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I had been searching high and low for a picture of the shoes from the Ann D Spring/Summer collection, but they were no where to be found! Can you believe!? Even catwalking didn’t have any!
Luckily I have my spies and I was sent some undercover snaps from a photoshoot in progress.

I was worried from the front view that they looked a little too Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony but now I can see Ann’s pulled it off again.
I love the strap detailing going all the way around the shoe and the extra ankle strap.
The leather looks so plush and comfy, a more rock and roll take on last summer.

(P.S When my uni work gives me a break I will find time to photograph my goodies from the Antwerp stocksales! It was so incredible and I can’t wait to show all of you.)


The Machine de Terre collection.

Stumbled upon Aesa‘s latest accessory collection whilst definitely not doing any work online. It’s so sophisticated but sexy and edgy, I want every piece! That first picture makes my toes curl! Mmmmmm.
The website is nearly as gorgeous as the collection, all the pieces laid out in beautiful shapes and colours. What a cute idea!
I wish they sold online but as far as I can see the collection is only available from stores in the U.S.
I’ll pin my hopes on going to New York some time in the not so distant future.


Ann Demeulemeester
S/S 10

Celine S/S 10

Phoebe Philo’s first collection for Celine Spring/Summer 2010

This collection is so beautiful! The nude paired with the leather is perfection.
You must watch the video to see how the fabrics move with each other, the pictures just don’t do it justice.

Lina Österman S/S 10

Lina Österman S/S 10
Dazed and Confused
“Österman, a London-living Swede since the age of 20, believes in letting the clothes do her talking – and no one who went to her Blow sponsored S/S 10 show at the Royal Festival Hall doubts her way of expressing herself
The clothes were based around Österman’s personal style, so black shades were predominant, the length of the clothes was of importance and layers were, as always, crucial. But the change of season doesn’t matter so much for a designer like Österman. Monochrome colours rule, but white just featured in one outfit, and the only contrast colour was a gorgeous matt blue, which came out on two models.”

An incredible first collection from Lina, I can’t wait to see what the future brings. That white outfit is absolutely beautiful, and the styling is so striking!

Stock Sales Antwerp

A.F. VANDEVORST (Clothing / Accessories / Nightfall lingerie / Men and women shoes)
21/10 from 9am-6pm
22/10 and 23/10 from 10am-6pm
24/10 from 11am-6pm
Indiëstraat 8, 2000 Antwerpen

ANNA HEYLEN (Women / Fabrics)
20/10 until 24/10 from 13.00-18.00
Lombardestraat 16, 2000 Antwerpen

21/10 from 10am-7pm
22/10 and 23/10 from 10am-6pm
24/10 from 10am-5pm
Populierenlaan 34, 2020 Antwerpen

BERNHARD WILLHELM (Fabrics / Men and Women)
23/10 and 24/10 from 10.30am-7pm
Atelier Solarshop, Dambruggestraat 48, 2060 Antwerpen
In addition: POP-UP items stocksales

BRUNO PIETERS (Fabrics / Men and Women / Accessories / Knitting yarn)
16/10 from 10am -6pm
17/10 from 11am -6pm
21/10 until 23/10 from 10am -6pm
24/10 from 11am-6pm
Aalmoezenierstraat 2, 2000 Antwerpen

22/10 until 24/10 from 10am-7pm
Urban Outfitters, Meir 78, 2000 Antwerpen

DRIES VAN NOTEN (Fabrics / Men and Women / Shoes / Accessories)
21/10 until 23/10 from 1pm-6pm
24/10 until 25/10 from 10am-5pm
Godefriduskaai 36, 2000 Antwerpen

ELSA (Shoes / Bags / Belts) CASH ONLY
20/10 from 2pm-6pm
21/10 until 24/10 from 11am-7pm
25/10 from 11am-6pm
Volkstraat 16, 2000 Antwerpen

24/10 until 2/11 from 11am-6pm
Huybrechtstraat 27, 2060 Antwerpen

29/10 and 30/10 from 11am-7pm
31/10 from 11am-6pm
Oude Koornmarkt 58, 2000 Antwerpen

22/10 until 24/10 from 10am-6pm
29/10 until 31/10 from 10am-6pm
Arsenaalstraat 3 rooftop, 2000 Antwerpen

I’m so excited to be heading back to Antwerp this week to visit the stocksales!! I’m going there mainly to buy fabric for my collection, but also get some sneaky shopping in too no doubt. I can’t wait to return to this beautiful city! It’s going to be so awe-inspiring. I’m going there mainly to see A.F, Ann, and Haider, but i hope i’ll have time to check out all the other designers as well. I’ll be sure to post everything I’ve got on my return and take lots of beautiful photos of the city! xxx

The best picks of S/S10 Shoes

Yves Saint Laurent

Jean Paul Gaultier
Alexander McQueen

Jil Sander

Proenza Schouler

Rick Owens
There has been so many amazing shoes this summer (and some not so amazing) but these were all amazing! My all time favourites were Givenchy… and Alexander McQueen… and Rodarte!
Arghhh I love them all! The Jil Sander beetle green shoes with the incredible heels took my breath away also! They remind me of the James Long show, the colour is incredible. My new favourite colour maybe!

MAN: Katy Eary

I wasn’t originally going to post these pictures as they’re not perfect; the light was way too bright and my camera kept focusing on the heads in front. BUT after getting such great feedback on the last ones I thought there’s something quite special about those out of the ordinary moments you capture. The big colourful fur rounding the corner is my favourite! (Photo 7) Some of these dodgy pictures are really quite special, wouldn’t you agree?
Katy Eary was absolutely amazing. She was the highlight of fashion week, and what a turn out there was. Her pieces were like little gold skeletal soldier boys meets anatomical phantoms of the opera!
I’m glad she was the last show I saw at London, finished on an amazing high.


Some other photos from fashion week…
Man in amazing DIY coat
Models Ash and Cole outside the Jeremy Scott show

The Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte shoes in person! I cannot even describe how beautiful these are in real life, true works of art!
A cute little photo of Piers Atkinson to finish!

James Long

James Long was my favourite show of fashion week. We were so lucky to not only be able to see the show but to be sat in prime position in the front row too! The pictures really don’t do the collection justice. The colours were so intense on the runway and the use of leather was insane. The green leather shorts in pic 12 were incredible, I wish the picture had come out better. I don’t know how he he made those shorts! I read his inspiration was Andy Warhol’s oxidation paintings, in which he used to urinate on copper and that in turn gave a bit of a camouflage pattern. I certainly hope James didn’t urinate on those shorts…. Haha! Other favourites of mine were the holey knitted jumpers (with that green underneath, wow!) and THE MAN BAGS! I became slightly obsessed with man bags over London fashion week. Men look so good with handbags! It definately needs to become a bigger thing.
Anyway onto delish…

I have to say, James Long completely blew me away. The colour placement in this collection was spot on; the beautiful beetle greens that shone out of black, the texture of the mohair contrasting against the metallic leather. I have fallen in love!

After the James Long show, Carolyn Massey was to follow. A beautifully tailored collection with futuristic survival action-man styling!

The styling in this collection brought it all together wonderfully, the futuristic sunglasses and metal shoulders reminded me of jet-pack holders.
The one thing I learnt this summer over anything else is the importance of styling in a collection. Styling is becoming a much bigger role in fashion, I don’t think this is a bad thing at all, if you can find a partner that truly understands your goal and you bring the best out in one another then the collection can only come out better.

Giles Accessory Launch Party

After working solidly for two months it was time to break out, and party hard. My first stop; the Giles accessory launch party. A bright pink Giles mouse head made entirely of flowers was the first thing to greet us as we entered the room. Either side of the mouse were mirrored tables covered in beautiful jeweled pieces and laser cut plastic in dinosaur and mouse shapes! Cocktails flowed fast and freely in the rooms above Somerset house, the balconies either side were exceptionally beautiful with stunning views over the night-lit courtyard and the Thames. On one of these Balconies I met a wonderful journalist called José, from the Spanish magazine NEO2. Definitely worth checking out!
The accessory line itself was playful and beautiful, there were smaller daintier pieces although I have to say I preferred the statement items. Necklaces and bracelets were covered in beads, studs, balls and fringing all at the same time, a look that you think would be all too chaotic but actually was very chic indeed.

I didn’t manage to take a nice photo of Giles myself, I was tempted to ask him until I saw a couple of girls bother to him to the point where I felt sorry for the poor man and decided against it and just had a nice chat instead. Giles was a true host and circled the room talking to everyone, we also got chatting with the DJ Nathan Wilkins, a good friend of Giles whom funnily enough met through dating Katie Grand back in the 90′s, they’ve been best friends ever since! It was hilarious that both Nathan and Giles had pocketed one of the little gold necklaces from the party, I wish we’d had the sense! They were both like school boys rather than fashion elite, it was so refreshing! After the Accessory party launch was over we were invited to drink more cocktails outside Somerset house, with Giles and a small circle of his friends.
Arghhh what an amazing night!

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