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  • Inspiration

    The different textures of black

    For my latest project at uni I started out with the intention of making a really colourful collection, I’ve never done this in the past and wasn’t sure why, but as I tried with this collection the colour started getting less and less as I liked it less and less and it started to accent …

  • ” No Gareth Pugh so a cardboard box will do..”

    Styling by Alexxsia ElizabethFuturistic silhouettes Aside from the fact that Alexxsia is a close friend of mine, I think her styling is unique and offers something different from the rest. I like the fact that she can’t afford Gareth Pugh, the styling is all about imagination. I usually help alongside all her photoshoots and you …

  • Olsens at the Met

    Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen at the Met I can’t get enough of these two! Both these looks are flawless, mmmm, now if you excuse me, I must go and read Influence, (arrived the other day! I know I am a little late on the uptake but better late than never…)

  • Mathew Ames S/S 09

    This is Mathew Ames’ S/S 09 collection that made its debut at New York fashion week this year. He freely experiments with proportions and silhouettes, the finished product is dramatic and architectural. Yet the look we get is something far more elegant and feminine.His favourite textile is ultra-suede, but the collection features everything from linen …

  • Sportwear Fans! Anyone for tennis?

    “The winner of the first prize is Eva Lai who is studying BA (Hons) Fashion Contour. Her design is a re-working of one of the brand’s most iconic products, the tennis dress. The contour of the bodice echoes the curves of a tennis ball while the white lines of the tennis court sculpt the body. …

  • Accessories

    Lets Dance!

    Whilst desperately trying to find a way out of doing my essay this morning my friend dropped me a line, or a link, to these shoes. So now I must have spent the past 20 minutes ogling these shoes, and the rest of Topshop’s website. I’m not sure how long these shoes have been on …

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