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Balmain’s new collection is kick ass! It has followed wonderfully from the autumn/winter 08 collection. Some foxy mini dresses, killer shoulder pads! (I’ve never been into shoulder pads before but Balmain has quite likely changed this)

Their dresses are so figure hugging and sexy, I adore the detailing on the skirt on the right, below. There’s been so much love gone into every piece, it really shows.

Balmain is definately my favourite spring collection so far, keep the rock chick alive!

Last Day Of Milan Fashion Week

I loved loved LOVED the Versace Spring/Summer 2009 collection, it was fresh and glamorous, my favourite from Donatella so far I think, she’s done Gianni proud.

Beautiful prints flowing from dresses, sculptural hearts popping out everywhere and those kick ass metallics, oooh! All the models looked so fresh faced and beautiful too, such classic looks.

I like the unusual choice of colour for these dresses
Is it just me or are hearts appearing everywhere recently?

Also from Milan, Dolce and Gabbana, pyjama party!

I actually quite liked this collection, I loved the choice of silk even though the dresses were quite sculptural, it made everything look so soft and wearable, even if you are just lounging around in bed?

Perfect Winter Boots

Spent the last few house on net-a-porter searching for the perfect pair of boots for this winter; something comfy, preferably with heel. Have you found yours?

The Sergio Rossi ones are my favourite I think, although I’m sacrificing a heel, I did find a pair similar on ASOS.COM for only £190.
Cabot Circus opens in Bristol soon, so maybe i’ll find my perfect boots there, I was suprised to see there was an article about it’s opening in this months Vogue! The hype has definately started.
Sorry I’ve been bad at posting recently, I’m visiting family. University starts in a couple of weeks and i’m sure i’ll be posting more as the procrastinating starts!

London Fashion Week in Danger!

London Fashion week is in danger of being shortened to four days because of New York’s Labour Day. The main threat has come from New York fashion week organisers who said they need
more time to prepare because of because of the Labour day holiday in the US and the summer closure of factories that sew their clothes.
New York fashion week is planned to be extended from its usual eight days and means that London is likely to be cut short from six to four from next year. Milan and Paris, which follow New York and London and refusing to budge.
The fears are that fashion writers and buyers will skip London altogether and go straight for New York to Milan. Anna Wintour, the London norn editor in chief of Americas Vogue magazine is a notable absense from London fashion week this month.
Colin McDowell, who organsises Fashion Fringe during the London fashion week said: “London is the fashion capital and everybody knows it. New York started this move to eat into London’s time, but the villains of the piece are the French. Nobody wants to lose a day. Each day lost means 10 designers off the show.”
Harold Tillman, chairman of the British Fashion Council, and owner of Jaeger said: “We are working with our European counterparts to try and find the right solution. We will let everybody at the party know that we are the second largest employer in the country and that we will need to continue. The trouble is that tightening up does not give opportunity to new designers”. There are concerns that the combination of the time squeeze and the faltering economy will mean that the newest fashion graduates, however talented, may lose out if competing with more established labels for slots.
Yet promoting raw talent is a unique part of London’s reason to exist, according to commentators. If such a policy had been imposed 10 years ago, it would have put paid to the careers of Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan, Stella McCartney and Luella Bartley.

I can’t believe they are doing this, why is this becoming a problem all of a sudden now? Can’t we all just shift a day? It’s all so ridiculous having to fight for our place in tradition. We just can’t lose too days, we would lose so much more. New designers from London are going to have to start moving away to show their designs, it’s unnaceptable.
I doubt that we will have to shorten by a couple of days, it just seems so unlikely.
Well, I really hope not.

(Information taken from The Guardian and The Sunday Times magazine)

Vivienne Westwood Album Release

Vivienne Westwood is set to release an album next week, a compilation of all her favourite catwalk beats that she has relied on over the years. The album will be called ‘Catwalk Breakdown’ and lands in Selfridges on September 15th, during london fashion week. The oxford street store’s ‘Wonerrroom’ will be dedicated to Westwood to mark the occasion. Archive peives will be exhibited alongside current designs and one off peices, there will even be special listening stations where customers can listen to the album whilst watching the runway shows.

“My clothes always tell a story. It may refer to the past, but it’s always projected into this heroic future. And I choose the music accordingly,” says the designer. “Sometimes the music can just be sexy, it can let you relax, look at the clothes, put people into a fantastic mood. Then it might just have to swing back and lift you up to the final triumph of the fashion show. These are some of the pieces that I’ve relied on over all these years – my classics. They’ve never failed me.”

Vivienne always manages to suprise me, I do love our quirky dame! If I can get my hands on one I’ll probably buy it, out of curiosity and it looks like a bit of fun.

Richie Rich of Heatherette is also going to be releasing an album on the 21st October, although I can’t say it looks as good. The album is called “Celebutante – Music you can wear”, it features a mix of new tracks and classic New York tunes including a rare madonna track. Artists range from the very well known, Lilly Allen, Scissor Sisters, Kelis, Mya to new bands like Purple Foam (featuring Liam McMullan, son of famous photographer Patrick McMullan). Defend Music asked Richie to helm this year’s project – Karl Lagerfeld oversaw the previous year’s compilation project.

New York Fashion

Some of my favourite looks from the New York Spring 2009 collections over the last couple of days (I can’t believe we have to think about spring already! I’m so miffed about the lack of summer and how cold it is, I guess it gives up hope, next year might actually be different, and if its not, then at least we have hot outfits!)

Proenza Schouler
I want some of these shades

“Rocking ninja-star action!” by Narciso Rodriguez
I’d never heard of this designer before but this collection certainly caught my eye.
His pieces are so sexy and fresh, this outfit being my favourite. The contrast between the tight banded top and the detailed skirt is a perfect match

Marc Jacobs
Sexy uptown girls strutting there stuff, put hats in your accessories next spring!

Betsey Johnson
I was a little bit dissapointed with Betsey this year, she’s trying to reach out to a wider audience, I suppose that change is good but I usually adore her for her sickly girly dresses with frills and lace galore but most of this collection wasn’t really my style. A bit too vintage looking, not in a good way, and the sihloettes were all wrong.
Maybe i’m being a bit harsh, I did really like these three outfits and she is adapting her outfits for retail, so we’ll see

Sebastian Faena

I recently stumbled across this photo by Sebastian Faena and I truly think it’s the most beautiful photo I’ve ever seen! Fantasy and fashion.

I find his photography quite liberating. The pictures are untold stories, the clothes come to life, colours seem brighter and women seem to radiate beauty.

Long Live Sebastian!


I’ve just been compared to this lady. Should I be afraid?

The Credit Crunch Issue

Fashion has definitely taken a turn for the better, with this credit crunch looming and our wallets tightening, we are being much more creative with our money, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are spending less, we just have our eyes on something more sustainable. This winter it’s all about key pieces, buying quality items that will last. Its certainly made me see sense, I’m very good at wasting my money away, thinking that because it’s cheaper I can buy more of it. I love buying second hand items on ebay but not being able to try it on usually means that it’s not as great as I thought it would be, and buying online always makes it seem like you are spending less somehow, with this invisible money. This winter i’m going to change the error of my ways and save up for something truly beautiful.

I am thinking Triple Lace Ann Demeulemeester Boots

A sexy winter jacket like this one from Stella McCartney, or that super snug Zac Posen cape/jacket that I posted previously.

Temperley London
Some cute tops to match my new leather trousers – although i’ll be careful not to go overboard, leather trousers are quite a statement in themselves

I also want a cute white shirt, possibly lacey, and some high waisted suit trousers.
I love this Proenza Schouler outfit, a perfect example of what i’m looking for.
A friend of mine recently bought a pair of mens suit trousers from a second hand shop and with a bit of mild altering they looked fantastic.

I am on a budget but I hope that in saving up, I will at least be able to get some of these outfits out of my dreams and into reality.

Favourite ad campaign this month

Gucci’s autumn/winter 08 ad campaign has been my favourite by far. It’s so free an playful, whereas i’ve found others to be quite stiff. Bring on the youth!
Their shoes are seriously killer this season, get me some of those knee length riding boots and and chained leggings, yes please!

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