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Wearing: Alexander Wang jumper, Topshop Unique skirt, Luv AJ necklace, Givenchy boots.

Still championing winter white on whites, but definitely not able to brave the weather without tights yet! There is also a coat and hat out of shot, but I’m sure you knew that already. In love with my new Topshop Unique wrap skirt I’m wearing here, there’s lots of belt detailing hiding under the jumper that I can show you if it ever heats up a bit. The last collection was the first Topshop show that I actually loved from start to finish. I think they definitely suit a minimal aesthetic the most, although I’m sure they are just moving with the trends, I hope they stay on this for a few more seasons to come.

Yesterday I traveled to fairly unknown territory to meet French babe Camille for brunch in Ladbroke Grove. It’s so easy to visit the same places again and again in London, but I try my best to explore the new. I’d recommend brunch at Lowry & Baker if you’re in the area, great coffee too.

Photos by Camille

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  1. you know I love this!
    Really nice textured wall behind you too
    thanks for the recommendation, wish i could have coffee with you guys!

    1. I wish we could all have coffee! You need to come over and visit in between fashion weeks, or us to you! :)

  2. i love this outfit!

  3. You look absolutely amazing!


  4. Great outfit!!

  5. I love it
    As usual

  6. Love the way you layered those whites.

  7. Oh my god you have automatically become one of my favourite blogs. Your style is amazing! I love those boots, I kinda hoped they wouldn’t be Givenchy because I know I’ll never be able to afford them!

    I’ve just re-started blogging again (after a huge time out) and I’d love it if you could check mine out and let me know what you think! There’s a giveaway coming soon too :) Stephanie x


  8. Gorgeous photos Charlie. I love this outfit on you. You can pull off white on white like nobody else.

    p.s. can tell it was cold because in the first photo your hands are tucked into your sleeve. so cute! xx

  9. Oh Charlie you’re a constant inspiration! Sometimes I wish I could have you style me on my lazy days when I walk around in just leggings and oversized sweaters

  10. Love this look Charlie, I am in love with the Unique SS13 too, defo one of my faves of the season. x

  11. Love this Charlie!

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