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Wearing: Charlie May AW13 coat, Uniqlo shirt, Topshop Unique skirt, Céline shoes, Pamela Love necklace and Maria Fracesca Pepe bracelet.

I finally got my birthday shoes in the post! – A birthday present to myself I might add; found on a dusty corner of eBay and shipped across the Atlantic. They’re taking a bit of wearing in. I managed to hobble out of Shini’s house to take these pictures (just kidding, but they are most definitely cab to curb heels only for now…). Worn with the white wool coat from my AW13 collection and other perfectly matching white things. Possibly my favourite outfit on here, ever.

Photos by Shini

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  1. have similar one (almost exactly the same) but from nelly haha :)


    1. Yes I saw the ones in Weekday too, although I think they were lower. Maybe better than these ones! :P

  2. your heels are killer ones!


  3. This is heavenly. Those shoes are spectacular and I love the different shades of white, bone, eggshell, cream… Somehow shades of white work well together (whereas shades of black just make me mad!).

    1. So true! Shades of black are annoying. I love all your white descriptions – bone makes me especially happy for some reason!

  4. Gorgeous look! The shoes are stunning and ad such a unique edge to this outfit. I love your styling – it is spot-on and looks great!

  5. I love how well you work an all white outfit Charlie. Beautiful photos. xx

  6. Those are gorgeous! And you look perfect in all white.

  7. I almost bought these babes but they weren’t in my size :(. They look great on you!!

  8. this outfit is an urban fairytale!

  9. Too good, can’t believe how you can pull of all-white like that, I can’t even do all-black without spilling tip-ex on myself…

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