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There was a party in all our pants on the night of the Björn Borg event, held in the disused Battersea Power Station, the old building loomed above us as we danced under the strobe lights. It was probably the most insane party I’ve ever been too, the catering itself was amazing, all parties should have a hot food bar! I’d never had the chance to try oysters before which was a treat, my favourite had to be the rare beef with red current jam though, yumyum. We sat on the giant beds, with our cocktails watching the models run around having pillow fights and jumping in the hot tubs, before joining the glow in the dark fashion show. The party got a little insane with Alexxsia and Michael magicking up a mini bar at the end of the catwalk with conveniently found bottles of Cointreau and mixers, until Coco Sumner and Robyn came on (Coco Sumner has to be the next Charlie May girl right?) for an awesome duet set. We danced all night until the lights came up and the bar was dry.

The whole night was pretty amazing and the perfect way to kick off London Fashion Week! Maybe even made the week feel boring after having so much fun.. It was great seeing friends Alistair, Matthew, Michelle and Nik and well as BFFs forever Michael, Lex and Jen. Thanks to Lex for letting me pinch a few photos too!


I’d been meaning to do this Yellow Door press day/Acne post for a while, but after getting my new camera I stashed my old one out of sight and only just found it, it’s memory card full with last seasons press days. It must be my senile old blogger age, but I thought better late than never; plus everything you see here is available to buy now! Which is always a plus.

The leather jackets and shoes from Acne are always my favourite and this season, I fell in love particularly with the white leather pieces and the platform shoes, I’m in love with Ivania’s suede pair more than the blue silk, and even more with these mid calf boots. I found one style to be a bit of a Simone Rocha rip off (the high heeled brogue) but other than that thumbs up all round.

 I warn you there may be more of these belated press days to come (sorry!) but I do quite like seeing the garments and accessories without a body to cloud your judgement; pure design appreciation is what I’m after.


Wearing: Ann-Sofie Back coat, Limi Feu coat, Charlie May sheer white dress, Dagmar black dress, Ann Demeulemeester triple lace boots, Alexander Wang clutch, Maria Nilsdotter rings

 Outfit worn on the 4th day of London fashion week, it was so cold at Somerset House I was glad for two jackets, which meant that the dress didn’t really come out other than for these photos.. oh welll! I love the layering of the Limi lapels over the minimal Ann-Sofie jacket, it’s so much warmer having a collar around your neck in the cold! This was my last day at LFW too before I admitted myself to bed for the rest of the week; I’m back in Devon now for some serious country relaxation, sat in front of the roaring fire as we speak. Perfection. Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Thanks to Lexxi for the photos.


Despite going through a time lapse and nearly missing this presentation all together (totally blaming my fashion week fried egg brain), I luckily arrived in time to see all the beautiful new pieces Zana and Thomas had slugged to London. It was pretty awesome to be able to try everything on and have a tutorial from the harness goddess herself! New favourite is the white harness that doubles up as a back spine/front spine/belt/you name it; it’s pretty awesome being able to clip it up in different ways and wear it how you love it most. There was also a face harness that Zana custom made for Love magazine, as well as a new moulded leather rose headband; which is pretty striking and quite unlike anything else she’s done before. I’m pretty in love with that canary bra harness too, could anything be more awesome!? 

One thing is clear my leather collection is going to be doubling pretty soon.

It was so nice being able to finally meet and hang out with one of my favourite blogging ladies, I guess I’ll have to go and invade new York turf soon.

 You can see more of Thomas Blaak’s bags here, and Zana Bayne’s harnesses if you don’t already know, here.


Wearing: Vintage trench from Rokit, Ann Demeulemeester jacket and shoes, Charlie May shirt, Acne trousers, Moxham taba bracelet, Alexander Wang bag, Dior sunglasses

So in love with these thick wool Acne trousers I picked up at the last sample sale, I don’t think I’ve had the chance to put them on the blog and LFW seemed like the perfect time. LFW has been totally distorted for me this year, struggling between going to the shows as usual or staying in bed and recovering from the presentation that happened on Saturday, I think I opted for the last option on most days and it will probably get more and more that way each season. But that’s ok as my brand is so much more exciting! 

Thanks to Jen for the snaps 

In other news the winner of the Le Specs/ Sunglass shop comp is… 

MAGGIE from Love Scrapbook!

Congratulations on winning some cool new sunnies in time for Spring! 


When we entered the cold warehouse in East London for Thomas Tait, we were grateful to be handed a cup of earl grey tea whilst we waited with baited breath for the show to start. Real grass coated the runway and I knew that Thomas had something special in store this season. Thick wools and leathers in olives and mustards came in the form of floor length coats and bomber jackets, tight 3/4 length trousers and flowing silk shirts; there were fine pleated leather and jersey tops that came all the way up to form a rigid polo neck; and bouncy ponytails with leather scrunchies on the beauty side. We even saw the first use of denim and velvet in luxurious varsity style jackets, and baseball cap collaboration with HUF. The show ended in glorious style with inspector gadget playing for the final walk; I know for sure this will be my favourite show of the season. Well done Thomas! 


A few of my favourite images from my AW12 presentation the other night by Zana. It’s so exciting seeing reviews and images coming through as I was on such an adrenaline high, it’s tough remembering what happened exactly! It was such a pleasure meeting Zana and Ivania in person for the first time, although it felt as if we already knew each other. I’ll post full presentation images after fashion week, but in the mean time you can see some more from Ivania, Sandra and Jen.

A big thanks to sponsors Patrón for providing delicious drinks for the night! Also Bumble and bumble and Laura Mercier for the beauty products. 


Charlie May AW12 Fashion Film
Shot & Directed by Mark Gostick
Art Direction – Alexxsia Elizabeth
Model – Layla Young @ Select
Hair by Alex James Fairbairn
Make Up by Tricia Temple
So excited to show you guys the short fashion film we shot a couple of weeks ago. This was the weekend when it snowed and was freezing cold in London, we shot in a chapel that had been bombed in WW2 and was freezing so kudos to the amazing Layla! What a trooper.

I didn’t plan the film to be as scary as it is but when we got on set it just felt right and we felt the stronger the better. We drew inspiration from this Miu Miu film, in the way they had edited the model walking backwards and never showed the girls face. I have to dash to catch the rest of fashion week now, but I hope you love it!


When you work all day every day with your hands it’s impossible to keep a good manicure up. I’m a bit of a biter, unless I have a coat of nail varnish on I won’t have any nails to contend with at all; so, a few days ago mid moan about the state of disrepair my nails had fallen into, Taylor Taylor said I should come along with Jen and try out their luxury manicure. As soon as we entered the salon/haven on Commercial Street, we were offered up a comfy chair and a cocktail menu (I kid you not, you can order any cocktail off the menu, any amount of times for free with your treatment). I sat downstairs whilst Jen had her cut and colour, and felt a million miles away from London and my busy studio. 

This was seriously a luxury experience that I hadn’t felt before and my nails have never looked so good! The luxury manicure includes the full pampering treatment with exfoliation and massage, followed by a hand mask, cleanse and shape. I think I need to start looking after myself a bit more and I’ll know the place to head to next time I’m in need.

I’m wearing a dark red wine varnish with Maria Nilsdotter rings.

Thank you so much Taylor Taylor for giving me a refresh in time for fashion week!


Only two more days to go.

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