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Stone circles


Since my cashmere collaboration came out I have been living in these track pants. Wow – they are the comfiest things I have ever put on! I might need to start stock piling as I don’t think cashmere pants should be worn so casually around the house… (incidentally they are now in our sale so get them whilst you can)

Whether dressing them up or down I am loving this crazy london weather. Sunny one moment and rain and blizzards the next. I’ve found double layering on jackets and knits the best option. I am always prepared.

The stone coloured trench and bomber jacket from my collection have been in constant rotation. I love the giant lapels and front pockets easy for stashing phone, keys, wallet. Otherwise I have this almost too pretty Lautem bag to be my stash box. Also in a beautiful stone colour to match! I love the unusual design. Always on the look out for brands doing things a little differently in this industry.

Which leads me to my insta rant in the wake of fashion month being upon us. The most boring month of the year (LOL can I say that) not to be a grump but I just feel like it’a 100 years out dated. Brands, buyers and consumers are all not interested in producing/buying a summer tank top in January and a thick winter coat in August. I had dinner recently with my California clan, Olivia & Quan, and my London lovelies Frances and JH Zane. Zane and I spent the whole taxi ride home, putting the world to rights. On why it doesn’t make sense for designers to assume their position on the hamster wheel of the fashion schedule. It’s 2018 and it’s time we did things a little differently. We’ve been using social media for years to market ourselves so why not take it full throttle?

I would love to hear your thoughts on the “joys” of shopping and the fashion schedeule, in or out of industry. It’s always healthy to keep the conversation going so we can progress :)

Also on a much lighter note these sick new Adidas trainers are in collaboration with Exit magazine and I am obsessed. They come out in stores today so you’d better quick to get your hands on ’em.

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