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Wearing: Alexander Wang dress, MMM X H&M leather trousers, Givenchy Boots, Helmut Lang cuff.

Despite living the last week in black jeans and a tshirt due to walking the dog or cutting out hides of leather on my hands and knees, it feels good to dress up in nice things at the weekend. I’ve been wearing my new boots at every available opportunity, their first outing being around my neighbourhood to buy a tin of beans from the corner shop. I’m not sure if Riccardo Tisci designed these boots with that job in mind but live in them, I shall.

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  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS they are so goooooood. And perfect for buying beans!! I love wearing ridiculously fabulous clothing to the supermarket and having everybody stare at me.

  2. badaboom I’d say! Damn sure the beans are even more delicious with that boots on your feet, right?


  3. Loving the leather trousers with this! They go with everything! xox


  4. This is great.

  5. how did you get your pages on top to have a line under and how did you add categories?

    PLEASE answer.


    1. Hi Lissis, It’s all with wordpress using html and widgets. If I see some html or css I like, I search online until I can tweak it for my own site.

      Sorry I’m not that helpful but there are plenty of great how-to sites out there :)

  6. Haha I think he definitely had that in mind when designing them! So jealous of your boots.. I really really want the long ones!!!

    x Sharday


  7. Not a fan of the shirt tbh, but you rock those boots hard! x

  8. Love this outfit, and your shoes is just amazing!!


  9. Your outfit looks great and your shoes is amaziiing!!


  10. I haven’t been paying attention to Mr. Wang for a while but this piece I like. Know only too well the obsession that comes with a new pair of shoes where the head goes MUST WEAR ALL THE TIME.

  11. This is PERFECT. Really amazing ensemble.


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