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Romeo Pires

Challenging the expected, turning preconceptions on their head- Romeo Pires defied the paradox of fashion “normality” by creating a theatrical reversed collection for their first ever show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout.
Metal masks appeared on the back of the models’ heads, their poker straight hair was pulled in front of the face and tied into a knotted ponytail, and big clog shoes featured heels that were positioned on the front, all adding to the reverse-effect.

(The model is walking to the right)


Paris was amazing! The city is so beautiful, I fall in love with it every time.
There’s so much to say I don’t know where to start.
Thank you for all your wonderful goodbyes when I was away. Sorry I haven’t posted even though I’ve been back since Sunday. They was so much to catch up on, and I had to be back to uni on the Monday. A harsh back to reality!
The best exhibition I went to see in Paris was The Sonia Rykiel Retrospective, celebrating 40 years, at the Louvre. It’s been running since 2008 so many of you might have seen it, if not then you absolutely must. It completely blew my mind. There were two floors showcasing previous collections, stunning photography, magazine articles, documentaries and around 30 silhouettes signed by other top designers in homage to Rykiel.

These designs were by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Christian Lacroix, Martin Margiela and by Jean Paul Gaultier after Sonia Rykiel spring/summer 2009 ready-to-wear collection

The only photos I could find online of the collection pieces were badly taken tourist photos, which is a shame. The collections were so beautiful the photos dont do them justice at all.
The exhibition did actually make me hate the English, there were groups of college fashion teens who knew nothing about anything, went round taking photos with the flash against glass, asking if the tracksuits were Juicy Couture and saying that they’d never even heard of Sonia Rykiel.

Jean Paul Gaultier Illustration

Despite the annoying English teens the exhibition was completely mind blowing and I would urge everyone to go and see it. I have always loved Sonia Rykiel but never knew the extent of her wonders.

Images taken from

au revoir!

Goodbye my darlings, i’m off to Paris!
See you in a week

Elie Saab Spring Couture

I am so head over heels, in love with Elie Saab’s 2009 Spring collection. Its so beautiful and elegant, the detailing is absolutely exquisite, I wish I could see it up close.
This is everything a couture collection should be.

How much do you want to wear this dress, just around the house, draped over a piece of furniture, fabric everywhere?

This collection is so feminine, makes me feel quite peaceful and elegant. It must be so wonderful to wear an item of clothing that you really know the amount of work that has gone into making it, and making it absolute perfection.
So in love, so in love.

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