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Lessons in layering

charlie may for weekday

In London you’re never sure what to wear, one minute it’s pouring buckets and the next minute the sun is blaring hot. Just another August typicalé!

I was caught out on Wednesday night coming home from teaching. Side note; I teach a short course in social media at London College of Fashion which I love. When I got out onto Oxford Street the rain was coming down hard so I dived into the tube, managing to avoid the downpour until I got off closer to my house. There’s a 10 minute walk down the road from the overground stop to the bus stop. I don’t mind a refreshing few drops of rain on my head when I know home is so close, so as I walked down the road I lifted my face up to the rain. Enjoying the drops hitting my face and waking me up from being in a hot classroom for the last few hours.

As I got to the bus stop the rain was seriously torrential and I denied myself any possibility of walking the whole route home. The trusty 73 rounded the corner and I jumped on, getting a few odd stares in the process. I assumed I maybe had resting bitch face and didn’t think much of it, keeping myself to myself. As I got off to walk home, further unusual stares from a couple passing by. As I got in the front door my husband burst out laughing and said “Is GOTH back in style?”. I looked in the mirror and sure enough my mascara had run into huge black circles around my eyes and dripping down my cheeks. I could have been a member of Kiss practically.

That morning, my YSL mascara running low, I had grabbed a cheap freebie given to me long ago and ran with it, not to realise what would happen 8 hours later. Moral of the story is test your mascara before enjoying a rain shower!! My YSL fave isn’t even waterproof but it can stand the test of a few rain drops…

Anyway, the true moral is perhaps always be prepared. I am always layering for fear of either being too hot or too cold. Taking a large tote bag with you wherever you go is perfect for throwing in unwanted layers later on. This bag from Von Holzhausen is so easy to carry, I’ve been taking it with me everywhere from teaching to even the gym.

I’ve been obsessed with oversized silhouettes, especially shirting layering over cropped trousers. Both of these from Weekday are the perfect mix. I have practically worn these trousers every day since I got them.

The teddy reverse sweater and black contrast stitch peacoat are both from my latest collection, soon to be available online. I am obsessed with the boxy shoulders and slouchy fit. Super comfy and nice when the chill has hit. The large pockets on the front of the peacoat are perfect for throwing in essentials such as wallet and phone for when you get stressed about your large bag potentially swallowing things.

Square toe obsession continues with these pumps from Yuul Yie, my favourite new shoe brand hailing from South Korea. And these incredible gold drop earrings are from Maria Black. Completely in love!
charlie may for weekday

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Photos by Beige Renegade


Charlie May peacoat and teddy sweater
Von Holzhausen bag

Weekday shirt and trousers

Maria Black earrings

Yuul Yie pumps

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  1. I really adore those shoes!



  2. Look perfect as always Charlie! That jumper is everything! Great styling and thanks for sharing babe x

    Millie x

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