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Wearing: Stella McCartney knit via Farfetch, Zara polo and skater skirt, Nike trainers, MaxMara coat, Givenchy bag and Back_Stage ring.

From white to black and back and vice versa; that’s the way it goes on this blog, except the introduction of a more colourful piece, unusual for me. My wardrobe is looking a little brighter with this ray of winter cosyness sandwiched in the middle. As for the shoes, I know I’ve jumped on the Nike bandwagon a little late (it’s never too late!), but ever since ordering these beauties they have not left my feet. Fashion flats all the way! Or rather, shoes that allow me to run around all day and do my job all the way!

Photos by Shini



Wearing: Ann Sofie Back coat, Jaeger knit, Zara trousers, Kurt Geiger heels, Alexander Wang skeletal tote, Backstage rings.

Back from a relaxed two days in Devon, with nothing else on the agenda except roaming the hills and ingesting much home cooking. Now I’m back in the studio and readying up for Fridays trip to Paris fashion week! Getting way excited about it; although I doubt that excitement will translate if you happen to see me in person on that 5am Eurostar..

I’ll no doubt be taking this beautiful new skeletal tote from Farfetch to Paris, how could I not? The matte croc has me swooning every time I pull it out, although as I’m used to tiny bags it still only ever seems to have my phone and wallet inside! Otherwise on the London front, getting used to layering again, taking out my old trusty 5 sizes too big Ann Sofie Back coat, worn with pinstripe and some special pointy toed Kurt Geiger beauties. 



Wearing: Claudia Ligari bomber, Sandro top, Zara trousers, Céline shoes, Backstage ID chain.

We’ve all been obsessing over the Stella McCartney pinstripe, adding key pieces from the collection into our fantasy shopping baskets and wishing we could just hit the ORDER button. Oh you haven’t? Well I seem to be doing that quite a lot lately! Especially this stripe knit that I am head over heels in love with. These Zara pants have me satisfied for now, they are the perfect balance of chic, comfortable and can be worn with loose jumpers and ugly sandals and still look good.

These photos were taken during the golden hour of a very long Sunday afternoon last week, spent working on the new site with Shini (I owe all the beautiful aesthetics of the site down to her). Also many hours spent watching cult nineties/noughties movies, whilst stuffing Haribo into our mouths. So happy with the website and thank you to those of you who have already put through an order. Don’t forget to enter the competition in the post below to own a piece of AW13 if you haven’t already, choosing a winner on Wednesday! 

Photos by Shini


Wearing: Charlie May sleeveless blazer, Asos cami, Zara trousers and sandals, Backstage ID bracelet.

So you could say I’m addicted, addicted to the deep V mesh cami. It started with Céline (of course) then carried through to H&M and now, Asos. I’m craving all other minimal silk fluid tanks available practically everywhere, perfect for summer and pairing with anything, simplicity at it’s best.

Worn with my dusky pink sleeveless blazer, that I’m starting to think should of had a life as a cape instead, no? Off to shoot AW13 for the e-commerce site today, up by the end of the week!! Follow me on instagram for live updates throughout the day.

Photos by Shini


Wearing: Claudia Ligari bomber jacket, Alexander Wang dress and clutch, Chloe sandals, Céline sunglasses, cuff from Backstage.

Another post form the beautiful Ibiza; dressing up to go to the Blue Marlin on our final evening on the island. Michael and I found a beautiful secluded dirt track running alongside the venue and leading down to the beach. Cars were driving fast along the road in the distance, blowing dust into the background to give an even more mystical illusion. 

Photos by Michael


Wearing: Faith Connexion blazer, H&M top, Zara trousers and sandals, Céline sunglasses, Luv AJ x 4th and bleeker earrings, Backstage cuff.

Watching the sunset over the Balearic islands, at our evening at The Savannah. These photos nostalgically remind me of similar nights spent with family on holiday, listening to Motown albums over and over, hence the fitting name and now a sound that just feels like summer to me. It felt good dressing up a bit after spending most of the day lounging around in a bikini on the island of Ibiza. Still living in these perfect trousers and the H&M top, that I have to watch I’m not slouching and playing peekaboo with those sitting closest..

Happy that summer is here in London, stil frantically packing up the studio ready for the move tomorrow. Only frantically because I want to get out and enjoy the Sunday on such a beautiful weekend! 

Photos by Michael


Wearing: Charlie May AW13 blazer, Sandro top, Zara trousers, Céline shoes, Backstage* bracelets.

My body is switching to holiday mode with the welcoming news of a last minute trip to Ibiza this week with Tia Maria. Ibiza may not have palm trees last time I checked, but if there was ever a mascot for sun, sea and relaxation; the palm tree would be it! There’s no need to wave me off just yet as I’m leaving on Tuesday, but if you see a sly, smug smile on my face, now you’ll know why. Sorry I’m not sorry! 

Sticking to the uniform of psychiatric ward nurse, who through a blazer on to go to brunch yesterday; that about sums it up, in a nutshell. I picked this top up from the Sandro sale last week, feeling the need for simpler things to throw on when a shirt feels too much and I’m too slovenly to pull off a revealing mesh v neck. Hope you’re all having a good weekend!

Photos by Shini


Wearing: Zara coat & trousers, H&M top, Alexander Wang shoes, Maria Nilsdotter chain, Backstage ID bracelet.

I haven’t bought anything from H&M in a long time, but when I saw this top floating around the internet, a top so similar to the Céline dresses from SS13, I knew the hunt was on. There were similar options from ASOS, I still get dreamy Haider Ackermann vibes from this one, but H&M won overall. Despite having to wait two weeks after purchasing on the internet (sort it out guys, it’s 2013!), at last it’s in my hands.

I love that Céline is having such a profound effect on the high street, we’re all buying Birkenstocks and chunky ID chains, wearing looser trousers and bold coats, just to try and emulate that androgynous silhouette. Now I just need that lace Haider collection to filter down… 

Photos by Shini




Currently down in Devon and enjoying sitting under this beautiful Wisteria tree every morning for breakfast. The weather is so beautiful I have all but forgiven the months of non stop rain. At the beach yesterday I could have easily mistaken the beautiful blue surf for Australia or Hawaii – almost. My surfer friends could not have had bigger smiles on their faces and I thought, if Devon could be like this all the time, I would live here no doubt; but for now it’s the perfect holiday.

My suitcase has pretty much been packed exclusively with white things, including this Topshop unique belted wrap skirt that I don’t wear enough, and a classic silk shirt that’s perfect for the heat. I hope you’re all getting to enjoy the sunshine! 

Thanks to my bro for the photos


Currently living in this kind of thing; switching between jeans and tshirts, mixing with tailored pieces such as this shirt or those trousers, pretty addicted to the white and black thing by now. It just feels so laid back and uncomplicated, which is perfect for the bank holiday weekend. 

Let’s talk about these perfect fitting black jeans for a sec. This week for the first time I got to try out the jeans fitting service, Jeanography. They got in touch with me and asked me to give it a try, seeing as my live-in jeans have had a broken zip for a while, and are also now grey from some poor washing machine choices, I thought it was the perfect time. I ordered three pairs of jeans off the site using their ‘fit first time‘ (all from Hudson), this pair of skinny black Nico’s and these black leather accented Leeloo’s. Ordering different sizes to try on in the comfort of your own home, without actually having to pay before you try is a genius idea, and one that I’ll be using from now on. Officially converted. It also helps that these Hudon’s are quite stretchy and ridiculously comfortable.

I never thought I’d be on this blog talking about jeans so much, but there we go. I can still surprise you. Surprising like this bright poppy clutch from Backstage. I was obsessed with the Proenza Schouler holographic card holders, and now I have a much bigger version in my hands!

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