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Regent’s Park

I love walking around Regent’s park with it’s epically beautiful houses, so bright white and surrounded by greenery at every turn. Quite a stark contrast from one borough to the next in London which is why I love walking or cycling wherever I go. Being stuck underground isn’t fun in the city unless you’ve got to get somewhere fast.

I’ve been testing out one of the classic Marni trunk bags. Famously (or not) I love a tiny bag so opted for the mini version. Although it has three compartments and can fit more in than you’d think. Here’s what I had to say about the piece.

“I wear a lot of neutrals when the weather is good as darker leather can wear off (I’ve lost many silk shirts this way!) I love this small Marni trunk shoulder bag as the light grey leather is super fresh with the gold hardware. The fact that it has three pouches in one gives it more shape on the body and makes it stand out more.  The strap can be extended so it can be worn tightly under the arm for the evening or long and casual for the day. I’m wearing the billowy sleeve top from my latest collection with a pair of basket weave cotton skinny trousers and sandals. I don’t do dresses and hardly ever do skirts, so for me a silk shirt with lots of drama going on is the best option for a day in the city look.”

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