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As a girl born into a landscape where surfing is a way of life, this new collaboration from Alexander Wang and Hayden Shapes speaks to me beyond the fashion element of OMFG marble everythang! These boards are just downright SICK, and that’s not a word I use often. 



Wearing: Charlie May coat and trousers, Joseph shirt, Céline boots, Alexander Wang tote bag.

Pony on my feet and my collar, I am pretty calf hair obsessed at the moment, as my latest collection will tell you. Dropping by the incredible Malone Souliers breakfast yesterday on Albemarle Street, it felt like the perfect time to take a quick snap wearing some of the new collection. I feel cursed sometimes that just as the collection lands in stores, I’ve presented another one that I immediately want to wear instead. Why do I have to wait until August. Clearly I’m not anyway but these split knee trousers and navy coat will be added to my personal order list come September!

Photos by Shini



Girl_a_la_modeGirl_a_la_mode_Celine_petrol_vans_PortraitGirl_a_la_mode_Acne_beanieGirl_a_la_mode_Celine_vansGirl_a_la_mode_Celine_petrol_vans_landscapeGirl_a_la_mode_COS_knitGirl_a_la_mode_Celine_petrol_vans cropGirl_a_la_mode_Celine_petrol_vans

Wearing: Max Mara coat, COS knit, Joseph shirt, Acne leathers and beanie, Céline shoes, Alexander Wang tote, Kirstie Maclaren cuff, Larsson and Jennings watch.

Winter in London. Baring the cold with plenty of oversized knits and these chunky leather trousers from Acne that may well have been made from an entire cow. Feeling snug to say the least. The show is less than a week away! Furiously writing this in the studio as shoes from the show arrive and we are finishing off the final samples for the collection. Hair and make up testing tonight and casting later on this week. It’s that exciting time of the season again! Luckily brunch dates with this dude lead to a chilled start to yesterday before heading into work like it was mid week. London fashion week is nearly upon us! 

Photos by Shini


Wearing: Claudia Ligari bomber, Stills shirt, BLK DNM skirt, Stella McCartney shoes, Alexander Wang tote, Larsson & Jennings watch.

Finding ways to wear this very summery mesh bomber in the depths of winter, including over a jumper and under a coat; both stripped off here to save another all black ensemble. I’m very much over the wet London weather, but rather this than the snow storm that our Scandi fashion week friends are having. It also comes in handy when designing next years Autumn/Winter collections. Expect chunky knitwear and outerwear galore for fashion week!

PS – most likely looking smug in the first photo from finishing a hefty brunch at Hackney Bureau, still on my mind even now. Best coffee ever too! Speaking of healthier brunch options, earlier this week was the official launch of We Are Lovage at Shoreditch’s Ace hotel. Raw Vegan juices that are insanely good! 

Photos by Jessie


I tend to think of wearing all black as a guilty pleasure, so easy to throw on anything and leave it to the texture to do the talking. This has been my favourite look as of late, just chop and change the accessories. I never thought myself a skater skirt type, but after discovering this shape looks so perfect under any/all chunky jumpers, I was convinced.

This Neil Barrett calf hair beauty has possibly been my favourite buys of the season, after falling hard for it in Malta (after seeing friend Anna of Completed Works in the same) it consumed me and I “had to have it”, even attempting to get it shipped to Malta – who knew that most shopping sites don’t even ship there… So I sat on my hands until we were back on home turf. Finally rewarded and it is possibly the perfect sweater, neoprene like arms and soft hair, turns any drab black outfit into something great.  



Wearing: COS coat, Acne bomber, Joseph shirt, MMM X H&M trousers, Alexander Wang shoes, Givenchy bag, Hip Hunters rings.

First post of the new year and it’s a little something I was wearing a lot over the holidays. I never got on board with the pink coat trend, but something about this sickly sweet bomber caught my affections. Worn with an overly long Joseph silk shirt and trusty old wardrobe favourite, Wang pumps.

Kick off of London Collections: Men today and I’m starting to get super busy in the studio with AW14, with fashion month fast approaching, January is setting up the new year real nice. The SS14 campaign launches this week, excited to share with you what I’ve been working on! 



Wearing: Mango shirt, Alexander Wang shorts, Givenchy Obsedia bag, Céline pony hair espadrilles and sunglasses, MIRLO necklace.

Our second day in Malta spent roaming around the ancient back streets of Valletta, before our afternoon of extreme relaxation at the spa. It’s winter here and it’s still 25 degrees.. pretty happy to be spending a week here before AW14 gets into full swing. Follow me on instagram for more daily updates from the island!

Photos by Michael


Wearing: Zara pinstripe coat, Stills shirt, Alexander Wang shorts, Stella McCartney shoes, Givenchy Obsedia bag.

I’d have thought the pinstripe coat would have been all over the blogosphere by now, but it seems everyone is too distracted by baby pink to get caught up with this one, luckily for me. I do feel a slight pang of guilt wearing designer copycat Zara instead of the Stella real deal, but this is how it will have to stay until a massive budget increase comes my way.. Wearing my new clodhopper’s that I’m actually in love with, giving the height without the heel, which I’m totally into. 


Wearing: Ann Sofie Back coat, Jaeger knit, Zara trousers, Kurt Geiger heels, Alexander Wang skeletal tote, Backstage rings.

Back from a relaxed two days in Devon, with nothing else on the agenda except roaming the hills and ingesting much home cooking. Now I’m back in the studio and readying up for Fridays trip to Paris fashion week! Getting way excited about it; although I doubt that excitement will translate if you happen to see me in person on that 5am Eurostar..

I’ll no doubt be taking this beautiful new skeletal tote from Farfetch to Paris, how could I not? The matte croc has me swooning every time I pull it out, although as I’m used to tiny bags it still only ever seems to have my phone and wallet inside! Otherwise on the London front, getting used to layering again, taking out my old trusty 5 sizes too big Ann Sofie Back coat, worn with pinstripe and some special pointy toed Kurt Geiger beauties. 



Back in time. before the big chop; no my hair doesn’t grow at super speed. I’m in Devon for the weekend with family and found these I forgot all about. Wearing the black waxed leather jacket from my last collection, currently in production and hitting stores in a couple of weeks – woohoo! So excited for my own ecommerce site to launch around the same time meaning you’ll be able to buy directly from me! So many exciting things happening at the moment – thank you to all of you for joining me on this journey, and most of all for the support! 

Photos by Shini

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