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Wearing: Joseph shirt, BLK DNM skirt, Chloe sandals, Dr Martens tote, Maria Nilsdotter bracelet.

Wearing two of my favourite pieces in the world at the moment; this perfect silk shirt and leather wrap skirt. Is there anything better than leather and silk paired together? I don’t think so; it’s a must even. It’s difficult to tear yourself away from favourite wardrobe choices, but I’ve banned myself from wearing the perfectly white shirt to the studio as it will undoubtedly get covered in pencil/pen/table varnish.. c’est la vie!

Photos by Shini


Wearing: Zara knit and trousers, Céline shoes, Dr Martens tote and Rachel Entwistle jewellery.

Lately I’ve been developing an obsession for thin jewellery; I have an endless supply of chunky rings and chains, which is something that some of my favourite british designers do best, until I stumbled upon Rachel Entwistle (now also PRd by HPR London!). Hanging out in their showroom last week, whilst I was waiting for menial tasks such as printing to hurry up, I couldn’t help trying on some of the pieces. Those delicate cross rings won my heart over straight away and before I knew it, I was in Rachel’s store, Thor & Wistle, trying on even more. The pieces I came away with were two cross rings, a matching bracelet and a little beetle bracelet. So in one fell swoop I had all the delicate jewellery I’d been looking for!

A big thanks to Rachel for actually resizing the ring, for my chubby fingers, in store! If you’re in Shoreditch you have to go, I guarantee you’ll fall in love, like me. 

Photos by Shini


Wearing: MaxMara coat, Ann Demeulemeester top, Helmut Lang skirt, Givenchy boots, Acne beanie, Moxham cuff, Dr Martens bag

Ermahgerd, it’s only 4 days to the show. Expect to see sneak peaks of the collection this week on my twitter, instagram, vine and of course on here! Do you ever feel like your blog is neglected in favour of social media? Probably, but only because there’s more time to upload a picture whilst on your way to a pre fashion week meeting, than dedicate an entire photo session to an outfit or a tasty meal I just ate. Now Vine is here, the circle of life on the internet is complete (see recent finger dancing vid whilst humming We Are Family..), or just see this outfit in motion and the sound of these hooves on the pavement.  Rainy Sundays have never felt so good.

Photos by Lexxi


Wearing: Stine Riis for H&M coat, Celine polo neck, H&M jumper, Margiela trousers, Dr Martens Velvet shoes, D&G gloves.

Kobi’s 5 months old now and we’ve been dying for the weather to take a turn so we could take him out in the snow. He’s not quite big enough to attach a sleigh to yet, but he did cause me to skate across the ice unintentionally a few times due to sheer excitement. Shouting MUSH did seem to stir something within him, making him charge around the park like a crazy dog, slipping and sliding on all the snow, he is a snow dog after all! 



Wearing: Mango coat, Ann Demeulemeester jacket, Equipment shirt, Acne trousers, Givenchy boots, Dr Martens bag, MFP bracelet

So this is what I look like with a full face of make up; plastered and polished. I rarely wear anything more than on the eyes and would rather have thick brows than lipstick on; I don’t wear foundation or blusher. Prettyness isn’t that important to me.. So why am I wearing a full face of it here!? I’d just been on a shoot with More Magazine and had to be fully made up to make me look alive under the heavy studio lights. Aha! When I went to meet Michael for lunch afterwards around London Collections Men, he remarked that he could actually see my face from across the street! Haha back to normal today and much happier to be able to touch my face without fear. I finally managed to hit the sales on Tuesday too, but came out empty handed! They had some great Celine in Dover St Market but none of the shoes I’ve been hunting for. My bank balace is heaving a sigh of relief I think.

Photos by Michael


Wearing: MaxMara coat, Theory dress, Ann Demeulemeester boots, Dr Martens bag, jewellery by MFP and Dominic Jones

Shooting like a rocket up Heron Tower’s glass elevator early on a Sunday afternoon was quite the surprising experience; doing 0-40 floors in 3 seconds, I’m surprised I even managed lunch after the vertigo! The lift kicked us out a couple of floors down, which gave us the chance to to take in the views and stop off for a quick outfit shot, before being told off by the security guards (apparently the tower is still somewhat being built and the glass hadn’t been secured – erm ok!). The food at D&W was so good though, I’m still dreaming about those ox cheek donuts and of course, their signature dish – the duck and waffle! I’m looking forward to going back at nighttime to see London lit up, and jealous of anyone who managed to go on Monday for fireworks on bonfire night!

Photos by Lexxi


Wearing: Yohji Yamamoto trench, American Apparel tee, Topshop skirt, Dr Martens shoes, Miu Miu sunglasses, Nelly necklace  

Down in Devon over the weekend for my brothers birthday, I couldn’t resist a trip to the coast  where the two beaches Saunton and Croyde meet, there’s a coastal foot path that runs between the two beaches; overlooking the treacherous rocks and surf below. This is my favourite place to roam, as it’s far away from the tourists and the surfers, and has the best views of all. There was some seriously amazing surf this weekend – I don’t think I’d ever seen it so high, so I sat and watched as the sea devoured the surfers one by one, and enjoyed some rare autumn sunshine!


Dr Martens factory in Northampton, England.

I’ve been obsessed with Dr Martens since I can remember, their iconic design appeals to multiple generations the world over and I always knew that if there was ever a factory I could visit in the UK, it would be theirs. This all started from the competition I posted on here a month ago, where my lucky winner Lucie won £500 worth of Dr Martens! Unfortunately she wan’t available to come up to Northampton with us on the day (we missed you!) but bloggers and winners made up our group to visit the place where the iconic boot was born.

I think the most fascinating part for me was to see the leather gradually turning into a 3D object as we went around the floor. The factory was divided into two halfs, one with rows of sewings machines to stitch the multiple leathers together, and the other with machines for buffing, melting, sticking, and moulding. The smell of leather and whirring machinery was thick in the air a we walked around the floor, being guided through each step of the making process. It was all just totally ingenious and awe inspiring for each individual machine to have it’s own job – my favourite was the flame blade; kept at a constant 700 degrees centigrade to melt the soles firmly onto the bottom of the shoes. Also if you can notice in the pictures, every employee at the factory has to wear a pair of brand new shoes or boots for a few weeks, to test their durability! Genius multi tasking! I had no idea that so much work went into one pair of boots and I think I’ll be looking at my DM collection a little differently in the future. I’d recommend checking out the Art of Industrial Manufacture video to see the factory in motion! 

A huge thank you to Amy from Dr Martens for organising the trip! 


Wearing: Religion jacket, Haider Ackermann waistcoat, Vintage lace shirt, DIY skirt, Ann Demeulemeester triple lace boots, Dr Martens bag.

This week I had to take my camera in to be repaired, after taking these photos with Kit, with her telling me off for not taking good care of her old camera, I found out the whole shutter release needed replacing! The focus had been playing up for weeks but I think I was in total denial. Now that it’s fixed I promise to take more care of it always.

As for the outfit, autumn is here in London and its freezing cold, I’ve been digging out winter wardrobe favourites, such as this Haider Ackermann waistcoat that doubles up as blanket when napping, a wrap from the wind chill, or an umbrella when it rains. It’s all things for winter really and possibly all I need to survive the cold.

Pictures by Kit



Wearing: Boyfriends shirt, Acne trousers, Margiela Tabi boots, Dr Martens tote, Dominic Jones rings and Miu Miu sunglasses.

The day after my show I felt totally elated, I couldn’t believe it was over and the incredible response SS13 was getting! It helped that the show was followed by dinner with friends and a couple of after parties courtesy of Vivienne Westwood and New York, New York; what an amazing night! After a meeting with Bengt the next day, I headed over to Albemarle St to meet Michael for a lobster lunch at Hix; together we pieced together the previous nights story (see drunk faces here) and any extras I’d missed from bundling myself in a cab relatively early. It was definitely a good idea to give fashion week a miss this season, trying to do it all earlier this year totally destroyed me, and I must have laid motionless on the sofa for at least a month to follow! Now I’m already back to work and preparing to go to Paris for more buyers meetings and then into production next month! So exciting and all relatively new.  

I’m loving wearing my boyfriends oversized shirts at the moment, he’s convinced I’m trying to steal his look as he lives in white shirts and black trousers, he doesn’t see any minimal-chic connotations to this. 

Pictures by Michael


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