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Wearing: Zara coat & trousers, H&M top, Alexander Wang shoes, Maria Nilsdotter chain, Backstage ID bracelet.

I haven’t bought anything from H&M in a long time, but when I saw this top floating around the internet, a top so similar to the Céline dresses from SS13, I knew the hunt was on. There were similar options from ASOS, I still get dreamy Haider Ackermann vibes from this one, but H&M won overall. Despite having to wait two weeks after purchasing on the internet (sort it out guys, it’s 2013!), at last it’s in my hands.

I love that Céline is having such a profound effect on the high street, we’re all buying Birkenstocks and chunky ID chains, wearing looser trousers and bold coats, just to try and emulate that androgynous silhouette. Now I just need that lace Haider collection to filter down… 

Photos by Shini



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  1. I love this look! Clean and chic! Perfection! xo, Christina


  2. These photos are amazing and that vest looks brilliant with the all white

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  3. Love this look. The H&M top is beautiful and works so well with the rest of the outfit! Overall it’s a very sleek look and you look gorgeous.

  4. Holy breastage on display! Sluttychic, love it. One day it will be head to toe Celine and Haider only. Wait what am I saying?! H2T Charlie May.

    P.S. DoppelgangEr

    1. Ahh crap. Only just saw your typo PS.

      Must remember to not slouch in this top for fear of way more holy breastage on display.. I wish I had more of man chest so I could wear even more eyebrow raising cut tops.

  5. that top and jacket is so chic!


  6. Ok that top is perfection. I might take a look at the Asos one (thanks for sharing), bc H&M doesn’t ship to USA (again, it’s 2013, really?!)
    Anyway, you look fabulous!!

    1. Yes! I really loved that one too, it was a tough choice. I think I’ve realised I like high street as long as I’m buying it online and don’t have to stress myself out in the huge stores!

  7. Lovely! Really liking all the monochrome I’m seeing at the moment. That top is ace.

  8. beautiful outfit. Loe the peekaboo detail of your top.
    Cheers, Jacquie

  9. absolutely love this look!

  10. Why are you sitting on the ground in this lovely white clothes? This is not very classy … :/

    1. Hi Sara, I checked I wasn’t sitting in anything suspect if that makes you feel better? I don’t want wearing white to mean I can’t relax..

      1. You’re so not classy Charlie.

  11. awesome look! have that jacket too, its perfect!

  12. Love that you are embracing the high street and making it look so chic! Gorgeous outfit and beautiful photos. I love that second shot! xx

  13. you nailed it! the top is amazing (unfortunately it’s sold out in vienna) and your pictures couldn’t get any better!


  14. Charlie! You’re looking very lovely as always. Well I have similar issues myself when wearing low cut tops but hey, it’s the 21st century and we should be able to do what we want without being judged yes (so long noone gets hurt etc etc).

  15. Just discovered your blog through Pinterest, keep it up!! Diggin’ your style


  16. The coat, the top, the shoes. This is perfect!

    ORR’s BLOG

  17. That top is awesome! I’ve been eyeing it off but I don’t know what to wear underneath? Is it better to go no bra? How risq-ayyyyy!

    x Sharday

    Shardette Blog

    1. It’s definitely a no bra job, but getting used to it. Having to remember to sit up straight and don’t bend over haha!

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