The salt flats of Peru

A short drive away from the Inkaterra hotel is Urubamba’s famous geological landmark, the Salinas de Maras or salt flats. The road to the salt evaporated ponds is amazing in itself. We drove along giant flat dirt roads that kick up dust behind, whilst the view in our front windscreen were giant mountains with snow topped peaks shrouded in cloud. As […]

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Inkaterra Hacienda, Urubamba

A night in the sacred valley

Whilst on our road trip from Cusco to Machu Picchu we stopped off in Urubamba. The drive is long even though you don’t travel that far. It takes nearly 5 hours to drive 200km just because of the slowly winding roads up and down the mountainside. We decided to stop at the sacred valley as […]

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Lima, Peru

A fly by in Lima, Peru

Travelling to Peru, specifically, Lima; has been one of the best experiences of my life.. maybe because it came about completely unexpectedly, it took me by surprise as a country. I’ll start from the beginning with saying that South America was never hugely on my bucket list (I have no excuses as to why this […]

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Mirage House by Kios Architects via Dezeen Forever dreaming of a far flung minimalist holiday home, this popped up on my c_l_o feed and I couldn’t resist the share. Precisely where I wish I was right now and perhaps every summer for the rest of time..

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Conrad Koh Samui


This is the last of my snaps from the incredible Conrad, Koh Samui. Sunrises and sunsets, I miss waking up every morning and seeing this view. It really is without a doubt the most beautiful I have ever encountered. With the islands on the horizon like jewels on a necklace, it was a true postcard […]

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Conrad, Koh Samui


After a week of torrential rain in Hong Kong we were more than ready for our sun soaked tropical trip. We managed to get a direct flight to Koh Samui and taxi it 45 minutes to the most southern tip of the island where the Conrad, Koh Samui resort was nestled into the hillside. No […]

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Conrad Hotel, Koh Samui


At the Conrad, Koh Samui. Current desk side couldn’t be more incredible if it tried. Isn’t it great that with the internet you can be anywhere in the world and still work!? (And I say that after having taken four solid days off) If you’ve been following me on social you will know that the […]

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The Townhall Hotel Patriot Square, London E2 9NF Current favourite eatery in London is the newly discovered (to me only) Corner Room at the Town Hall hotel. Having heard rave reviews from friends for months, I couldn’t believe I still hadn’t had the chance to pop in. Luckily, a couple of weeks back I had the […]

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