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Wearing: Charlie May AW13 blazer, Sandro top, Zara trousers, Céline shoes, Backstage* bracelets.

My body is switching to holiday mode with the welcoming news of a last minute trip to Ibiza this week with Tia Maria. Ibiza may not have palm trees last time I checked, but if there was ever a mascot for sun, sea and relaxation; the palm tree would be it! There’s no need to wave me off just yet as I’m leaving on Tuesday, but if you see a sly, smug smile on my face, now you’ll know why. Sorry I’m not sorry! 

Sticking to the uniform of psychiatric ward nurse, who through a blazer on to go to brunch yesterday; that about sums it up, in a nutshell. I picked this top up from the Sandro sale last week, feeling the need for simpler things to throw on when a shirt feels too much and I’m too slovenly to pull off a revealing mesh v neck. Hope you’re all having a good weekend!

Photos by Shini

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  1. I love this look Charlie, it’s sharp, clean and elegant, and the photos look gorgeous.


  2. Take me with you! Can’t deal with London weather anymore. I also love those shoes so much, they’re perfect!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    1. Only if you promise to stow me away next time you go to the Caribbean! Still so jealous of your trip ;P


    P.S. Ibiza has palm trees, I saw some when I was streetviewing locations!

    1. YESSSSS!

  4. The Céline shoes <3! I love to see a beautiful black and white outfit!

    x Jony

  5. This is superlatively good. So fresh, so verdant.

  6. Gorgeous outfit Charlie. Looking very professional! xx

  7. most fantastic psychiatric ward nurse on the blogosphere!

    Heartbeats from VIENNA WEDEKIND

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