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Wearing: Ann Sofie Back coat, Zara knit, Hudson Jeans via Jeanography, Céline shoes and sunglasses, Alexander Wang clutch

Yesterday was my 25th birthday! I can’t believe I’m now a quarter of a century old – a weird way of look at it. I was actually in lectures all day at LCF for DISC, helping young designers with the business side of things. A big thank you to the very sweet Genevieve who bought me birthday cupcakes!

I’m heading to Devon tomorrow for a whole week, way, way excited about finally having a holiday. I don’t know if my instagrams will be able to compete with the likes of Camille and Margaret in the insanely beautiful Bali, but at least I will have sand in between my toes at last! So here’s my last dusty sidewalk before I head to greener and wetter pastures, wearing my new insane leather trim jeans from Hudson, and kind of already channeling the beach bum look.

Photos by Shini


Wearing: Céline sunglasses.

I’ve been obsessed with Céline sunglasses for so long, I have an obsession with sunglasses full stop (which is funny considering how much sunshine we actually see here), so it was only a matter of time before I added some to the collection. I was on the hunt for this pair for a while, even trying to find the mythical Céline store on London’s Bond St (does it actually exist or what?), before online prevailed. Hello sunshine! Now I’m ready for my trip to Devon next week. I can’t wait to hit the beach!

Photos by Shini and instagram


Currently living in this kind of thing; switching between jeans and tshirts, mixing with tailored pieces such as this shirt or those trousers, pretty addicted to the white and black thing by now. It just feels so laid back and uncomplicated, which is perfect for the bank holiday weekend. 

Let’s talk about these perfect fitting black jeans for a sec. This week for the first time I got to try out the jeans fitting service, Jeanography. They got in touch with me and asked me to give it a try, seeing as my live-in jeans have had a broken zip for a while, and are also now grey from some poor washing machine choices, I thought it was the perfect time. I ordered three pairs of jeans off the site using their ‘fit first time‘ (all from Hudson), this pair of skinny black Nico’s and these black leather accented Leeloo’s. Ordering different sizes to try on in the comfort of your own home, without actually having to pay before you try is a genius idea, and one that I’ll be using from now on. Officially converted. It also helps that these Hudon’s are quite stretchy and ridiculously comfortable.

I never thought I’d be on this blog talking about jeans so much, but there we go. I can still surprise you. Surprising like this bright poppy clutch from Backstage. I was obsessed with the Proenza Schouler holographic card holders, and now I have a much bigger version in my hands!


Wearing: Zara knit and trousers, Céline shoes, Dr Martens tote and Rachel Entwistle jewellery.

Lately I’ve been developing an obsession for thin jewellery; I have an endless supply of chunky rings and chains, which is something that some of my favourite british designers do best, until I stumbled upon Rachel Entwistle (now also PRd by HPR London!). Hanging out in their showroom last week, whilst I was waiting for menial tasks such as printing to hurry up, I couldn’t help trying on some of the pieces. Those delicate cross rings won my heart over straight away and before I knew it, I was in Rachel’s store, Thor & Wistle, trying on even more. The pieces I came away with were two cross rings, a matching bracelet and a little beetle bracelet. So in one fell swoop I had all the delicate jewellery I’d been looking for!

A big thanks to Rachel for actually resizing the ring, for my chubby fingers, in store! If you’re in Shoreditch you have to go, I guarantee you’ll fall in love, like me. 

Photos by Shini


Shape Shifter editorial, June 2013 Wall Street Journal.

I just stumbled across this editorial from the latest issue of the Wall Street Journal; the layering of the fabrics, how the textures move against one another, it’s perfect! How is it that Phoebe Philo has so easily transformed my entire view of the ugly sandal, i.e the furkenstock, and in turn given me an appreciation for these very sporty Nike’s. Making very dressy clothes, casual feels like a rebirth of the 90′s, and very fresh, new and now.

The white neoprene coat backed with leather is a bit of a dream come true too, if anyone can tell me who it’s by, I’d appreciate it so I can start trawling immediately. 

Source: Design Scene


I’ve been wearing my sleeveless blazer pretty consistently with this perfect shape Moxham tee; picked up at Madeleine’s pop up shop in Covent Garden. I’m not usually one for logo tees but when it’s an awesome label (& logo), and a friend, I am more than happy to obliege! 

I have been enjoying the rise of the slogan tee, most likely brought on by Les Plus Dores; with Acne’s pastel COLLAGE or MUSIC slogans and Phillip Lim’s Weirdo Tee, that I really want. I also love the insane rise of THE TEE in general; made out of every fabrication you can imagine. It’s something I’ve been playing with the last couple of seasons with the Velvet tee for SS13 and the leather and silk tee for AW13, and it shows no sign of stopping.

So, here I am finally wearing my favourite SS13 piece; the sleeveless blazer, in the perfect dusky pink, and available to buy here.

Photos by Shini


Wearing: Charlie May AW13 blazer, Zara trousers and shoes, Jewellery by Victoria Kelsey.

Black and white, but definitely not monochrome. Oops sorry, how did I not know that? So taking very literally the tailoring inspiration from my last post, white suit trousers from Zara with a low waist, and the blazer sample from my AW12 that’s in my possession temporarily; it’s the perfect fit and shape and a simplified evolution from the dusky pink sleeveless blazerThe jewellery I’m wearing was borrowed from Victoria Kelsey – I love the molton gold with unusual details, such as the bracelet mounted on a leather watch strap. I’m sad to have to be returning those, but she’s one to watch having only just graduated! 

Kobi and I are a natural matching twinset, hasn’t he grown since he was last on this blog?? I’m now renting him out to hot bloggers everywhere, apparently. Currently appearing with the super beaut Park&Cube, and in my first biker jacket no less!

Photos by Shini


How good is a white suit with black shoes, or vice versa?? Completely impractical, but maybe that makes me love white tailoring even more. Céline, Haider Ackermann and Narciso Rodriquez (a rising favourite) are some of the best. I’m planning a summer holiday to Turkey in a few months and I’m dreaming of wearing this exclusively, a black bikini under a white blazer hung over the shoulders, and those dreamy loose white shorts – begging myself to make this happen.

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Charlie May SS13 sleeveless blazer available to buy here or here.

With every season, I feel that there is one piece that stands completely alone in representing the essence of the entire collection. For my SS13 it has to be the dusty pink sleeveless blazer; it looks just as good on the hanger as it does on a body, which is important from a sales point of view, but also from a buyers perspective, just to have it hanging in your wardrobe screaming ‘please wear me!’ is an awesome thing, no one wants to be bored when getting dressed in the morning! I love the cut of the sharp lapels, it’s squishy soft texture, and the asymmetric hang at the hem, that falls to just mid thigh – which is totally flattering for us ladiez.

I’ve worn it a few times but am yet to photograph it as an outfit, I promise it will come soon!

See the lookbook for this collection on my website.


Wearing: Stylein jumper, Iris & Ink skirt, Ann Demeulemeester boots, Acne sunglasses, MFPepe bracelet.

Generally I have tall friends, also my boyfriend (the usual outfit photographer on this blog) is tall; I’m not short myself at 5ft 8″ and yet on the far dusty corners of the internet I actually see someone saying that I’m “not tall and not skinny”. Now, I can’t claim to be fashion skinny but I can claim to be tall-ish right?  It had never really occurred to me to ask my tall friends to stoop whilst taking my picture, to give some kind of optical illusion of how I actually look, IRL. I know the camera adds 10lbs but does it also take inches off your height? I know this is a funny subject to talk about, especially as I usually on rave on about clothes, and the skinny debate can go on and on but, the tall debate, I have never heard of. 

So, outside Bistrotheque, the weekend after our Antwerp getaway, Michael and I experimented with this short/tall photo theory, and I have to say I know which ones came out better. Sorry boys, but I’ll probably be asking you to stoop from now on.

Photos by Michael

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