Wearing: Stylein jumper, Iris & Ink skirt, Ann Demeulemeester boots, Acne sunglasses, MFPepe bracelet.

Generally I have tall friends, also my boyfriend (the usual outfit photographer on this blog) is tall; I’m not short myself at 5ft 8″ and yet on the far dusty corners of the internet I actually see someone saying that I’m “not tall and not skinny”. Now, I can’t claim to be fashion skinny but I can claim to be tall-ish right?  It had never really occurred to me to ask my tall friends to stoop whilst taking my picture, to give some kind of optical illusion of how I actually look, IRL. I know the camera adds 10lbs but does it also take inches off your height? I know this is a funny subject to talk about, especially as I usually on rave on about clothes, and the skinny debate can go on and on but, the tall debate, I have never heard of. 

So, outside Bistrotheque, the weekend after our Antwerp getaway, Michael and I experimented with this short/tall photo theory, and I have to say I know which ones came out better. Sorry boys, but I’ll probably be asking you to stoop from now on.

Photos by Michael

16 thoughts on “POINT OF VIEW

    • Yes someone said that, which I thought was funny. They said nice things too, why is it always the negative parts we concern ourselves with more?

  • EHm you’re right about angles really changing the way we look – crouching tiger action by the photographer is all that I live by on my blog, for example.

  • You look tall on photos. You don’t look model thin on photos.

    But you are def. NOT FAT! You have a certain body type and is healthy looking. Most importantly, you look good in your outfits. They suit you and flatter you.

    Please don’t take heart on the negatives. I love that you dress for your body and your taste, not to emulate other fashion bloggers. XOXO

  • Ha! It’s not just you, I’m forever making my ‘photographers’ stoop. I once asked my 6ft stepfather to help me out with an outfit shot. The resulting photo looked like it had been shot from a crane.

    • That’s what I’m talking about! My boyfriend is 6ft 3 and I’m constantly craning my neck just to look at him :P

  • oh well! haters will hate…
    i am 5.5 ft… and because i dont have a photographer i always place my camera where it is more convenient whilst outdoors, aka anywhere!
    floor[which is not so flattering], car hoods [nice height… more half keeps proportions good… so yes, playing around with the camera perception changes the short/tall effect…
    but what counts is the style and quality you showcase, not your physique shape. which by the way, you are beautiful, and cool. so, no worries.

  • I tweeted a few weeks back that I was 5″8-9 to reply to someone and i got about 10 replies of people being like WHUT I THOUGHT YOU WERE 5″5 OR SOMETHING.

    So, blogs can be deceiving. You look killer here too, ma gosh those booties are heavenly.


  • Haha, I get the point, you look taller in this shot. But I’ve always thought that you look tall so for me it doesn’t really changes anything.

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