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Finally my photos from Antwerp! Sorry for there being so many, I fell in love with the city, it was so so beautiful! We went to Ghent too which was also incredible, so sorry for the heavy architecture/art photos, but hey, its culture!
I definitely want to go and do an internship in Antwerp next year, the fashion and the way they view fashion there is out of this world! And everyone speaks English of course.
Super cute tortoise called Turtle/Mildred that lived in Amy’s garden, he was so glad to come in from the rain.

So beautiful!
Aaaand I hate beer, but Beligian beer is so yummy! I’ve become some sort of beer expert all of a sudden, in Ghent I think all we did was drink beer and look at architecture.. although I think that was all there was to do!

The Ann Demeulemeester store, It had this tiny sign, you could walk past it and have no idea it was there!
Strapping my purchases onto the bike! She put my jacket and shoes into a cute little fabric bag for me, so helpful when I was having to fight my way accross the underground on my way back.
The peer was beautiful! We got some patries from a bakery and sat and watched all the huge ships come in and dock.
The Ann D. fashion week showroom was held right behind us in this huge old warehouse

Cheesy smiles and tea at this really cute café
This surreal ride was outside Antwerp central station, Anvers. It was so amazing! There was a film inside the station showing it being made. It was all iron, and bugs and insects, the kids loved it!

back at home with my purchases….

On sale at Ann D. These shoes are so amazing! They are the comfiest shoes I have ever worn! You can play around with the laces too.
Isabel Marant silk crepe dress

This dress was bought at Labels Inc. in Antwerp, only €50

I will do another post dedicated to all my purchases, later on today. No architecture, I swear!

Yes Vincent

‘Yes Vincent’ is an Australian Label specialising in some really cute feathered collars, cuffs and headbands. They also do some quite cute tie dye scarfs, all available through their myspace

I am in love!
Make any outfit super high-end by adding a feather collar!
…now there’s my Gok Wan advice for ya

Chanel Obsession

Fall 2009 RTW

Crazy about these two tone, Chanel pieces. I am such a Chanel girl!
I am so excited about the new film coming out! There was a wonderful slideshow quote thing HERE on Coco.

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you get the face you deserve.”
Mademoiselle Chanel in her apartment 31 rue Cambon by Cartier-Bresson

Look how cute she is!!

“Elegance is not the perogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future.”
I think she says the most wonderful things.

There’s also one on Karl! Haha! He comes across as a real jerk but I still love him
2003 – On unattractive and short people:

“Life is not a beauty contest, some [ugly people] are great. What I hate is nasty, ugly people… the worst is ugly, short men. Women can be short, but for men it is impossible. It is something that they will not forgive in life… they are mean and they want to kill you.”


I have had no time to do an Antwerp post, but it is coming up! It will be next! So much to post about it, I had the best time! I want to run away and live there is was so great. Can’t wait to show you all!

Prada Fall 2009 Lookbook

How odd! Almost like someone has been let loose to experiment with Photoshop!
I really like some of these in particular, the second picture down is really nice, I like the clothes also, some really great materials and textures. Some of the other pictures look more like a mood board than a lookbook.
What do you all think? Agree or disagree?
See the whole look book here

Mmmmmm Chloe

Couture Catwalk

Jean-Paul Gaultier
This collection blew my mind! I can’t remember the last time I felt this way about a recent Gaultier collection. The pictures speak for themselves really.
Incredible! Amazing! Arghh!

Elle Saab

The shoes in this collection are perfection, great contrast with the soft fabrics. The dresses in this collection look so snug and wintery, the textures are divine.

Alexis Mabille
This collection is so beautiful and whimsical, I would wear every single piece!

This still is so funny! GREAT outfit kind of grumpy photo haha
I really like the textures in this collection, I think the short and long skirts are really weirdly good too.
Such a cute couple! Oh god why do I see myself in every couture wedding dress? I’m only 21! Maybe I should make a pact to myself that I won’t get wed until I am rich enough to look this good, or… can make something like this myself!

Dominique Sirop
The rest of this collection was a bit blah, but I liked this outfit.

Chloe Sneaker Wedges on a gusty day

Today I am wearing my my cute Chloe sneaker wedges!
They are insanely comfortable and great to work in, even when today a gust of wind blew an armful of posters out of grasp and I was chasing them across the road, dodging passing cars, until thankfully some nice ladies stopped and helped me chase them about.
Thank you nice ladies!

That’s not the reason I am posting however, I am posting because I found my shoes on Saks last night on SALE!! with £100 reduction! Gutted, haha! They are well worth the money.

There are so many amazing shoe sales on right now! I’m going to Antwerp tomorrow and am hoping to get some fantastic designer bargains, but if I don’t I will be coming back to throwing my money away via the internet!

(and yes that is a black smear on my left foot, dirty London underground!)

Couture Catwalk


These pieces are absolutely incredible, the detailing is exquisite! This collection is just spectacular to me.


Love the hard and soft silhouettes in this collection, the fabrics paired together are wonderful, I really like the shoes too.
Some wonderful photos of the collection on Jak&Jil


I am so in love with these outfits! Those skirts make my heart melt, they are so pretty.
This collection is classic Dior, the sexy references to the 50′s with the fleshy tones of the classic underwear contrasted with the bright new bold colours such as raspberry and lime, evokes a feeling I feel couture should.


1996 – 2009

Photographer Erik Madigan Heck
Styling Emily Barnes at See Mgmt
I am completely obsessed with Ann D. at the moment, the more time I spend looking at images such as these, the more I fall in love!

Such a beautiful and playful collection of photographs by Erik Madigan Heck, the clothes just look incredible.
That ruffle collar is so beautiful! I feel like I am going adjective mad here but I am in love after all!

If you like these photographs then check out his website for more clothes porn, a stunning body of work.
See the complete collection of photographs HERE!

(In a sort of relevant note, I am going to Antwerp for a long weekend! I’m so excited!
I’m really hoping my ‘insider’ will sneak me into the Ann Demeulemeester headquarters.
I’ll take some pictures which will probably go in my twitter unless they are really interesting and then I’ll post them up here when I get back.)

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