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Wearing: Stills coat and shirt, Topshop Unique skirt, Kurt Geiger heels, Sandro shearling biker.

Last week, before I fled for Paris, I took part in a Never Underdressed shoot to choose the créme de la créme of coats on offer this Winter. It was pretty dangerous as I now has at least 3 or 4 added to my wish list, but really fun to choose the best from what must have been about a thousand coats!

I had seen this Stills coat from their look book a few months ago so I had to say I was a little bias, but what a beautiful, perfect coat! It comes in pink as well as a super dusky blue and both need to be owned by me very soon indeed; followed closely by the Sandro shearling biker that I fell head over heels for as soon as it was tried on – so warm and perfect for cold winter ahead! On a more fashion front I fell for the racing stripe neon Thu Thu coat tried on by Never Underdressed’s editor, Elin, and her very own pony hair Kurt Geiger heels.  

The feature with the full run down of the coats and a video will be appearing on their site next week, I’ll be shouting about it as soon as it’s live.. No doubt it will mainly show us all strutting around in our pink coats, how could we resist?

Thank you to the Never Underdressed team and my fellow bloggers for such a fun day!

UPDATE: The post is now live and you can watch the video HERE!


Wearing: Claudia Ligari bomber, Sandro top, Zara trousers, Céline shoes, Backstage ID chain.

We’ve all been obsessing over the Stella McCartney pinstripe, adding key pieces from the collection into our fantasy shopping baskets and wishing we could just hit the ORDER button. Oh you haven’t? Well I seem to be doing that quite a lot lately! Especially this stripe knit that I am head over heels in love with. These Zara pants have me satisfied for now, they are the perfect balance of chic, comfortable and can be worn with loose jumpers and ugly sandals and still look good.

These photos were taken during the golden hour of a very long Sunday afternoon last week, spent working on the new site with Shini (I owe all the beautiful aesthetics of the site down to her). Also many hours spent watching cult nineties/noughties movies, whilst stuffing Haribo into our mouths. So happy with the website and thank you to those of you who have already put through an order. Don’t forget to enter the competition in the post below to own a piece of AW13 if you haven’t already, choosing a winner on Wednesday! 

Photos by Shini


Wearing: Zara trench, Varley bikini, Viktor & Rolf shorts, Givenchy sandals, Collective tee, Beth Richards swim top, Phillip Lim shorts,
Céline shoes and sunglasses, Aquascutum shirt, Alexander Wang clutch, Pamela Love necklace, Sandro top, Varley Bikini.

Going through my batch of Ibiza photos, I realised I still have so many I want to share. Being able to bring my own photographer along on the trip meant that the posts really could go on and on! Quite a lot for 3 days don’t ya think? Not only did I manage to pack an almost exclusively white suitcase but I also managed to get plenty of wear out of some some new swimwear favourites from Varley and Beth Richards. How I miss being so close to crystal blue open water now I’m back in London! Thank you to Michael for being my ideal travel buddy on the trip!  

Photos by Me and Michael


Wearing: Sandro top, Viktor&Rolf shorts, Zara sandals, Acne sunglasses.

Saying goodbye to the island on one of our last walks around Talamanca, with decking that winds all the way around the south coast. One night we actually did walk back this way in pitch dark, needing the assistance on Adrian, the videographer’s, industrial camera lighting to guide our way back and make sure I didn’t lose a heel down one of the decking cracks and get left behind all together.

It’s hard looking at these chilled out photos of the trip, when here in London I’m running around like crazy getting my new studio sorted – YES! So excited! You should be seeing a lot more photos of my work when it’s all up and running with natural light flooding in, ahh I can’t wait!!

Photos by Michael


Wearing: Claudia Ligari bomber jacket, Sandro top, Hudson Jeans, Céline shoes, Alexander Wang bag, Moxham cuff and Acne sunnies

Slowly getting more and more sporty on my casual days off, or when I need to run around London in a hurry, like before I head to Ibiza tonight! I feel like I want to lock away the black for the trip although I suppose a little H&M mesh still counts as part of a healthy summer wardrobe. I’m still so in love with this bomber jacket and finding a million ways to wear it. When seeing the Stella version that I wanted for so long (now on sale!), I was surprised at how similar the fabrics were, and now I’ve seen that Claudia Ligari does one in black too. well, it’s only down hill from here!

I’ve decided to leave my laptop behind on this trip, so there won’t be another post up for a couple of days; just make sure you follow me on instagram for the Ibiza live, and in full technicolour! 

Photos by Shini


Wearing: Charlie May AW13 blazer, Sandro top, Zara trousers, Céline shoes, Backstage* bracelets.

My body is switching to holiday mode with the welcoming news of a last minute trip to Ibiza this week with Tia Maria. Ibiza may not have palm trees last time I checked, but if there was ever a mascot for sun, sea and relaxation; the palm tree would be it! There’s no need to wave me off just yet as I’m leaving on Tuesday, but if you see a sly, smug smile on my face, now you’ll know why. Sorry I’m not sorry! 

Sticking to the uniform of psychiatric ward nurse, who through a blazer on to go to brunch yesterday; that about sums it up, in a nutshell. I picked this top up from the Sandro sale last week, feeling the need for simpler things to throw on when a shirt feels too much and I’m too slovenly to pull off a revealing mesh v neck. Hope you’re all having a good weekend!

Photos by Shini


Camille wears: Charlie May SS13 biker jacket and collarless shirt, Sandro jeans (THE PERFECT SLOUCH), and Jimmy Choo heels.

If there ever was a girl to wear my biker jacket, it had to be this girl. AMAIRIGHT? I think we all wish we could dress a little bit more like Camille, her seriously easy going French sense of style rubs off on all of us through her delicious insta feed, which in itself sounds kinda like a ready meal from the future, no? Nothing makes me happier than seeing my collection translated through another’s personal style; how I love all these emerging Charlie May girls!

I’m seriously happy with the biker jacket in cotton, I’ve done leather jackets every season and despite the transitional London weather patterns, I still think cotton was a great choice for SS13. I’m currently evolving a new lightweight biker for SS14, which is I’m sure is going to blow everything out of the water, but that’s in many many months time, so let’s just ogle Camille’s kick ass loveliness for now.

The biker jacket is available to buy HERE and shirt HERE.

See more from this post over on Camille’s blog.


 Eudon Choi
Sandro and Antipodium

The favourite without a doubt at the IPR press day had to be Eudon Choi, the silhouette combined with the textures and subtle colours blew me away.
If you haven’t heard of him before, check him out now

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