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MEIJI SHRINEcharlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-23charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-2-3charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-2-1charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-27charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-14charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-20charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-26charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-17charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-18charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-19charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-13charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-6charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-5charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-22charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-21charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-24charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-25charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-1charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-2charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-9charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-4charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-3charlie-may-kuro-tokyo-japan-meiji-shrine-temple-7

I’m very excited to share with you my trip to the Meiji shrine, Tokyo. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Japan twice in the last year; roughly every six months, which is a trajectory I would like to keep going! (I am already planning to be back in October). Whilst I travel I like to keep lots of irons in the fire. One of these was with Omega which I really enjoyed, and the second is that I’ve been collaborating with Japan’s hottest denim brand, Kuro. I was in Tokyo for the launch of Ginza Six, the biggest department store to open in Tokyo with 40-foot tall vertical gardens and instillations by such artists as Yayoi Kusama. It was completely mind blowing with thousands of visitors came just on the first night. I was at the new Kuro store inside, featuring my first Charlie May x Kuro menswear collab. A small capsule featuring oversized denim jeans, workmen’s tailored jackets and coats and multi pocket shirting which you can see on their website.

The collection i’m wearing here is the first women’s series comprises of elegant cotton coats (as seen here), the perfect oversized twill denim jacket, oversized sleeved sweaters, wide leg denim trousers with contrast stonewash and frays and skirts too. Lots of very tasty pastel corduroy pieces too, something I’ve had on my mind for a few seasons now. This is the first collaboration which will be available later on this year from select retail partners – I’ll be posting the lookbook soon, so watch this space.

I’ve always had an affinity with Japanese fashion, sometimes I feel very alienated from the British fashion scene with all it’s bright colours and prints, that just isn’t me. ‘Seasonless’ design, that won’t age and can be worn time and time again is what I strive for in all my work. When I travel to Japan I think every girl on the street looks like they are Charlie May style hehe! So much great denim and knitwear layered up perfectly in oversized silhouettes. Very different to how Westerners dress, which I find so inspiring and unique.


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  1. Just wow!! I really hope you had an amazing time because it surely looks wonderful!! Ugh, I’m so jealous!! I’m obsessed with this outfit and especially those sleeves too!! Great styling and thanks for sharing Charlie x

    Millie x

  2. Amazing photos! love your style so much


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