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Balenciaga Shoes 2006

I’d never actually looked at all the shoes from the Balenciaga A/W collection before, I should have known that there would be variations of the shoe that I want most in the whole world, but, joing the back of the queue right?
How cute are the blue suede ones!?
Has anyone ever seen any of these shoes for sale ever? I saw a pair of the brown shoe boots on eBay once going for over £1000, probably more. I’m going to keep searching for the holy grail of shoes, forever maybe.

Pedro Cowboy

I know a lot of my posts are linked with the droolworthy website that is Jak & Jil but can you blame me?
It never fails to perk me up
and I bet you feel the same.
I could have cried when they didn’t have the blue Pedro Garcia suede boots in my size, these were my dream boots of the moment last winter! They are perfection, and to see them improved has made me super happy. I need to get me some of these!

Make me up…

Just found this image randomly on google image search after looking for 18th century paintings for my essay… weird eh?
But isn’t it amazing? The idea that anyone can create this look with a bit of paint is awe inspiring.
The book ‘Body Painting: Master Pieces by Joanne Gair’

“This make up artist uses the body as a canvas and this book presents 75 of her best works, covering a variety of show business celebs as well as models – all in body paint. Some of the most accomplished photographers of our time, like Annie Leibovitz, Herb Ritts and David LaChapelle, are behind the lens for the shoots. Who knew that such artful application of such thin layers of paint could provide such coverage?”

Mind you, her makeup is pretty damn incredible also

New Love

I’ve just discovered the Nathan Jenden Autumn/Winter 2009 collection, and fallen completely in love.

The collection’Frostbite’ is beautifully contrasted with color palette, soft and harsh fabrics,
fragile paper like origami dresses and bandaged formal pieces.

I am craving bandage!
the hips on the bottom right dress. Arghhhh lovelovelove!

Isaac Mizrahi

An insight in to the mind of Isaac Mizrahi on
It’s quite rare that Ted have fashion designers talk about their work so I thought I should share.
He’s very funny and not at all what I expected him to be really.

Stud Lust

Jak and Jil gives me serious stud lust, i’m sat here looking at an old studded punky belt of mine, you know the ones, we all had them.
Thinking, how I could diassemble it and tranform old jeans mmmmm!
Could it work with shoes too?

Forgive my pitiful photoshop skills but what about two tone stud wedge? Or just stud wedge?
mmmmm, yes I think so!

Ebay finds

You know I have an essay to do when I spend too much time rifling on ebay and then making a post about it on here, telling myself that it is in some way work haha!

1. Phillip Lim Dress £130
2. Lanvin necklace £53.70
3. Vintage leather wolf belt £38.26
4. Balenciaga black silk dress £245
5. Tata Naka Handmade platform boots £184 (worth over £1k!)
6. Vintage Thierry Mugler skirt suit £76.86

Everything apart from the Philip Lim and the Thierry Mugler are still on ebay.
I really bid my ass off for the Thierry, sigh, and the Philip Lim was snatched from me on buy it now
I love eBay, you can find so many yummy things and, of course waste far too much time on there.

Colour changing umbrella

Squid London is a bright new company utilising smart new materials and paving the way for new techniques in textiles. Their first products were these limited edition colour changing umbrellas.
The umbrella looks a little bland at first, but as soon as it starts to rain, the hydro chromatic inks come to life!

A starry night, aww!

“This clever marketing merchandise will revolutionise the way logos are seen through the use of science, technology and design. Thus giving the 21st Century consumer an interactive experience with the elements.”

I really want one, it’s such a cute idea! I think getting hold of one of the umbrellas is long gone now but I really hope they release alot more goodies. Colour changing shoes perhaps?

Spending my easter sunday rooting

MIA performs at the Grammys on her due date wearing Henry Holland ’09 dress
I think this dress looks amazing on her (See original runway pic below)
Much better with curves!

Hats and blossom

Layering, hats and blossom and Chanel punk on DropSnap

Haider Ackerman jacket on Dazed
(I never knew that Susie Bubble was a Dazed blogger, a little slow in the uptake perhaps?)

Sneaky behind the scenes peak

A little sneak peak of the photo shoot for Jessica Mills’ collection that will be appearing on! I’m so happy for Jess, her collection is incredible.
The sneak peak is only really of us preparing, as when we got to the location at 4 in the morning, we just had to get on it.
It went really well and surprisingly I’m not suffering from pneumonia or any kind of disability from walking around on a pebble beach in stripper heels.

Millie on make up, and the beautiful Marilyn.

The make up was really beautiful, brown shimmer under the eyes, pink blusher on the cheeks, eyebrow definition and then pink paint flicks all over the cheeks, and grey paint flicks all around the eyes, then a dab of pink on the lips.

The location was at Clevedon pier, it was perfect, it was so eery, all smothered in fog.
I can’t wait to show you all the pictures, but this is all your getting for now!

Heehee xoxo

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