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Wearing: Vintage Maxmara coat, Theyskens’ Theory knit, Celine polo and sandals, J.W Anderson skirt, Acne Beanie, Alexander Wang bag, Backstage rings

London weather has been pretty schizophrenic as of late, one moment spring has arrived and the next, tiny drops of snow are falling, shattering our dreams of a little sunshine. I’ve been dreaming about wearing these sandals in the sun for a few weeks now, until I finally thought – screw it and pulled out the tights (albiet a pair that had a huge hole and ladder in one leg, which I didn’t notice until I was out the house and well, Alex pointing it out to me when taking these photos!). Doh. I try not to be a tomboy but I don’t think being ladylike comes too naturally to me either..

Anyway, this morning when the snow fell, I was up super early for breakfast with Galaxy at the Ritz. If there’s anything that can get me up and out the house by 8am, it’s the promise of a perfect breakfast and the chance to see some friends and meet some new ones. You can see some more drool worthy pictures on my instagram but we were there to see the new Galaxy ad with Audrey Hepburn, where they’ve CGI’d her face onto a model. It’s pretty amazing actually! Very classic, chic Audrey. It airs on Sunday so let me know what you guys think when you see it on TV!

I’m excited to have booked the train back to Devon on tuesday! You can expect more photos from the beautiful English countryside, that’s if the internet works at all! There are pro’s and cons to living in the middle of no where, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Photos by Alex

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  1. Beautiful outfit. The bag is just stunning.


  2. Oh I love those sandals!

  3. excuse me while I salivate over your sandals from afar

  4. i love ur bag :)

    …。…。…。…。…。…。…。 …。…。…。…。…。

    christian | my blog : http://www.christianyuen.blogspot.com

  5. I love how your wore your sandals… I do it too some times! Thank you for your lovely comment in my blog. Maybe you would like to follow each other?

  6. Your pictures are breathtaking! What lens do you use??? :))


    1. Thank you! For these pictures I was using a Canon 35mm 2.0 :)

  7. Lovely style and photography as always!

  8. It was so lovely to see you on Friday morning. Can we get a date in the diary soon for a proper catch up?

    PS. Loved the sandals. LOVE and LOVED. xx

    1. YES! It was so good to see you too. Let’s do dinner next week? xx

  9. wrong shoes the season.

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