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Last week after a pretty insane feast at Sake No Hana, in St James (full post to come later on over the weekend) wearing a uniform of sorts… except for the skirt which was a brave decision on my part. The knowledge of a cab ride and sitting in a warm cosy Mayfair restaurant made me throw caution to the wind on that one. So excited for summer to come already, it’s been snowing in London this week and I can’t leave the house without a thousand layers on. This is me dreaming of what I’ll be wearing in two months time, shall we say?

Photos by India


Wearing: IRO top and Labolsina bag from Girissima, Hudson Jeans, Topshop shoes, Acne sunglasses and MIRLO jewellery

Catching up on life after the show on Sunday, waking up early just to take Kobi for a walk in the peace and quiet without a lint roller or steam iron in sight! Haha just kidding – I’m already back in the studio and extremely happy with all the positive feedback! Already preparing my extensive behind the scenes post coming up next.. but first we need to catch up on all the shopping I’ve been doing since about two weeks ago..

I discovered Girissima recently and fell in love with the range of top european brands they house. I’ve already got my eyes on this camo Equipment blouse (print usually isn’t for me but Christopher Kane seems to have got me feeling otherwise). In the meantime I went for this super easy IRO padded tee and roomy Labolsina bag which is helpful for storing hats and scarves for when the weather turns. More to come from my midnight shopping habits but looking forward to posting regularly again, hope you missed me!


Wearing: H&M top (similar here), Topshop skirt, Alexander Wang shoes, Kirstie Maclaren choker and matching bracelets, Maria Nilsdotter chain.

Back in London and in the midst of packing, managed to break free for iced coffee and snacks to take in some of the epic heatwave that London has been experiencing. Funny that it doesn’t look remotely as hot as my previous sun filled posts, but London is a muggy heat and it’s definitely not as appropriate to walk around in a bikini here, fortunately.

More than clothes lately I seem to be collecting jewellery like a magpie; my latest obsession is Kirstie Maclaren. Featured on this blog years ago with her graduate collection, and now fully fledged and with her own beautiful jewellery label! Obsessed with these perfect gold pieces, feeling a bit of a cleopatra vibe wearing them all at once, which is no bad thing.

Photos by Jesse May Fisher


Wearing: Charlie May AW13 coat, Uniqlo shirt, Topshop Unique skirt, Céline shoes, Pamela Love necklace and Maria Fracesca Pepe bracelet.

I finally got my birthday shoes in the post! – A birthday present to myself I might add; found on a dusty corner of eBay and shipped across the Atlantic. They’re taking a bit of wearing in. I managed to hobble out of Shini’s house to take these pictures (just kidding, but they are most definitely cab to curb heels only for now…). Worn with the white wool coat from my AW13 collection and other perfectly matching white things. Possibly my favourite outfit on here, ever.

Photos by Shini


Wearing: Zara coat & trousers, H&M top, Alexander Wang shoes, Maria Nilsdotter chain, Backstage ID bracelet.

I haven’t bought anything from H&M in a long time, but when I saw this top floating around the internet, a top so similar to the Céline dresses from SS13, I knew the hunt was on. There were similar options from ASOS, I still get dreamy Haider Ackermann vibes from this one, but H&M won overall. Despite having to wait two weeks after purchasing on the internet (sort it out guys, it’s 2013!), at last it’s in my hands.

I love that Céline is having such a profound effect on the high street, we’re all buying Birkenstocks and chunky ID chains, wearing looser trousers and bold coats, just to try and emulate that androgynous silhouette. Now I just need that lace Haider collection to filter down… 

Photos by Shini




Currently down in Devon and enjoying sitting under this beautiful Wisteria tree every morning for breakfast. The weather is so beautiful I have all but forgiven the months of non stop rain. At the beach yesterday I could have easily mistaken the beautiful blue surf for Australia or Hawaii – almost. My surfer friends could not have had bigger smiles on their faces and I thought, if Devon could be like this all the time, I would live here no doubt; but for now it’s the perfect holiday.

My suitcase has pretty much been packed exclusively with white things, including this Topshop unique belted wrap skirt that I don’t wear enough, and a classic silk shirt that’s perfect for the heat. I hope you’re all getting to enjoy the sunshine! 

Thanks to my bro for the photos


Wearing: Mango coat, Topshop jumper, Fazane dress, J.W Anderson skirt, Haider Ackermann boots, Acne beanie, Noemie Klein ring.

Do you like my new shower mat, worn as a skirt? I love seeing fashion through the eyes of someone who doesn’t get it, and my bf constantly comes out with little gems such as this. It’s OBVIOUSLY a laser cut neoprene skirt with a houndstooth lining showing through underneath.. uh, and It’s perfectly warm for braving the cold. 

Photos by Lexxi


Wearing: Mango coat, J.W Anderson X Topshop dress, Acne beanie.

Enjoying some of the last few days of the holidays. Despite the constant rain and flooding which left us exploring most of the coastline via car; every time I got 5 steps away the rain would start again and we would have to run back with our hats scarves blowing behind us! Sometimes I wonder why anyone would want to look at photos of the rainy Devon countryside when there are blogs out there showcasing much more exotic locations, but I do think England looks better when it’s moody.

See you in 2013!


Wearing: Ann Sofie Back coat, Topshop jumper, Equipment shirt, Complex Geometries skirt, MMM X H&M boots.

Wearing my new Margiela for H&M boots! I’m so happy with them, and I have to say the quality is not at all far off my other Margiela shoes, which was my only worry when first hearing about the collab. I love how weird they look from a distance, like I’m walking on tiptoes! 

Photos by Lexxi


Wearing: J.W. Anderson X Topshop shirt dress, Haider Ackermann boots, Alexander Wang clutch and Charlie May cuff bracelets soon to be available on Bengt.

This has been my general studio uniform this week, after umming and ahhing over this shirt dress for a while, I decided that it had to be mine (the only reason for umming and ahhing is that I could easily make myself a shirt dress, but that never seems a priority when there’s so much else going on). I’ve been busy making these simple leather cuff bracelets, soon to be available on Bengt. Also, if you’re lucky enough to make it to the HPR press day; you’ll find one in your goodie bag on exit. Perfect!

I also can’t wait to show you guys the lookbook we shot on Wednesday! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll already have some idea but I’ve very proud of this one!

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