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  • Lady Grey

    Lady Grey by Tim Walker Vogue Italia Couture Spring Issue Tim Walker always picks me up and throws me into the realms of my deepest fantasies. He creates such stunning images, as if they were a dream. You know instantly when you are looking at his work. Interesting to see Charles Guislain modeling, I think …

  • Accessories

    Velvet Dr Martens

    I recently discovered the existence of velvet Dr Martens. I seriously need some of these in my life NOW! They are so perfect and beautiful. Unfortunately unusual DMs I find usually come in a UK3 or a 10! Not much luck there, but if any of you happen to find any in a size 8 …

  • Lilly Heine

    Lilly Heine uses layers of laser cut fabric to produce soft, sculptural pieces. her inspiration developed from Brancusi’s work, picasso’s naive early sketches and studies of curvaceous women. I love collections that you find yourself staring at for ages wondering how on earth they did it. Absolutely beautiful!

  • Heroes

    L’étoffe Des Héros Vogue Hommes International Sean O’Pry by David Sims Styled by Beat Bolliger I dedicate this post to my friend Lauren whose collection this year will take inspiration from olden day macho men; sheriffs and cowboys.

  • Accessory Overload at Saks Fifth Avenue

    I go through phases of wanting insane amounts of jewellery, rings mainly. I seem to have hit another one now, hard. Browsing the Saks Fifth Avenue website last night I came across these. Insane Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster Ring Beautiful skull bangle and leather belt skull wrap bracelet. The one below is my favourite, I …

  • Another man

    Another Man’s spring/summer 2010 issue Photographer: Ben Thomas Stylist: Robbie Spencer Model: Thomas Penfound I really liked the attitude of these black and white images, showing that a man can be adventurous and practical with his wardrobe. Love the setting too, I miss the beach so much recently. I guess I have so much work …

  • Katy Eary’s inspiration for S/S 2011

    “I understood the human condition and its ability to hate.” As some of you may know, Katy Eary has been guest blogging for fashion156 this week. In her blogging she let slip about the inspiration for her S/S 2011 collection. These photos were taken by her uncle Guy Newham. Find out more about it here

  • Inspiration

    Pedro Lourenço F/W 2010

    Pedro Lourenço F/W 2010 Quite unbelievably Pedro is only 19 years old and has been putting collections together since he was 12 years of age. Both his parents are very famous Brazilian fashion designers so, perhaps not quite so unbelievable, but he has definately picked up their talents. This collection was mostly made out of …

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