will be amazing.
These photos were taken by Kim Oakley at the evening show.


Lauren Bacall

The Inspiration behind my 2010 graduate collection

Charlie May, Fashion Design

My inspiration initially derived from sparse decaying landscapes. I
liked how lonely and beautiful they looked and imagined that the whole
world was like this.
Taking further inspiration from the work of photographer Sebasti√£o
Salgado. His imagery stark, and often in black and white portray a
sense of longing and loss, whilst being beautiful to look at. This
then developed into a post apocalyptic theme, focusing on survival.
My collection has been very hands on, I have rusted, dyed, bleached,
sand blasted, rasped my materials, to achieve that decayed look.
I also chose fabrics such as scarred leather, fine silks and wools to
complete the look.
I have always played with the nature of hard and soft fabrics. In this
collection I have combined the two, often in the same garment to give
great contrast. For example, silk and plastic tubing. I have also been
using the parts of the hide that other designers would discard, in
keeping with the aesthetic, I find the scarred, raw outer parts of the
leather as beautiful as the inner.
Buckles and ties feature heavily throughout as I wanted to get a real
feel that you were having to construct your own garments
Taken from our years UWE Fashion blog

Havana Cultura at the Tunnels

Last Friday I had the pleasure of being invited to Havana Cultura at the Tunnels, in Bristol. Hosted by Gilles Peterson, the music was a hip hop jazz infusion. As soon as we got inside the club we were handed our two free drinks tickets that were to be traded for a selection of traditional havana rum cocktails. The atmosphere was amazing; alcohol flowed freely and couples danced to the soul music straight from cuba.
Kumar and his band, INTERACTIVO took to the stage with tremendous energy. The music was like nothing I had ever heard before, I am a total convert! We danced and waved our little maracas until we collapsed back at the bar for another amazing cocktail or two. After INTERACTIVO, Gilles Peterson took to the DJ booth to blast out some more of the music that he has been following so closely in cuba.
I will be following Havana Cultura closely, it really is something incredibly special and unique.
Find out more about everything Havana Cultura represents on their website.

Strap yourself in.

ADORE this jacket.
As you’ll see in my upcoming collection belts and straps are featured heavily throughout.
Huge Magazine April 2010 Issue
Jacob Coupe by Satoshi Saikusa
Source: The Fashionisto

Chain Wedges

Tove Jansson Chain Wedges – Beyond words!

MK and Ashley Olsen at the Free Arts Auction

MK and Ashley Olsen at the Free Arts 12th Annual Art Auction.
MKs look kills me here, it is so spot on. Ashley’s look is pretty
incredible too.
I would wear all of this. Infact, I have started saving (more, clawing
back from the overdraft) for these Givenchy bandage wedges.
They will be mine!

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