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New years eve is nearly upon us, and I’ve been thinking about what a pretty incredible year 2011 has been. I’ve traveled around Europe; to Portugal, Paris and Belgium; met so many incredibly talented people, started my own fashion label; and this is just the beginning. Looking back through a year in posts, I’ve picked out a few of my favourite pictures. Thank you to all of you who shared these blog moments with me. I’ve got a feeling 2012 is going to be pretty awesome too.


Dinner at the Cuckoo Club, in Mayfair, with some of my favourite people. Cocktails are always my favourite and these didn’t disappoint! My favourite was the duck breast, watercress and pomegranate seed salad as well as a beautiful dover sole. We got to pick and choose from so many different dishes, it was quite a treat! 

Thanks Alix from Me:Mo Interactive for inviting us. 


 Wearing: Craig Lawrence knitted top, Charlie May shirt, Ann Demeulemeester trousers, Erdem shoes

Heres a few snapshots of my Christmas day outfit, I hope you all had an amazing last couple of days! I’ve certainly eaten more than my weight in food, and I’ve been so happy to be down in the countryside with my family. Wearing some new additions to my wardrobe; the beautiful Erdem boots from my favourite season, scored at the Nicholas Kirkwood sample sale (a Christmas present to myself) and a beautiful knitted tee from Craig Lawrence


Fa la lalalaa la la la laa! 
It’s an adored May tradition to collect holly and ivy for Christmassy house decoration. There are always plenty of picture frames to decorate and my Dads always particularly keen on turning the kitchen into forest, by wrapping ivy around any exposed beams. I’m pretty pleased with the result!
I hope you’re all having a good Christmas eve, surrounded by the ones you love. 


I don’t usually post recipes but I thought seeing as it’s Christmas, I’ll share some quick and easy recipes that can be prepared and made in time for Christmas day. I think the nut truffles were a lot easier to make, but the rich chocolate rum was more fun and messy!

Chocolate Nut Truffles

100g plain chocolate
25g finely chopped mixed nuts
50g icing sugar
1-2 drops vanilla extract
1 tbsp single cream
chocolate vermicelli 

 Finely grate the chocolate into a bowl, then add nuts and sugar. Add vanilla and cream to bind the ingredients together. Form into small bowls and roll in chocolate vermicelli. Keep cool until serving.

Rich Chocolate Rum Truffles 

225g plain chocolate
2 egg yolks
25g butter
2 tbsp rum
1 tbsp single cream
drinking chocolate powder

Melt the chocolate into a bowl then add the egg yolks, butter, rum and cream. Stir the mixture until thick enough to handle. Cool slightly, then roll into balls ready to be dipped in chocolate  powder. 

Et voila!


Alexander Wang Jade clutch 

The perfect clutch, waiting for me back at home!


Wearing: J.W. Anderson jumper, Complex Geometries skirt, Acne boots, Dagmar cuff 

On the shortest day of the year, the sun went down quicker than I could photograph my outfit. Wearing my new J.W. knit and Acne boots – both major sample sale scores this past month. Heading back to Devon today, so I’m sure there’ll be more homely countryside Christmassy posts coming this way..

Thanks Shini for the outfit shots!


 The first shop I noticed when I arrived on the streets of Brussels was Stijl. I had heard about this place and it certainly didn’t disappoint, stocking all favourite designers like Raf, Haider, and Ann; and not their most commercial garments, that have lost their excitement from the runway, like we seem to do here in London. It’s exciting flipping through the racks and makes you totally fall in love with design.
In London we could learn a thing or two from Sonja Noël; the razor sharp buyer with an eye for creative talent, that opened Brussels first fashion mecca, Stijl, 20 years ago. Last year Sonja opened a new set of doors, Haleluja. It’s impeccably designed space features hand picked designers from all over the world, creating sustainable garments, from ethically sourced cottons and silks to recycling.
 Sonja told me that as an entrepreneur you have to be bold and take risks, starting a new business takes years and years to build up and she’s ready for a new challenge. Halaluja is doing something truly revolutionary to fashion: proving that ethically sourced eco-friendly pieces are also desirable, contemporary and high fashion. After all, “sustainable clothes have to be desirable products, otherwise there’s no point in selling them.”
You can visit Haleluja on the Nieuwe Graanmarkt.


Wearing: Rag and Bone Metallic jumper, Charlie May tie side shirt, ASOS skirt, Topshop shoes

Now that the demolition has begun on the old Hospital I no longer have any access round the back of my building, all those brilliant brick walls will probably not be available to me for another year or so, when I’ll have most likely have moved on. It’s sad to wake up every morning hearing them bulldozing it down, I know it can’t be saved but still I feel so attached to it. The last time I shot there was for this MyDaily How to Wear Metallics shoot, shot by Jen.


Some beautiful new models from MandP wearing Charlie May garms. Totally in love with this..

Stylist: Juu Hau Zane
Photographer: Maria Molko 
Models: Neele, Selma and Inka at MandP

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