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Wearing: Charlie May SS13 silk shirt dress, Topshop jumper, Acne trousers, Chloe heels, Alexander Wang clutch turned handbag.

I’ve been wanting a petite shoulder bag for a long time now (I love the PS1 chain wallet but unfortunately it’s beyond my budget for now); so when I saw this Wang clutch I knew it would make the perfect transformation, being that it’s so beautiful already.
All you need for the DIY is a chain and a pair of pliers. I bought the chain from London Trimmings as they have a huge selection, and the pliers you could find at any hardware store.
It was so easy, as the bag already has zipper pulls at the side for the chain to attach onto. I love my new transformed clutch! 

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  1. UOohh wow I love it too, and it’s the perfect shape/size too, when I saw the first pic I was wondering if Wang did a crossbody version of the clutch!

    1. YAY! :D I do think it doesn’t look out of place at all!

  2. Oh Wang Wang Wang, I was head over heels when I saw the clutch on your Instagram picture,a chain added made it so special. :D

  3. the most perfect bag ever!


  4. You look really great. So nice pics and I like that purse. Have a nice day.


  5. super cute! i’m all about transforming the old pieces into fresh, new ones! x

  6. I look at this and all I can think is I WANT TO GO SHOPPING

    1. Wait, my second thought is: I MISS YOU GUYS

      1. WE MISS YOU! RIP fabulous weekend! :(

  7. I’d be so worried I’d end up ruining a great clutch but you’ve done an amazing job, it looks like it was meant to be this way, as a cross body bag! XX

  8. honey, the bag is fabulous. wang rocks.


  9. your silk dress looks amazing with the a.wang bag! i’ve been wanting a small shoulder bag too and an a.wang was my first choice haha

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