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The Launch of Jacques Townhouse

On Tuesday I attended a special bloggers preview launch of The Jacques Townhouse, an adorable pop up hotel right in the heart of London. The concept was all down to David Carter, founder of the 40WINKS Hotel.
Jacques has partnered with songstress Sophie Ellis Bextor, who is even more beautiful in person (seriously!), to curate the ultimate Jacques Soiree. The concept is a twist on the quintessential English tea party, where girls can enjoy a glass or two of Jacques and bespoke cupcakes courtesy of Vintage Patisserie, find their Prince Charming with fortunetellers and be glammed-over by Benefit Cosmetics new Lash Couture service.

Inside the hotel, there were four floors to be explored. On entrance we were ushered to the middle floor where a tour was about to begin, given by David Carter himself!
Not before some drinks I might add!

The middle room was set up with a scrumptious table of sweet treats at one end, and a bar serving ice cold Jacques at the other. The room was filled with delicate pastel pom poms hanging down from delicate birch trees. It really did feel like an enchanted forest!
The cupcakes were INSANELY GOOD too, for someone who has a sweet tooth as big as I, thank you Vintage Patisserie!
The top floor had two bedrooms with ensuites, the beds are double doubles too! The biggest beds i’d ever seen.

The Clothes Whisperer getting her fortune told in the Forest of Dreams, a room set up with trinkets hanging from more Birch trees (how did they get them in there anyway?), the sweetest little chairs and cushions with an old record playing in the background.
I had my cards and palm read, and I can tell you all that apparently everything I want will come true! Call me a cynic but they were so nice it was hard to believe it. Who’s wants to be told bad news though, eh?

Down in the basement there was Benefits couture lash bar, where you could get Benefits custom Jacques pearl drop eyelashes as part of your make over and then have photo’s taken afterwards by a charming professional; see examples below.


The benefit team

Susie Bubble and friend

Amy from Wolf Whistle

Stevie from Discotheque Confusion and Ella from Coco’s Tea Party

My partner in crime, Alexxsia from My Labyrinth

To book a complimentary place for you and a friend go to There are two sittings per night, the first from 6pm – 7.30pm and the second 8pm– 9.30pm from 29th July to the 6th August 2010.

DAZED & CONFUSED retrospective

Super excited this morning when I read a post over at The Clothes Whisperer, saying that Dazed and Confused will be selling back issues (dating back to 1995!) at the Material Gallery in Carnaby Street, London.
Free vintage/ back issue with every current mag purchase, how can you turn that down?


This project of Lee Rey-ient’s started a year ago in the underground basement of Lee’s large pink house; asking all her friends to come over, we were left to our own devices behind a curtain. Four photos were taken with 5 seconds space in between. Inspired by old photo-booth images she’d found of her friends and family, she wanted to re create these precious and funny moments.
A year on she is exhibiting her work at the Start Gallery above Start the Bus in Bristol.
A photo-booth was set up in the corner snapping exhibition goers, whilst people lounged about on the large leather sofa’s laughing and drinking. I was even lucky enough to take some of the snaps myself, with Lee being an excellent coach!
The photos taken on the night will be available to buy from the Top Deck shop, situated next to the gallery.
You can see more of Lee Rey-ient’s beautiful photography on her blog.


Backstage at John Galliano
Menswear Spring/Summer 2011
Courtesy of Jak&Jil
Behind all the mania of back stage, Tommy Ton has managed to capture the magic of the art taking place.
Galliano is known for taking his shows to another level, and there is real romance in drama in every area of what he creates.


I just found this incredibly stylish blog, My mom, Style Icon
Pictures of moms in their style heyday, brought out of photo albums across the globe.

Still Obsessing

When will these be mine?
Do Chloe have sample sales?


Photography: Alasdair McLellan
Cinematography: Theo Stanley / New Mountain
Styling: Nicola Formichetti
Location: Pier 54, Hudson River Park – New York City

For the Y-3 Autumn/Winter campaign Yohji wanted to focus on movement, fusing sport directly to high end fashion.
Nicola creates a dramatic and poetic story in black and white, with beautiful tulle’s and chiffon’s rippling through the backdrop of the video.
The garments themselves really caught my attention; long winter coats, wrapped up in scarfs, thick leggings and trousers that leave me craving for winter to return.

“Recently the trend has been for tighter and shorter and sexier clothes, I wanted to wrap the body again, and not show too much.” Yohji Yamamoto


The creation of these beautiful porcelain forms juxtaposed with metal is only made possible by an uglier, less attractive material being formed, filled and kilned.”

“Geometric shapes, clusters of nuggets, glinting green emeralds and luxuriant crimson rubies that sit deep in the natural crevices of gold, silver and bronze, are reminiscent of the precarious boulders that cling and jut out of the coastal landscape.”


“Star clusters, bubbling gases, spiralling milky ways, and angular meteorites, are all at the core of Imogen’s collection, ‘Equilibrium’ . The incredible colours and shapes seen in the solar system have inspired and evolved Imogen’s designs, developing her techniques of fusing bronze, gold and silver with porcelain into dramatic molten-like formations.”

“Architectural ‘ is inspired by the city, transforming skyscrapers into miniature porcelain forms that nestle within the protective grip of silver, gold and bronze.”

Imogen Belfield Jewellery

When I stumbled upon Imogen Belfield’s jewellery over at fashion156, I was overcome with greed. Belfield’s jewellery collections are so rich and mourish, you want it all.
She has four collections, The Unshores, Equilibrium, Achitectural, and diffusions, Each one more beautiful than the next.
The rings are somewhat affordable too ranging from £100 – £500, depending on the metals.
You can see even more of her delicious creations here

Christopher Kane Resort 2011

THIS is how I want to dress for summer.

Excluding the shoes..


Woah, I so can’t afford to go to this…
But you all should!

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