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Wearing: Charlie May blazer, Theyskens’ Theory knit, Zara trousers, Adidas shoes, Larsson & Jennings watch and Céline sunglasses

As soon as Spring sets in, I can’t seem to help to want to do the all white thing ALL the time. These new tortoiseshell sunglasses (my first pair I might add) adding the only colour to this outfit that should be bouncing off the suns beautiful rays during golden hour. If you saw my instagram yesterday you’d have noticed a new addition to this trainer family, the same pair in stripes. My attempt at bringing black in a bit more maybe.

Photos by India



Probably the daintiest and more unnoticeable thing about my all white outfit would be the teeny tiny Stephen Einhorn pearl in my ear. I love it when you catch something about someone’s look that someone else wouldn’t have seen, the devils in the details and all. I’ve been wearing the white mesh baseball dress from my new collection pretty much non stop. I love layering it over trousers, which is perfect as it’s not that hot yet, and I’m a separates girl never the less. Super in love with my new matte black Larsson & Jennings chain metal, I never used to wear a watch and now here I am, although guiltily I confess, I still check the time on my iPhone..

Photos by India



More suburban Paris exploration in India’s neighbourhood of Montparnasse. Absolutely dead on a Sunday, unlike London where everyone takes to the streets for brunching and such, there was no such luck. Although I spent most of my time living in trainers, I did pack some higher options like these perfectly minimal mules from Zara. Why do I feel like I’d much rather spend money on trainers than heels these days? Living for this perfect Stella knit, found on Yoox. More to come on our POP collaboration later :)

Photos by India Rose



Or East 17 tribute, in Paris, you decide. As much as I like to pull an all white look, this felt very boy-band-of-the-noughties era. Maybe it’s the addition of shiny new Adidas superstars, which I’ve been switching between with the Nike Air Force 1′s (as much as my stringent assistant claims they are the exact same thing, I disagree, they are totally different shoes!) Maybe even more different now they are covered in various stains from Paris nightlife :(. This quiet windy walled area was in Montparnasse, the more residential area of Paris. Whilst we were pulling our best editor-lost-in-suburbia looks, the streets were completely empty on a Sunday, unlike London.

Photos by India Rose



I tend to think of wearing all black as a guilty pleasure, so easy to throw on anything and leave it to the texture to do the talking. This has been my favourite look as of late, just chop and change the accessories. I never thought myself a skater skirt type, but after discovering this shape looks so perfect under any/all chunky jumpers, I was convinced.

This Neil Barrett calf hair beauty has possibly been my favourite buys of the season, after falling hard for it in Malta (after seeing friend Anna of Completed Works in the same) it consumed me and I “had to have it”, even attempting to get it shipped to Malta – who knew that most shopping sites don’t even ship there… So I sat on my hands until we were back on home turf. Finally rewarded and it is possibly the perfect sweater, neoprene like arms and soft hair, turns any drab black outfit into something great.  



Wearing: COS coat, Stella McCartney jumper, Zara trousers, Nike shoes.

Basic studio wear, catching a coffee with Shini on Broadway Market; I say catching because the wind was so fierce, we were fighting to keep our hair on! and most of these pictures I was unidentifiable until I pinched her beanie and reclaimed my identity. I’ve been super busy in the studio working on AW14 as well as finishing off SS14 production, before leaving for Devon next week. SO excited for the holidays! I’m doing a pre Christmas sample sale today at The Trampery with many other amazing London designers, I hope you guys drop by! 

Photos by Shini


Or more, ostrich printed cows leather. Wearing again, but in more detail, a favourite new wardobe addition from my own AW13; the ostrich biker jacket. Feeling more and more right that this image that’s been making the internet rounds is the gospel truth on the matter. Wearing with a pretty unusual jumper from fast becoming favourite Cedric Charlier. I was mistaken to be wearing a 90s-esque choker throughout the day when wearing under jackets and coats, which is no bad thing. Channeling my adolescent gothhood as it were. On the other end of the scale accompanying with high end accessories, Givenchy-bag-turned-clutch and black suede and gold beauty from Larsson & Jennings. Life is also better with a watch it would seem. Off to draw a new cartoon..

Photos by Shini



Wearing: Stella McCartney knit via Farfetch, Zara polo and skater skirt, Nike trainers, MaxMara coat, Givenchy bag and Back_Stage ring.

From white to black and back and vice versa; that’s the way it goes on this blog, except the introduction of a more colourful piece, unusual for me. My wardrobe is looking a little brighter with this ray of winter cosyness sandwiched in the middle. As for the shoes, I know I’ve jumped on the Nike bandwagon a little late (it’s never too late!), but ever since ordering these beauties they have not left my feet. Fashion flats all the way! Or rather, shoes that allow me to run around all day and do my job all the way!

Photos by Shini



Wearing: Claudia Ligari tee, Zara skirt, Céline shoes, Givenchy bag.

Sometimes a photo perfectly captures a mood or a feeling; going through my mountains of holiday photos from last week (I’ve currently whittled it down to a select 100..) this one stood out as a perfect memory. I’ve been getting back on track with a mountain of work and orders (thank you!) this week, whilst my brain is still in Malta mode. I’ve officially got the travel bug and whilst autumn is my favourite season here, and knits and leathers have me feeling much more in my element than say, a bikini; I can’t help but think about when my next adventure might be and if it involves more hot weather, rooftop pools and turquoise stretching coastlines.

I moved my sample sale online this week so make sure you check it out for SS13 up to 80% off!

Photos by Louisa


Wearing: COS top, Zara trousers, Chloe heels, Bracher Emden clutch, MIRLO ID cuff.

On our first evening out in Malta, dressed in this new heavy silk top from COS that I knew was totally impractical when buying, but it seemed like the perfect minimal evening piece. Equally so with this Bracher Emden laser clutch, bright white and just as pristine, I think it was made for this outfit, or any all white ensemble.

Photos by Kit

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