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Wearing: Charlie May bomber, silk tee, and skirt, Adidas Superstars, Stephen Einhorn bracelet and Saint Laurent Lulu.

Wearing full Charlie May, and feeling pretty happy about it. The pieces are across three seasons, calf collar bomber jacket for next season (so excited!), deep v silk tee currently in store and the white wool skirt currently in the sale :)

Making a point of wearing me every day since multiple embarrassing situations of people asking if my something-or-other was Charlie May. No longer! Being a designer I totally get that people expect you to be head to toe in you/ be your own walking billboard, and now here we are. – Just don’t ask me about my bag or shoes, ok?

Photos by India




Wearing: Charlie May blazer, Theyskens’ Theory knit, Zara trousers, Adidas shoes, Larsson & Jennings watch and Céline sunglasses

As soon as Spring sets in, I can’t seem to help to want to do the all white thing ALL the time. These new tortoiseshell sunglasses (my first pair I might add) adding the only colour to this outfit that should be bouncing off the suns beautiful rays during golden hour. If you saw my instagram yesterday you’d have noticed a new addition to this trainer family, the same pair in stripes. My attempt at bringing black in a bit more maybe.

Photos by India



Wahoo the winter sales are here! And not just the big guns like NAP or Selfridges, but my own too! So if you’ve been waiting on that special leather jacket or seasonally appropriate trousers, then look no further. My favourites include, the perfect stretch leather pants and ostrich biker jacket. Happy shopping!



Featuring: Stella McCartney Shoes.

I think I’m in love. In fact, I know I’m in love; with the heavy tread shoes that have taken over AW13. Stella stole my heart with a full range of bad ass white and black heavy tread tire shoes that I’d been hunting for for the last month. Thankfully the hunt is over, although I can’t promise I won’t run back for the boots!


Erin OConnor you magazine

Featuring: Erin O’Connor in September’s You magazine, wearing the Charlie May AW13 sheer panel dress

Major girl crush, Erin O’Connor seen here wearing my AW13 sheer panel dress for the latest issue of You magazine. So stunned, every designer wants to have their pieces worn by top supermodels and this is my very first encounter of what a girl like Erin can transform your pieces into. In love really.

Buy the AW13 sheer panel dress here.


Leticia wears the Charlie May virgin wool suit with the half sheer silk shirt.

The new website is due to launch next week! (Can you feel the excitement!?) I wanted to share my favourite image from the shoot we did on Monday for the AW13 collection. I love it quite a lot; I just want to be her, pretty much for every photo we took, actually!  The campaign was shot with Leticia Lamb from Elite, by Nicole Maria Winkler, Make Up by Thom Walker, and Hair by Alex James Fairbairn.

The Danielle Foster x Charlie May bags are now available to buy from us on Danielle’s site, be the first to get one before they hit all the stores!


Back in time. before the big chop; no my hair doesn’t grow at super speed. I’m in Devon for the weekend with family and found these I forgot all about. Wearing the black waxed leather jacket from my last collection, currently in production and hitting stores in a couple of weeks – woohoo! So excited for my own ecommerce site to launch around the same time meaning you’ll be able to buy directly from me! So many exciting things happening at the moment – thank you to all of you for joining me on this journey, and most of all for the support! 

Photos by Shini


Wearing: Charlie May AW13 blazer, Sandro top, Zara trousers, Céline shoes, Backstage* bracelets.

My body is switching to holiday mode with the welcoming news of a last minute trip to Ibiza this week with Tia Maria. Ibiza may not have palm trees last time I checked, but if there was ever a mascot for sun, sea and relaxation; the palm tree would be it! There’s no need to wave me off just yet as I’m leaving on Tuesday, but if you see a sly, smug smile on my face, now you’ll know why. Sorry I’m not sorry! 

Sticking to the uniform of psychiatric ward nurse, who through a blazer on to go to brunch yesterday; that about sums it up, in a nutshell. I picked this top up from the Sandro sale last week, feeling the need for simpler things to throw on when a shirt feels too much and I’m too slovenly to pull off a revealing mesh v neck. Hope you’re all having a good weekend!

Photos by Shini


Currently living in this kind of thing; switching between jeans and tshirts, mixing with tailored pieces such as this shirt or those trousers, pretty addicted to the white and black thing by now. It just feels so laid back and uncomplicated, which is perfect for the bank holiday weekend. 

Let’s talk about these perfect fitting black jeans for a sec. This week for the first time I got to try out the jeans fitting service, Jeanography. They got in touch with me and asked me to give it a try, seeing as my live-in jeans have had a broken zip for a while, and are also now grey from some poor washing machine choices, I thought it was the perfect time. I ordered three pairs of jeans off the site using their ‘fit first time‘ (all from Hudson), this pair of skinny black Nico’s and these black leather accented Leeloo’s. Ordering different sizes to try on in the comfort of your own home, without actually having to pay before you try is a genius idea, and one that I’ll be using from now on. Officially converted. It also helps that these Hudon’s are quite stretchy and ridiculously comfortable.

I never thought I’d be on this blog talking about jeans so much, but there we go. I can still surprise you. Surprising like this bright poppy clutch from Backstage. I was obsessed with the Proenza Schouler holographic card holders, and now I have a much bigger version in my hands!


Wearing: Charlie May AW13 blazer, Zara trousers and shoes, Jewellery by Victoria Kelsey.

Black and white, but definitely not monochrome. Oops sorry, how did I not know that? So taking very literally the tailoring inspiration from my last post, white suit trousers from Zara with a low waist, and the blazer sample from my AW12 that’s in my possession temporarily; it’s the perfect fit and shape and a simplified evolution from the dusky pink sleeveless blazerThe jewellery I’m wearing was borrowed from Victoria Kelsey – I love the molton gold with unusual details, such as the bracelet mounted on a leather watch strap. I’m sad to have to be returning those, but she’s one to watch having only just graduated! 

Kobi and I are a natural matching twinset, hasn’t he grown since he was last on this blog?? I’m now renting him out to hot bloggers everywhere, apparently. Currently appearing with the super beaut Park&Cube, and in my first biker jacket no less!

Photos by Shini

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