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Levis 712

Levis 712Levis 712Levis 712Levis 712Levis 712

Wearing: Levi’s 721 high rise skinny jeans, with denim jacket (available in store only) and silk tank, Celine boots, Marc Jacobs watch and Blyszak shades

Levis 700Levis 700Levis 700Levis 700Levis 700Levis 700Levis 700

Wearing: Levi’s 712 slim jeans and shirt (available in store only), Marc Jacobs watch, Kirsty McLaren necklace, and Rombaut trainers

It is no secret that I am slightly obsessed with denim, which is why I am excited to announce that Levi’s have launched a new denim collection, the Lot 700 series. 

Inspired by the style that Marilyn Monroe wore in 1934: the iconic Lady Levi’s Lot 701 – which were the brand’s first ever women’s jeans. Perfectly accentuating those curves and elongating the leg. The new Lot 700 series have gone even further using the latest innovations in fabric to give better than ever stretch and recovery.

Finding a perfect pair of jeans can be quite a challenge. As I am quite tall, I find it quite difficult finding the appropriate measurements for my hips and legs. However, when I tried on my first pair of Levi’s 712 – Slim for the first ever time I couldn’t describe the relief I felt. It took me about 20 minutes in and out the store to find a pair that fit me perfectly. The new and beautiful designs contain a type of stretch that lifts and holds everything into place, this is perfect for those who don’t necessarily have the time or effort to choose elaborate styles of clothing everyday. It is perfect for me having been constantly on the move during business days and LFW. What is also great about these jeans is that you get the Levi’s prestigious reputation for quality because I must have washed them at least twice and they have not loosened or faded as you would expect most jeans to do.  Also this jacket is fast becoming my fave – where were you all summer hey?? 

As you can see I eventually got them in indigo denim as well. What can I say? I just couldn’t resist and I wasn’t wrong to because I love the indigo just as much! I can’t express how difficult it was to choose between the range of styles on offer. Maybe I’ll go for a 715 – bootcut or 714 – straight next time for a flashback moment to the noughties/late 90’s, everyone loves a good throwback.  

For the second outfit I wanted to go with something a little bit more edgy, the fit of the denim 712 Slim are so good! Wearing them with a pair of statement trainers and a perfect laid back Levi’s striped shirt. 

So, because I feel like I should share some of the joy these jeans give me I will be hosting a competition for a chance to win a pair of these Levi’s 700 Series and a photoshoot with yours truly :) I will be launching the competition through Instagram this week, all you will need to do is keep your eyes peeled for a post on my Instagram and Twitter and tell me which fit of the 700 series is your favourite. Make sure you stick to my socials to find out more. The shoot date will be in London on the 11th November. T&Cs to be added soon!

Photos by Joviale

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  1. I reaaaally dig that denim jacket.

    X Camilla


  2. love the new levis series, so well-fitting! and that Indigo denim jacket is a dream!
    x. Mirjam


  3. Beautiful outfits! Love the denim shirt!

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