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Wearing: Mango coat, H&M jumper, COS trousers, Ann Demeulemeester boots.

I’m now out of London and in the Westcountry for Christmas. The photos are from the farm buildings beside our home and I don’t know why but they’ve never featured on the blog before. It’s pretty rainy and wet outside today so the perfect time to explore!

The coat I’m wearing was picked up whilst I was supposed to be Christmas shopping for everybody but me, but I couldn’t resist as I’ve been looking for a new coat for a while and this one is boxy military perfection. 

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  1. Mango, H&M, COS? *passes out*

    I like that coat, reminds me of the Topshop Unique collection? More farmyard secret spy chic please.

  2. Dear Charlie’s Coat,

    Be mine.


  3. uhhh, your coat totally amazes me! have fun at the countryside!


  4. Great Jacket and I think every girl ends up buying a thing or two while shopping for other during the holiday season. The jacket looks great.

  5. Oh, girl (a la mode), you never cease to amaze me! Perfection, as always. Thanks for stopping by my blog! http://www.moiminnie.blogspot.com x

  6. wow, these pics could be part of a lookbook, i like a lot! I love your boots xxx

  7. What a great shoot. I love the shot of your boots against the moss. Really beautiful texture pinkdeer.blogspot.com

  8. Dear Santa, I WANT That Jacket!

  9. your coat is so perfect!


  10. omg everything is so perfect i want to cry. the shoes and setting are my favorite!

  11. The coat looks great, works really well the farm background :)

    style marmalade

  12. Wow, just discovering your blog and love it!!!!

    You look great in all the pictures… and your style is simple and clean in a good and lovely way.

    Love the boots by the way. Merry Xtmas!!!

  13. i hate it .. i subscribed to yer blog but you do not appear on my feeds. now i feel so bad for not seeing this..
    merry xmas . hope u have more tme to blog my charlie..

    amazing outfit… so inspired to wear a long coat

    1. How can we fix this? :(

  14. just gorgeous

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