Flywheel – a seriously knackering class but leaves you on cloud nine for the rest of the day.
(Especially good if you need to sweat out the weekends discrepancies)

Wearing: Gap Fit mesh bomber jacket, marble sports bra, mesh insert leggings, marble sports bag

Cardio relays – Burpies, dips, bench presses, kettlebell, running, rowing etc.
(Mix these up from session to session, pick 4-6 and repeat for 45 mins)

Wearing: Gap Fit mesh bomber jacket, ribbed pullover, 3/4 length leggings, low impact sports bra

Plug in your favourite tunes and get out there!
I run in my local park, and I love watching the seasons slowly changing before my eyes.

Wearing: Gap Fit all weather track jacket, breathable tee, track pant

Waking up after a week of intense workouts can leave you feeling like you’ve been run over by a bus sometimes.
A yoga session such as Hot Pod yoga leaves you feeling energised, so check em out.

It was mid way through last year when I started to get into fitness in a big way. I was really feeling the stress of running my own fashion label and I felt I needed to get out and run it off a few times a week. This strange new passion for fitness grew into something that fast overtook the need for shopping and cake binging (Hey – I work above a cafe and it’s hard to work past those little delicacies every day!). It has become something which now feels super positive. I’m feeling good about my body and my energy for work and spare time, which is awesome.

If you’ve seen my instagram the last week, you’ll most likely have guessed I’ve teamed up with Gap to try out their new fitness range; joining their January campaign #BeGapFit. I was amazed having not heard about it before; the whole first floor of Gap’s flagship on Oxford Street is dedicated to the line. Everything from running to yoga; they’ve got it covered. I love that it’s not overly branded. A little more minimalistic you could say. I find it a pain having to take a separate outfit to the gym when I cycle on a Sunday so having a bomber jacket like the mesh or khaki ones above are perfect to work out in and go out brunching or flower marketing afterwards. It feels great to work out in, the fit is bang on perfection. It’s fully replaced my old kit. Mainly the leggings which are thicker and make me feel great whether I’m running cycling or stretching. 

In collaboration with Gap for #BeGapFit.
Gap are giving one lucky customer a chance to win a GapFit outfit this weekend, head on over to their twitter page
 to join.




The last Christmas lunch in London, celebrating the holidays ahead with #blycore before India and I snook off to shoot a lil something before the two week hiatus. Recent casual cravings have left me yearning for oversized linen shirts and split knee trousers, borrowing something from the boys etc. In fact I took a look at myself and the boyfriend today and realised we are both in white shirts, tailored trousers, trainers etc; but who came up with this look first I don’t recall. This is coming from the man who asks me to take selfies for him and who calls my homely tinsel ‘ratchet’. Follow me on twitter for more absurd of-the-moment boyfriend words of the day to come no doubt..

Focusing on the accessories is much more my thing of late. So many beautiful things to focus on, from so many designers I love. I’ve had my eye on this Kara stowaway for so long, the decisions between a stowaway and a backpack was very difficult, but I am obsessed. As well as Larsson & Jennings who are doing so well, hello new Soho store! Obsessed with this Saxon watch that I’m living in, currently coveting the all rose gold watch exclusive to Net-a-Porter. 

Photos by India



Simplicity is always the best policy, especially when the tops have so much to say.

I recently discovered young up and coming designer JH.Zane and got the chance to play around with a few of his pieces in my studio last week. What started as one photo, quickly turned into a whole photo shoot. Summer needs to hurry up so I can actually wear this out on the street! 



So I’m a bit late for this but I’ve been seeing so many amazing inspirational gift guides around this year and I felt it was about time I gave my two scents. I’m a huge online shopper so all of these items should be deliverable just in time for Christmas, phew! I’m sure my Mum could have done with this a month back, but I’m fashionably late as usual.. 

I’m so obsessed with interiors these days, as I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s about the full package (and not just the full wardrobe). Many of these pieces are on my lust-list or I already own. The gold dripped mug is my favourite coffee mug (that perfect thin china) and the Phillips Juicer was a gift for my birthday last year, no day goes by without me using it, it is the best thing. The Hay Spoon Grips, so random, I know but are perfect for clipping and spooning espresso or sugar packets. The beetle bowl is so heavily on my wish list you cannot believe, I must photograph it at Andrews office every time I’m there. 

Some of my can’t-live-withouts here and perfect for little extras under the tree. The Clarisonic was a present to myself last year (haa) and it’s part of my daily skin routine; along with the Jurlique skin lotion. I recently got the new Herbal Recovery Range and am obsessed with this little number. For my birthday this year a friend gave me the Chanel moisturiser trio and it has been a serious life saver for traveling, available in stores only. Attimo has been my favourite evening fragrance for years, along with Stella McCartney’s signature fragrance for day. And, finally, the Laura Mercier Brow palette, introduced to me by a make up artist and now I couldn’t imagine using anything else.

For the more expensive gifts especially for her.. I doubt there are a huge number of boyfriends reading this, so girls, these can easily fall into the gifts for yourself category, ok? Even though I live mostly in trainers I like to dress up when I eventually leave the studio, these Jimmy Choo’s have been heavily on my mind along with this Adam Lippes skirt of perfection. It’s all about the perfect tomboy-to-lady proportions.

Can we also talk about this perfect fray sweater? To be worn with a Charlie May mesh circle skirt and Gazelles I say. So many amazing knits out there, I’ve had my eye on this Moda Operandi guy for a while, followed by the perfectly minimal lines of the Protagonist stocked by the Line. Everything on their site could have easily been added to these lists, so much goodness. 


As I’m cosying up for the weekend, recovering from our work Christmas party on Thursday night and generally hiding from the cold, I feel myself dreaming of this recent press from Creem mag. Take me to the Devon beaches wrapped in cosy knits! Check out the editorial; so much winter inspo, it’s unreal. 

You all know how I feel about this chalk duo, so excited to be working on Autumn/winter again, lots more knits and textured leathers to come from Charlie May in February.

Photos by Creem Mag. Styled by Basma Khalifa, Photographed by Christopher Fenner, Hair by Terri Capon and Make Up by Kenny Leung.


Anna Maga Visconti trapped salt pendants to be worn front and back

Minimalist cuts from Icelandic label Tiaber

Mini gold accents from Tina Lilienthal

Black beauty from Katie Darlington with gold closure detailing seen here

It’s not often I find myself in the Fulham end of town but London is full of so many great pop ups right now that it’s worth travelling to find the good stuff, especially goodies ahead of the festive period and especially when they’re young designers just emerging on fashions radar.  

A V A N T – S H O P was created by Stephanie Johnson, originally started as a creative agency to help young talents branch out into the London scene. Building a brand is a difficult task, with universities often not providing enough help outside of the creative fundamentals, you either learn on the job or are lucky enough to find help from agencies such as Stephanies’. Now they’re helping brands further on the sales side with this three month pop up, just two steps from Fulham Broadway underground.

One of the brands that stuck out for me was Hellen Van Rees, using an interesting mix of materials; mostly self created, such as silicone bonded silks, giving a heavy unexpected latex feeling, and ‘Rugging’ – a process of bonding together strands of heavy cotton and pulled apart materials. These two fabrics come together in the amazing white and almost purple pleated and rugged skirt you see above. Then you have Tiaber, another brand who’s cut and minimal aesthetic stood out for me. That beautiful stand up collar with concealed button placket followed by a bubbled top that was almost bubble wrap in fabric form.

For the accessories I immediately recognised modern scandi-cool Italian brand, Ross & Brown, seen on favourite Vanessa of The Haute Pursuit. They have every kind of textured frame imaginable, even denim covered frames, to match your double denim jacket and jean combo no doubt.. I instantly fell in love with Anna Maga Visconti; using fine gold and silver to encase salt particles in triangles and circles (the salt is apparently to be worn for good luck).

A V A N T – S H O P will be open until the end of January with womenswear, menswear and accessories, so make sure you pop by to uncover all the amazing young talent they have there

In collaboration with A V A N T – S H O P 


Wearing: Thomas Tait coat, Charlie May x Eleven Everything knit, Charlie May split knee trousers, Joseph shirt, Céline boots.

The year’s gone by so fast, and here we are, the first of December! There’s such a feeling of holiday in the air already, Christmas trees lining the streets of Columbia Road yesterday for the weekly flower market, Maria blaring out on every available radio.. And here I am wrapped up to the nines in what I’ve practically been living in the last few months.

This knit from my AW14 collection (now currently on sale only until tonight!) has been a saviour when it comes to the cold. It’s actually the best thing I own! Added with the perfect thick wool coat and pony hair boots. – The only thing left to get cold are my knees, fashion over function etc!

Photos by Matthew


Wearing: ‘Just Nothing‘ Nail polish from Christian Louboutin, ring by Jessie Harris, chain by Eyland.

Just before I left on holiday I went into Christian Louboutin on Mount Street to try out their new beauty range. I’ve been hearing a lot about the nail polish, in particular the insane shape of the bottle, inspired by the highest heel ever created by the brand. Due to a particularly stressful nail biting week I went for a plain nude colour – ‘Just Nothing‘. I’m obsessed with the almost matte finish and how perfectly polished the manicure looks.

Of course they have a limited edition polish out for Christmas called the Rouge Louboutin starlight. With hand placed Strass crystals there are only 1000 in production so get them before they’re gone :)

Manicure by Christian Louboutin



Feat: The best of Christmas with H&M

Suddenly there are people ice skating on my instagram, The Pogues being played on the radio and fairy lights going up on my route home from work, there’s only one conclusion, Christmas is actually around the corner! Even my boyfriend bounced out of bed the other day exclaiming ‘only 50 days to go!’. I had no clue what he was talking about of course or that he was even keeping track.. Christmas does strange things to people.  

Having said that the best thing about this time of year for me is the increased number of chunky knits, layered wools, textured leathers and slouchy sweaters; it’s the cosiest time of year. So I’ve teamed up with H&M to pick my favourite pieces from their website heading up to Christmas. I love this white silk jumpsuit which Joan Smalls makes look impossibly cool with silver brogues. Also the whole layered textured chunky knits WILL be happening, preferably in front of a roaring fire on a sofa somewhere far away from technology and reality for that matter. 

In collaboration with H&M


Monica Vinader 8Monica Vinader 9Monica Vinader 4

When hunting for new jewellery I love to be able to customise, whether it’s buying multiple rings, and wearing them in different combinations or choosing a chain and stacking up pendants myself. So finding the new Monica Vinader stack necklace tool that you can build yourself on their super sleek website was a bit of a godsend. I went for rose gold (of course), their thinest chain, hammered shell, and intricate diamond hoop. I’m also loving wearing one pendant at a time, anything goes really!

So now you know what’s going on under my sweater, because let’s face it, it’s not quite silk shirt weather anymore – although i will be disappearing to the Canary Islands in two days where it most certainly will be! I simply can’t contain my excitement for the first holiday of the year. I won’t be made to feel the least bit guilty as you were all away for August whilst I was head down in the studio. Make sure to follow me on instagram as I can’t imagine I’ll be blogging too much ;)

In collaboration with Monica Vinader, photos by Matthew


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