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J.W. Anderson

J.W Anderson’s Caravan Boot

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The coats and jackets in this collection blew my mind! I didn’t think much of the garments under them, some good trousers and shoes, but THE JACKETS! Such incredible variation. I must own one of these! somehow, one day I might stumble across one in a second hand store? Or get richer sooner.
I really adored the furs/leathers. I wish they had done more. The colour in the middle bottom is beautiful.
Of course the aviator type jackets were jaw dropping. I love how big and warm they look! Belts, olive green and sheep skin; the perfect winter coat.

Louise Goldin A/W 2010

(Music is by Apocalyptica – A classically trained, finnish cellists heavy metal band.)

This collection was my favourite of LFW. The pictures speak for themselves how amazing this collection is really.
The collection was first inspired by Origami and then later military. The idea of Origami has been done again and again but in a very obvious way.
This collection mastered subtlety; the sleeve seams in that fur jacket – stunning, the asymmetric sculptural skirts, the leather paneling with quilting details. I die again and again and again!
The outfit colour blocks in sections of olive green, black and navy blue, all my favourite colours, and of course, the military theme, my favourite too.
Louise is just getting better and better, i’m so excited to see what she comes up with next.

Bryce Aime

Apologies for the bad quality ‘phone cam’, here are some worthwhile detailed pictures of the Bryce Aime collection from Catwalking

Even though I wasn’t too keen on the graphic prints in this collection, I have to say that the rest of it I really loved. The colours; burgundy and black, were a really beautiful pairing, along with the beautiful textured materials and shiny gold studs and zipper detailing. It has to be said that the collection was extremely wearable, with exception to the final three outfits. The final three are of course my favourites! Bryce does sculptural so well; most of you will i’m sure recognise Bryce’s designs in a recent Rihanna video. Pretty amazing, eh?
He really delivered again with this collection, beautiful wearability still with the fantasy element that we all crave.

LFW DAY 3 Welsh Designers Collective

I particularly liked the styling of this collection, the accessories were my favourite; draw string bags in the same material as the outfits.

Emma Griffiths

The Welsh Designers collective featured three designers; Elinor Franklin, Emma Griffiths and Josie Beckett.
The designer that stole the show for me was Emma Griffiths. Having previously worked with Alexander McQueen and Boudicca, her classic/contemporary designs stole my heart. My favourites being the sculptural leather top in the first picture, and the jaw droppingly amazing pony skin (I think) top in the latter.
I will be following her in the industry forever more.

Belle Sauvage

Trying to get a good shot of the shoes, they were insane!

Belle Sauvage A/W 2010
The music was eerie, the models, wearing these insane platform shoes, walked slowly up the catwalk, wide eyed and very creepy looking.
Really interesting use of geometric graphic print, it really worked in the bolder colours. The hair and print in this collection seemed reminiscent of McQueen, like a quiet nod towards our fallen hero.
My favourites were the simple leather pieces. The leather top with the crossed leather circles around the breasts was really beautiful paired with the skirt, and something I would genuinely wear.
The showpiece at the end of the collection was another favourite; the interesting shape of the trousers, coming out at the thighs but still with the leather bringing the shape back in again; paired with the tight leather bustier top.


Bernard Chandran
The hair and make up for the show was just jaw dropping. The surprise was spoiled somewhat by a fully made up model smoking outside by the queue, this did mean however, we got to see it up close in full detail. It was more like the work of Dior, pure art and really set a more exciting tone for the collection.
The range of textures in this collection was stunning; feathers and fur to organza and strange chunky knitwear. Colour palette was dark tones with flashes of gold and bright blue.

This was my favourite piece of all; an organza double breasted top with the shoulder pads showing through. Perfection!

The rails at On/Off

Crazy knits by Yang Du

Dark leather accessories by Richard Emdem

The bizarre world of Tessa Edwards.
The details in this pieces were really beautiful, the way the garments had been constructed were really quite odd. The accessories were a favourite, bottle green wedges and big rock crystal necklaces.

Incredible leather weaves of Derek Lawlor. Really beautiful heavy knit Autumn/Winter pieces

Inspired by the texture and colour of John Piper’s paintings, Lawlor builds on the densely intricate, structural aesthetic of his debut, fusing more traditional cabling and intarsia elements with woven fabrics and weaving techniques.

Softly feminine cashmere, mohair and moleskin are layered with waxed cotton cord in a palette of moody blues, greys with a splash of bold colour to create a collection of versatile separates and stand out pieces that offer an edgy, innovative take on bespoke knitwear for the modern woman.”

Bon Magazine

Bon Magazine
Globally launches 3rd March 2010

Rad Hourani

Rad Hourani A/W 2010
Seriously love everything he does; Incredible use of textures and layering.

Proenza Schouler A/W 2010

Proenza Schouler A/W 2010
Really gorgeous use of print in this collection, it really pops out of the dark.

The shoes are ridiculously amazing also, I am strangely drawn to the, what should be horrible, blue snakeskin clogs!

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