“Life is too important to be taken seriously” - Oscar Wilde

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You just can’t beat a summer party in East London, when the drinks are flowing and barbecue is on the menu, throw in a killer sunset and you’ve got yourself an instagram/snapchat frenzy. This was just that as last week saw the launch of Neuw Denim in the UK. Heralding from Australia they have the very same ethos on denim as Charlie May in fact, I caught up with one of the designers on the night to talk about the brand and their plans for world domination (They’re already half way there, now stocked in Matches and a pop-up with Harvey Nichols).

For every influential artistic moment over the last few decades there has been denim, and this is what inspires Neuw and each of their designs. In styles you have fits like the Iggy, or the Marilyn, and they’re oh so good! For this particular evening, when it was too hot to wear anything at all, I went for a loose fit black silk shirt with the most perfect 90′s inspired cotton cami dress underneath, add minimal gold accents and some killer sandals and you’re good to go! 

In collaboration with Neuw Denim



Wearing: J Lindeberg coat, Joseph skirt, Adidas shoes , Missoma x Lucy Williams cuff, and KARA SL1 bag.

Hooray for a heatwave, the temperatures been slowly rising over the past week, as has my happiness. Since leave Puglia a couple of weeks back I’ve been craving that VitD hit like you wouldn’t believe. I love dressing for summer when legs-out are always an option and you can layer up how you please. This lightweight J Lindeberg coat is perfect for adding an extra layer (coming from someone who hates all things skimp) and is currently on sale! Which is a bonus. I’ve been living in my girl Lucy’s collab with Missoma - completely obsessed with this arm cuff that hasn’t left my wrist in.. probably too long now. 

I hope you’re all enjoying the heatwave! Our Spring/summer collection is currently on sale so head to Charlie May to see more :)





Last week in Stockholm for 24 hours. Layering up in next season Charlie May knits and the raw kimono coat, that I’m obsessed with. Can’t wait for these to land in stores worldwide! We are now stocked in Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Germany, Norway and Canada. I’m also excited to announce that Selfridges has bought the AW15 collection and I will be on the contemporary floor in August!




I’ve been seeing a personal trainer for about 6 months now; learning more and more about what I should be eating, how I should be working my body, and even how I should be sleeping. This last one wasn’t such a surprise, body aching after a great workout the day before, even legs cramping up in the middle of the night, possibly from not stretching out enough.

I had heard about the Eve; a memory foam mattress set to blow all competitors out of the water. It’s absolutely incredible for muscle rest and support (they’re currently doing scientific tests to determine the benefits). I’ve been sleeping on it for about a week now and I’ve never slept so well!

British made and created out of a one of a kind memory foam/latex sandwich, it’s easily the most beautiful mattress I’ve ever seen. Talking more about the design, because that’s such a major part of it, the Eve comes packed tightly into the box, once opening and cutting the plastic, the mattress springs to life right before your eyes. White and their signature yellow, from start to finish, the typography (Inside the box are all sorts of quotes on sleeping, another nice touch) to the product itself, is beautiful.

Nice one guys for bringing joy into another aspect of our personal lives :) I’ve honestly never slept so well! 

Enjoy 100 days on Eve with the Eve home trial now


Behind the scenes for MOVEment: Stephen Jones Millinery x Jasmin Vardimon.


The first day of fittings with Stephen Jones at his studio on Great Queen Street

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MOVEment: AnOther Magazine in collaboration with Ford Vignale

It’s rare when you get to be a fly on the wall of a project so creative and involving so many industry professionals that I’ve looked up to over the years; so it’s been incredible that for the last month, I’ve been working with AnOther and Ford Vignale as a digital partner on the Stephen Jones x Jasmin Vardimon for MOVEment short fashion film. All the films were released at once in another genius move to literally, break the internet. It’s a miracle when, in the age of digital, a project this big can be kept under wraps. The series of short films starring the seven biggest names in fashion premiered at the Sadler’s Wells, a world leader in contemporary dance.

Behind the scenes for the first day of filming we got to shoot at Stephen Jones’ masterful little atelier, behind his infamous Soho store. Seeing how the headpiece had evolved and been inspired, all from the idea of a headrest and comfort of a Ford Vignale premium car; as well as the design of the head piece, the bodice and gloves were given hexagonal stitching to mirror the signature pattern and flow of lines on the cars leather seats and front grills. Through the choreography of the talented Jasmin Vardimon, you can see the kinetic lines mirrored in the dance; the soft, emotional touch points of the Ford Vignale experience, as well as the car itself of course. 

To talk to you more about the Ford Vignale itself and what it’s about; the design quality and the craftsmanship, the lifestyle elements, as well as the experience itself. Aside from the beautiful exterior and interior of the car, what’s interesting to me is that a brand like Ford Vignale uses traditional techniques in new ways, whilst they have things like the 3D simulation, they also use methods like artisan clay modelling in their design process. It’s that craftsmanship that makes Ford Vignale so appealing to me; as well as their ethos of lifestyle and time saving. What would you do with another hour in your day? Fashion moves so fast it can be really hard to take a minute to think about what direction I personally, should be moving in. With my label I need time to find inspiration, as quality down time allows me to come up with fresh ideas and motivation for the seasons ahead. I’ve naturally always wanted to share details and design, which is why I started this blog and am so involved on social media as you know.. What I find so engaging with Ford Vignale itself is that’s it’s not just about the car but it’s also about the lifestyle elements, customers get a subscription to their magazine (Brad Pitt on the first cover) and they even have a nail polish in their signature ‘nochiola’ colourway, not to mention an accessories range that has actually won awards for their soft touch leathers and rich fabrics. It really is a lifestyle car, which is what we’re so about now in every aspect of our lives, it’s the whole package.

Thanks to the AnOther team, Stephen Jones and Ford Vignale for bringing me on board and allowing me to be part of this exciting project!

In collaboration with AnOther and Ford Vignale


Wearing:  Tibi poplin shirtCharlie May moto trousers, Adidas Originals

Getting used to single digit layering in California sunshine this week. I’ve had this Tibi shirt stored away for a while now and I new that my trip to LA was going to be the perfect time to bust it out. Never before has floaty cotton been so neccessary. 



Scanning this seasons fabrics swatches and creating a line sheet for prospective buyers

Using the pen to draw designs right onto the screen, you can even trace from paper underneath making it similar to a lightbox but much more effective

Add you illustrations to the linesheet for pairing with fabric swatches and scans

The screen is interactive, allowing you to split the screen for say, browsing the internet and watching Netflix. Score!

In collaboration with HP Sprout
Wearing shirt by Prada, watch by Larsson & Jennings, rings by Amarilo and Effra

When I’m in the studio working on collections, designing and just day-to-day admin it’s important I have a computer that can keep up and contend with all my needs. Until now my desk has been filled with desktops, scanners and pan and paper. The new HP Sprout seems to have made all these obsolete with the world first immersive computer. I won’t bore you with explaining how the computer itself works – it has all the functions of a standard desktop but with so many extras! So much more than just a creative tool. First of all, it’s touch screen as well as compatible with mouse and keyboard. You can use either or, although once you start using your hands I find it addictive and a lot of fun (It’s also chicer cleaner without all those extras in my humble op). So then you have the giant mousemat that attaches magnetically to the screen, again easily detachable for a chicer workspace. This matte acts as a scanner deck, a drawing pad, a keyboard.. the list goes on! A light shines down from the scanner above, allowing you to scan in objects, even 3D scanning which is a lot of fun. I found the idea that you can pull and slide the screen around really great, you can swipe projects down onto the matte with ease and even split the screens so you can be working on two things at once – for me having my emails up in case something important comes through, drawing on the matte whilst catching up with my favourite programs on the web was a real plus! I created two projects with the HP Sprout, first wanted to scan in my fabrics from the current collection, creating a linesheet to send to buyers. Scanning fabrics can be really annoying as you just don’t get the colours right, and more importantly it squishes the fabric down so if you have a shearling or textured wool, the effect becomes quite different. With the scanning on this it captures it exactly as you see it with the naked eye. Making my sheets immediately more professional. Secondly I used the stylus pen to draw my designs straight into the document, I can then use the fabrics I scanned from earlier to create collections to send to clients as well as for my own personal use. 

All in all the beautiful design of HP Sprout has blown me away. Every day I’ve been using it I’ve discovered new ways to work in an intuitive and exciting way. It seems insane that something this great hasn’t been invented up until now but I’m so excited to be one of the first ones to try it!

Thanks to HP Sprout


The blossoms are back, in Jigsaw spring collection

Spring’s finally here with the arrival of fluffy blossoms everywhere, and today for the first time, the legs are out. I’ve been thinking on how to wear denim in a new and interesting way since all the way back to last year. I think denim is now a high end item just as any, and to be dresed up with luxury looking pieces such as this utlitarian jacket from Jigsaw’s new spring/summer 15 collection. I’ve never been drawn to this sandy colour before but it looks so darn good with indigo jeans and a just-sheer-enough silk shirt.  Perfect with easy, breasy summer slides and minimal gold jewellery.

With my LA trip coming up in just under a month I’ve been wracking my brains on how to survive in 35 degree temperatures. Trying not to look like a tourist in shorts and a tank top will be difficult indeed. This shirt I’m wearing doubles up as a dress and would look perfect over there. There are some other bits at Jigsaw I’ve got my eye on for summer as well as this silk shirt, this cropped shell top would be ideal in the heat as well as these high waisted culottes. Looks like it’s not going to be too difficult to survive over there after all! Thanks Jigsaw!

In collaboration with Jigsaw


The feeling of Spring is in the air and this new editorial from Tank magazine is perfectly representing London’s mood right now. Our frayed denim culottes are perfect for those wanting to get their legs out for the first time this year, whilst our raw silk shirt and cotton skirt can be dressed up or down. Heading to New York and then LA next week so will be pulling a few of these looks out for sure.

Photos by Tank Magazine
Styled by Kama Krystel
Photographed by Benjamin Mallek


It’s spring time finally and we can start to get excited about those lazy summer days. I’ve been thinking a lot about denim recently, I’ve gone from someone who would never dream of wearing it, to it becoming a staple part of my wardrobe. Just add gold accents and a flowing silk upper half and you’re good to go. Also leaning more and more into neutrals, nude trainers are feeling more and more right.

In collaboration with H&M

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