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Wearing: MaxMara coat, Ann Demeulemeester top, Helmut Lang skirt, Givenchy boots, Acne beanie, Moxham cuff, Dr Martens bag

Ermahgerd, it’s only 4 days to the show. Expect to see sneak peaks of the collection this week on my twitter, instagram, vine and of course on here! Do you ever feel like your blog is neglected in favour of social media? Probably, but only because there’s more time to upload a picture whilst on your way to a pre fashion week meeting, than dedicate an entire photo session to an outfit or a tasty meal I just ate. Now Vine is here, the circle of life on the internet is complete (see recent finger dancing vid whilst humming We Are Family..), or just see this outfit in motion and the sound of these hooves on the pavement.  Rainy Sundays have never felt so good.

Photos by Lexxi

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  1. I feel like this all the time, once I’ve had a chance to update Instagram and Vine and Twitter and Facebook I hardly have the energy left, never mind the time, to actually do a blog post.

    1. I can edit your edits ha, then no one knows!

  2. The Givenchy boots! Ugh, they’re so lovely! Looking beautiful as always, Charlie. Good luck with the AW13 show, can’t wait too see it!

    William x

    1. Thank you so much William! x

  3. Love the coat and the boots and the bag… and the beanie too, but I especially love the coat!

  4. Trotting in Givenchy boots is what I call catwalking around town, mega chic. Plus I really love the second shot of you with your hair, it’s gorgeous. I’ve just posted two Olympia Le-Tan handmade clutches that masquerade around as BOOKS! Total fashion escapism accessories, please do tell what you think on my investment on these new clutches I mean books lol ;p

    xx The Provoker

  5. I looove this Charlie, you look amazing. Can’t wait for Sunday, see you then xx

  6. love your beanie and boots!


  7. Obsessing over that coat right now! And always love when you wear that beanie, looks gorgeous in contrast with your eyes x

  8. honey, first:
    I’m totally excited about your show!!! your clothes are literally


  9. That’s how you do cold-weather dressing! That MaxMara coat is heavenly – I’ve been looking for a full-length coat for winter, but I’m afraid it will swamp my 5-foot-something frame. Ah, the perils of being short….

    Those Givenchy boots are incredible.


    X H


  11. Most perfect winter outfit.. EVER!

    x Sharday


    1. P.S. Love your strut!

  12. look at u… xxx… charlie, you are super

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your outfits and I wouldn’t have found your blog if not for the comment you left on mine. I am now craving those Givenchy boots!

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