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Back to exploring an empty city on the bank holiday weekend. Liverpool St, usually flooded with suits, completely empty and deserted. Naturally taking advantage of the mass of concrete and glass.

Wearing the most perfect navy suede tee from Objects Without Meaning, one of my new favourites; their brand ethos, about garments as empty vessels, blank slates to be filled with experiences and emotions of daily life, couldn’t have me agreeing more. Minimalism for the win.

Photos by India




Exploring inside the Barbican at the start of the bank holiday weekend; hoping for it to be sunny enough outside to wear this perfect Beth Richards Faye top. After being thwarted by cold wind and patches of rain we found this; a deserted Atrium. Kind of insane, and the perfect tropical get away right in the heart of London!

I’m now the guilty owner of this Faye top in black AND white (Ibiza anyone?). It’s just tooo good.. and for someone who’s not usually the most comfortable in a bikini, this is the first one I’ve owned that I truly love. Thanks Beth! Us young designers stick together, you know ;)

Photos by Shini




Wearing: Mango coat, Charlie May layered mesh top, Hudson jeans, Malone Souliers pumps, Givenchy Obsedia, Mirlo Jewellery.

From one end of the spectrum to the other; proving I can be a lady when I put my mind to it. Temporarily swapping kicks for pumps, and quite happy to pull myself out of the all too comfortable routine.

I recently discovered this brand, Malone Souliers, an unapologetically feminine new footwear label that believes high heels to be magicians, creating transformations all over the body (I can agree on this point – oh hey, skinnier looking legs!). Pairing these beauties with some of my favourite gold from MIRLO and a delicate layered mesh, silk georgette top from my current collection. 

Photos by Shini



Despite some much debated Vogue Festival conversation (I didn’t actually get to see the Philo in conversation with Alexandra Shulman talk, but have been hearing all about it none the less), I still see Phoebe as an idol of sorts. A subtle transformation within myself that has lead me to replace heels for trainers, blazers for loose coats and.. bus for bike. I can’t really attune that last one to Phoebe, as it obviously makes more sense, but it was the Céline skater-vans, worn practically every day last summer biking into the studio; that lead me onto this flat fetish in the first place. Phoebe, classically of course always pictured in Nike Air Max’s, New Balance 620s or Stan Smiths.. personal style icon she is. 

I don’t know who started it anymore; Philo, this urban movement that has us all ditching heels for trainers (90′s take two) or, me simply growing up and realising practicality and comfort exudes the kind of confidence we all want, deep down. Anyway, welcome to my new uniform. Enough Philosophising (see what I did there!), jeez, I’m off to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Photos by India



Wearing: Charlie May blazer, Theyskens’ Theory knit, Zara trousers, Adidas shoes, Larsson & Jennings watch and Céline sunglasses

As soon as Spring sets in, I can’t seem to help to want to do the all white thing ALL the time. These new tortoiseshell sunglasses (my first pair I might add) adding the only colour to this outfit that should be bouncing off the suns beautiful rays during golden hour. If you saw my instagram yesterday you’d have noticed a new addition to this trainer family, the same pair in stripes. My attempt at bringing black in a bit more maybe.

Photos by India



Wearing: Thomas Tait jacket, Selected Femme drawstring topBaukjen skirt, Céline shoes and sunglasses.

Finally found myself in the studio with my camera at the right time in the morning when the sunlight comes flooding in. You may recognise the space as the same place we shot the SS14 campaign in. Quite the transformation hey? After we filled it with Atlanta‘s beautiful home furnishings, it looked completely different! Feeling sportier than usual at the moment, with the introduction of this silk bomber jacket, scored at the recent TT sample sale, wanting to pair it with most things trainer or tracksuit bottom. But I’m not there quite yet.

Photos by Jessie



Probably the daintiest and more unnoticeable thing about my all white outfit would be the teeny tiny Stephen Einhorn pearl in my ear. I love it when you catch something about someone’s look that someone else wouldn’t have seen, the devils in the details and all. I’ve been wearing the white mesh baseball dress from my new collection pretty much non stop. I love layering it over trousers, which is perfect as it’s not that hot yet, and I’m a separates girl never the less. Super in love with my new matte black Larsson & Jennings chain metal, I never used to wear a watch and now here I am, although guiltily I confess, I still check the time on my iPhone..

Photos by India



The second part in the series with Harvey Nichols for 0’2nd; it’s rare that I adorn a playsuit, especially as I’m a separates girl through and through, but I loved the minimal detailing in these scarcely seen box pleats. This weekend’s been beautifully hot in London, it’s time for legs to come out again and to flood to any available grassy patch or terrace, if you’re in the city that is. I envy everyone in the countryside when it’s this beautiful out!

The full SS14 collection is now live on our website; I’m obsessed with bomber jackets right now, and apart from my own, this white mesh one from Claudia always comes out when the weather’s nice, but I also saw this Stella McCartney dream is finally up for grabs on Yoox. Such an easy to wear piece, officially obsessed.

Shop Charlie May SS14 collection now.



Wearing: Charlie May coat and trousers, Joseph shirt, Céline boots, Alexander Wang tote bag.

Pony on my feet and my collar, I am pretty calf hair obsessed at the moment, as my latest collection will tell you. Dropping by the incredible Malone Souliers breakfast yesterday on Albemarle Street, it felt like the perfect time to take a quick snap wearing some of the new collection. I feel cursed sometimes that just as the collection lands in stores, I’ve presented another one that I immediately want to wear instead. Why do I have to wait until August. Clearly I’m not anyway but these split knee trousers and navy coat will be added to my personal order list come September!

Photos by Shini



Wearing: Max Mara coat, Neige Tees ‘Black’ sweater, BLK DNM skirt, Nike trainers, Céline sunglasses, Larsson & Jennings watch.

Spring’s finally arrived in London and I’m finding it hard to accept, as in, not leaving the house without a floor length woollen coat in hand. Silly. But I was always more into layering anyway. Really into this classic black sweatshirt from Neige Tees, found it hard to choose between black and white but maybe this will stay black for longer than the white, white. Paired with my favourite leather from BLK DNM and my Nike Air Force 1′s.

Photos by India


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