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Summer sandals to kill for

This year is the first and only time I have found myself really craving a pair of sandals. Maybe its because sandals have never been so sexy before or it’s because I’ve been too focused on heels to ever really give them a chance. If I’m going to spend serious money on shoes they have to say something.
Procrastinating on Browns (as usual) today I found these beauties
. The Louboutin’s are my favourite, they’re so pretty!

Top: Christian Louboutin
‘Adona’ sandal 445
Left: Givenchy
Flat python 410
Right: Balenciaga
Suede Gladiator 470
Martin Margiela
Flat strappy sandals 380


Pa pa pa POW!

Vogue US 2001
Oh, Pioneers
Arthur Elgort
Models: Stella Tennant

A must have shoe for 2009

Jean-Pierre Braganza’s Empyrean Shoes are so hot!
Some serious eye candy right there

“Timelessness is a good message for now, no?”

Sorry if I don’t seem my usual chirpy self, the sun has gone away again and i’m left with a cold. Just my luck! I was adoring the sunshine! Dresses and heels all around, now i’m back to my jammies! I’ve been working so hard i’ve had no time to blog, i’ve missed it!
Anyway, YSL!
I didn’t really like Yves Saint Laurent’s Spring/Summer collection, which is a shame as the last Autumn/Winter collection of theirs was my favourite of all, maybe it was just hard to live up to. It’s always difficult looking at the catwalk shows online (as most of us do) as we tend to judge things too quickly. I wish we could all be there to see the beauty of the clothes first hand.

With their latest collection I fell in love with the shoes first of all, for their simple beauty.

Then I started looking at the rest of the collection and fell in love with it for the same reason.
It’s just beautiful, YSL tailoring. Every garment is wearable (dare I say it, even the leather swimsuit!). Stefano Pilati is reflecting the times and is well aware the we are looking forward for more wearable fashion.

“I have to reflect the times, and this really is my mood.”

“Timelessness is a good message for now, no?”

I thought the collection was beautiful and elegant, and I can’t wait to get my hands on those shoes!

Karls Ear Bling

When I saw this picture, I went all weak at the knees.
This new ear jewelery is so powerful. I wonder how on earth you put them in…
Maybe it’s even easy to make a pair yourself?

Follow in Karl’s army!

Nina Ricci

This collection completely blew my mind!

The styling for this was so perfect, I loved the odd proportions of some of the clothes, (i.e That jacket!), the different fabric contrasts, the one pieces were pretty spectacular, and of course the accessories!

ARGHHHHH! I need these shoes! They’re like animal hooves, I love the faun look!
How did the models walk in these? Haha seriously?
I’ve promised to be in this years graduate fashion show and I have to wear stripper 8inch platforms, I am terrified!

Oh Marni…

I love Marni’s collection this year, every piece is a statement piece, Definately smart credit crunching. This collection is so styleised, I adore how obscenely gold the necklaces are, and then teamed with fur mittens, hats, tights, weird oval space traveller sunglasses, and various luxurious heavy fabrics.

I am a little dissapointed about Marni’s shoes this year, they just scream YSL tribute to me. They are really nice in pink though, luckily I was saved from desperation with the ones below. They’re absolutely awesome, loving suede so much at the moment, and teamed with that black leather is hot!
Aren’t the tights awesome too?

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