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Black tipped manicure.

I originally saw this manicure on Hanneli and thought it was the perfect simple mani for those days when you don’t want to have to paint on three of four coats of varnish. I applied on a shine coat onto my bare nail, followed by a thin layer of black onto the tips, then finished with a topcoat and, voila! 


Wearing: Alexander Wang jumper, Topshop Unique skirt, Luv AJ necklace, Givenchy boots.

Still championing winter white on whites, but definitely not able to brave the weather without tights yet! There is also a coat and hat out of shot, but I’m sure you knew that already. In love with my new Topshop Unique wrap skirt I’m wearing here, there’s lots of belt detailing hiding under the jumper that I can show you if it ever heats up a bit. The last collection was the first Topshop show that I actually loved from start to finish. I think they definitely suit a minimal aesthetic the most, although I’m sure they are just moving with the trends, I hope they stay on this for a few more seasons to come.

Yesterday I traveled to fairly unknown territory to meet French babe Camille for brunch in Ladbroke Grove. It’s so easy to visit the same places again and again in London, but I try my best to explore the new. I’d recommend brunch at Lowry & Baker if you’re in the area, great coffee too.

Photos by Camille


Wearing: Vintage Maxmara coat, Theyskens’ Theory knit, Celine polo and sandals, J.W Anderson skirt, Acne Beanie, Alexander Wang bag, Backstage rings

London weather has been pretty schizophrenic as of late, one moment spring has arrived and the next, tiny drops of snow are falling, shattering our dreams of a little sunshine. I’ve been dreaming about wearing these sandals in the sun for a few weeks now, until I finally thought – screw it and pulled out the tights (albiet a pair that had a huge hole and ladder in one leg, which I didn’t notice until I was out the house and well, Alex pointing it out to me when taking these photos!). Doh. I try not to be a tomboy but I don’t think being ladylike comes too naturally to me either..

Anyway, this morning when the snow fell, I was up super early for breakfast with Galaxy at the Ritz. If there’s anything that can get me up and out the house by 8am, it’s the promise of a perfect breakfast and the chance to see some friends and meet some new ones. You can see some more drool worthy pictures on my instagram but we were there to see the new Galaxy ad with Audrey Hepburn, where they’ve CGI’d her face onto a model. It’s pretty amazing actually! Very classic, chic Audrey. It airs on Sunday so let me know what you guys think when you see it on TV!

I’m excited to have booked the train back to Devon on tuesday! You can expect more photos from the beautiful English countryside, that’s if the internet works at all! There are pro’s and cons to living in the middle of no where, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Photos by Alex


Wearing: Alexander Wang knit, Acne trousers, Converse shoes, Danielle Foster x Charlie May satchel, Miu Miu sunnies, MFP bracelet and Noemie Klein ring

Finally back with a bump after a couple of days spent LIVIN LA VIDA LOCA on the sofa, post LFW. Although those last two days were technically fashion week, I decided to stop trying to do everything at once and accept that I need some rest after the mayhem of organising a whole show. I still can’t believe it’s done, and now I have lots of exciting meetings with buyers etc!

I had to share this bag with you before it gets packed off to Sane PR, it’s of course from the Danielle Foster X Charlie May collaboration for AW13! I am ridiculously in love with it. If you saw the show pictures you can see how it’s worn without the strap too. I’ve seen a few clear bags making the rounds over the last year but none as cool as this, it’s definitely going to be mine asap, along with that white wool coat it was worn with!

Thank you to Grazia who today named me one of 23 under-the-radar labels you should know! So crazy happy. (humble brag over)



AW13 at Icetank studios / Styled by Victoria Sekrier / Hair by Liam Curran / Make up by Thom Walker / Accessories are Danielle Foster x Charlie May

I can finally share with you the AW13 collection! It feels like I’ve been having to keep it secret for months, and now the truth is out. I wanted to do something much bolder this season, using cardinal and graphite, amongst my favourites monochrome and oxblood; also playing with different textures such as ostrich and pony leather. I used my first ever knitwear piece too, a heavy white polo neck jumper that was hand knitted by Michael’s mum! So much love for that piece.

I was so happy with how the show went, everything ran perfectly and yesterday I got the best news that the collection is up on Vogue! Feeling over the moon right now. Thank you to everyone who came to the show or tuned in via the instagram live stream!


Charlie May AW13

The show is today! Can you believe it’s come around again so soon? The show will start at 1.30pm and you can watch the action unfold with this instagram livestream. To be a part of it you just have to hashtag #charliemay or #charliemayaw13!


Wearing: MaxMara coat, Ann Demeulemeester top, Helmut Lang skirt, Givenchy boots, Acne beanie, Moxham cuff, Dr Martens bag

Ermahgerd, it’s only 4 days to the show. Expect to see sneak peaks of the collection this week on my twitter, instagram, vine and of course on here! Do you ever feel like your blog is neglected in favour of social media? Probably, but only because there’s more time to upload a picture whilst on your way to a pre fashion week meeting, than dedicate an entire photo session to an outfit or a tasty meal I just ate. Now Vine is here, the circle of life on the internet is complete (see recent finger dancing vid whilst humming We Are Family..), or just see this outfit in motion and the sound of these hooves on the pavement.  Rainy Sundays have never felt so good.

Photos by Lexxi


I didn’t think it was possible to love anything more than Moxham’s leather pieces; that was until I saw the new collection featuring totally metalware at the Bengt event last week! The “wearable construction” really comes to life with easy clip-able gold clasps on each side and giant eyelets and chain. It’s safe to say, this won’t be leaving my wrist for a while.



So London FASHUN week is just around the corner, show being 9 days and counting WHAT! I thought I would share some of my inspiration for the season, the mood and colour palette from the collection comes from these dramatic volcanic images, so maybe you can get an inkling of what the collection will be like.

Are any of you on Vine yet? I know everybody’s been going on about it but I’m excited to share with you some behind the scenes videos on the run up to the show. You’ll be seeing castings, fittings, backstage dramas (hopefully not too many..) Sometimes videos can be so much better than a little snapshot I think – sorry instagram.

You can find me on Vine at @charliemay



Wearing: Ann Sofie Back and Limi Feu coats, Ann D blazer and boots, T by Alexander Wang top, J.W Anderson skirt, Naked Label necklace, Backstage and Noemie Klein rings

Getting dressed as if it was summer and having to add tights and coats before going out the door seems to be the norm right now. And as soon as AW13 shows at fashion week in a fortnights time, I’ll be to wanting to be live in winter wear, when spring finally starts. GAH! I think everyone is just transeasonal these days, I don’t know how to dress for either climate extremes. This top is the perfect example of all I want to be wearing right now, simple white long sleeves tops in nice textures such as this thick mesh.

Fashion week is less than two weeks away and the collection is coming along nicely! Just organising the finer show details and waiting for the madness of casting and fittings two days prior to the show. Eep. Every season it gets a lot less stressful to organise a show which is a huge bonus when you’re having to design twice as much, but AW is my absolute favourite! Expect beautiful wool coats, leather jackets and my first piece of knitwear!

Photos by Lexxi

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