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Wearing: COS coat, ACNE bomber, Monki top, Peridot Romilly skirt, Vagabond trainers.

Pushing myself out of mid fashion month black slump, injecting some barely there hues on a Sunday. Also, some of my favourite things as of late; circle skirts, bomber jackets and trainers. I seem to be adding circle skirts to my wardrobe at an alarming rate; I’ve gone from hate to love in a very short space of time, which is something I think that only fashion can do to you. They’re even in my latest collection quite a bit. This latest leather addition is from Peridot London, a contemporary separates brand after my own heart. Worn with my new Vagabond trainers that everyone is mistaking for you know what, (that deceptive white sole!). 

Photos by Shini


Girl_a_la_modeGirl_a_la_mode_Celine_petrol_vans_PortraitGirl_a_la_mode_Acne_beanieGirl_a_la_mode_Celine_vansGirl_a_la_mode_Celine_petrol_vans_landscapeGirl_a_la_mode_COS_knitGirl_a_la_mode_Celine_petrol_vans cropGirl_a_la_mode_Celine_petrol_vans

Wearing: Max Mara coat, COS knit, Joseph shirt, Acne leathers and beanie, Céline shoes, Alexander Wang tote, Kirstie Maclaren cuff, Larsson and Jennings watch.

Winter in London. Baring the cold with plenty of oversized knits and these chunky leather trousers from Acne that may well have been made from an entire cow. Feeling snug to say the least. The show is less than a week away! Furiously writing this in the studio as shoes from the show arrive and we are finishing off the final samples for the collection. Hair and make up testing tonight and casting later on this week. It’s that exciting time of the season again! Luckily brunch dates with this dude lead to a chilled start to yesterday before heading into work like it was mid week. London fashion week is nearly upon us! 

Photos by Shini


Wearing: COS coat, Acne bomber, Joseph shirt, MMM X H&M trousers, Alexander Wang shoes, Givenchy bag, Hip Hunters rings.

First post of the new year and it’s a little something I was wearing a lot over the holidays. I never got on board with the pink coat trend, but something about this sickly sweet bomber caught my affections. Worn with an overly long Joseph silk shirt and trusty old wardrobe favourite, Wang pumps.

Kick off of London Collections: Men today and I’m starting to get super busy in the studio with AW14, with fashion month fast approaching, January is setting up the new year real nice. The SS14 campaign launches this week, excited to share with you what I’ve been working on! 



GirlalaMode Grey Acne

Wearing full grey has perhaps been my new obsession, with grey purchases far outweighing the usual black or white. These two are my favourites, although I wish the knit was the exact same colour as the wool skirt; I have been wearing them both on most days, as my instagram indicates. Why can’t all garments be the perfect, raw cut precision as this?



Feat: Unsung Feeling, Rika Magazine.

I’ve been thinking A LOT about knitwear recently. Not just because the nights are getting colder and I’m up to my 18th sweater buy of the season, but because for AW14 I’m doing my first knitwear collaboration! There will be more on that later, but it has made me think about how we wear them, the purpose they serve, as well as the design. Featured knitwear in this editorial from all the big guns, Stella McCartney, Acne, Céline; the bigger the better, and all the better for being a bit revealing too.

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue



Wearing: Ann Sofie Back coat, Acne jumper, Hudson jeans, Céline slip ons and sunglasses

Exploring the local beaches in Devon and generally taking in some fresh sea air on Croyde Beach yesterday. I love the texture of these slate rocks I’m perched on, so much beauty to take in with the surroundings down here. Flats definitely come in handy when climbing sand dunes and jumping over rock pools! I’m still living in this Acne polo sweater, which is just the perfect oversized outerwear right now. 



Wearing: Acne Breta Sweatshirt, Acne leather trousers, Céline sunglasses, Zara sandals.

It’s been a long time since I wore anything with a logo emblazoned across the front of it, but I instantly fell in love with the shape of this oversized sweatshirt by Acne, practising what I preach, you know? It’s also perfect for wind shielding, biking around East London to the studio, as I do everyday. As you saw on twitter this morning I actually fell off in the most dramatic way, the fantasy versus the reality – I am pretty clumsy so it’s useless trying to portray myself any other way!

This is also the first time I’m wearing these super chunky leather pants that I bought back in the summer.. ready for this moment. They remind me of heavy biker-wear, which I may need more of after this morning.. Hope you all have a good weekend!


Wearing: IRO top and Labolsina bag from Girissima, Hudson Jeans, Topshop shoes, Acne sunglasses and MIRLO jewellery

Catching up on life after the show on Sunday, waking up early just to take Kobi for a walk in the peace and quiet without a lint roller or steam iron in sight! Haha just kidding – I’m already back in the studio and extremely happy with all the positive feedback! Already preparing my extensive behind the scenes post coming up next.. but first we need to catch up on all the shopping I’ve been doing since about two weeks ago..

I discovered Girissima recently and fell in love with the range of top european brands they house. I’ve already got my eyes on this camo Equipment blouse (print usually isn’t for me but Christopher Kane seems to have got me feeling otherwise). In the meantime I went for this super easy IRO padded tee and roomy Labolsina bag which is helpful for storing hats and scarves for when the weather turns. More to come from my midnight shopping habits but looking forward to posting regularly again, hope you missed me!


Wearing: Charlie May SS13 velvet tee, BLK DNM skirt, Givenchy sandals, Black Blessed x Love Aesthetics bag, Acne sunnies.

Relaxed Sunday vibes for lunch at Bistrotheque in East London, possibly my favourite restaurant right now. Wearing the velvet tee from my SS13 collection that’s now on sale too! Still crazy preparing for fashion week, trying to find the perfect show venue at the moment. So bear with me if posts are sporadic ;) When my ecommerce site opens I’m going to do a huge giveaway with tickets to my show in September, discounts and giveaways for the winners – so stay tuned!  

The velvet tee is available on sale Here and Here

Photos by Michael


riviera frederike helwig anne sophie thomas jalouse, july-august 2013 11riviera frederike helwig anne sophie thomas jalouse, july-august 2013 07

Jalouse July/August 2013, Christa Covert photographed by Frederike Helwig, Styled by Ann Sophie Thomas.

Masculine and tailored dressing has always been something I’ve swung to over feminine, floaty silhouettes, but pinstripe is a new addition to my need-to-try list. We’ve seen Acne graphic super stripe, Chloe resort barely there stripe (my favourite) and classic pinstripe, found everywhere from here to Zara. So the hunt is now on I think, for the perfect pinstripe suit, the one pictured from Stella McCartney might fit the bill for AW13, along with the loosest cotton shirt I can find. 

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