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Scanning this seasons fabrics swatches and creating a line sheet for prospective buyers

Using the pen to draw designs right onto the screen, you can even trace from paper underneath making it similar to a lightbox but much more effective

Add you illustrations to the linesheet for pairing with fabric swatches and scans

The screen is interactive, allowing you to split the screen for say, browsing the internet and watching Netflix. Score!

In collaboration with HP Sprout
Wearing shirt by Prada, watch by Larsson & Jennings, rings by Amarilo and Effra

When I’m in the studio working on collections, designing and just day-to-day admin it’s important I have a computer that can keep up and contend with all my needs. Until now my desk has been filled with desktops, scanners and pan and paper. The new HP Sprout seems to have made all these obsolete with the world first immersive computer. I won’t bore you with explaining how the computer itself works – it has all the functions of a standard desktop but with so many extras! So much more than just a creative tool. First of all, it’s touch screen as well as compatible with mouse and keyboard. You can use either or, although once you start using your hands I find it addictive and a lot of fun (It’s also chicer cleaner without all those extras in my humble op). So then you have the giant mousemat that attaches magnetically to the screen, again easily detachable for a chicer workspace. This matte acts as a scanner deck, a drawing pad, a keyboard.. the list goes on! A light shines down from the scanner above, allowing you to scan in objects, even 3D scanning which is a lot of fun. I found the idea that you can pull and slide the screen around really great, you can swipe projects down onto the matte with ease and even split the screens so you can be working on two things at once – for me having my emails up in case something important comes through, drawing on the matte whilst catching up with my favourite programs on the web was a real plus! I created two projects with the HP Sprout, first wanted to scan in my fabrics from the current collection, creating a linesheet to send to buyers. Scanning fabrics can be really annoying as you just don’t get the colours right, and more importantly it squishes the fabric down so if you have a shearling or textured wool, the effect becomes quite different. With the scanning on this it captures it exactly as you see it with the naked eye. Making my sheets immediately more professional. Secondly I used the stylus pen to draw my designs straight into the document, I can then use the fabrics I scanned from earlier to create collections to send to clients as well as for my own personal use. 

All in all the beautiful design of HP Sprout has blown me away. Every day I’ve been using it I’ve discovered new ways to work in an intuitive and exciting way. It seems insane that something this great hasn’t been invented up until now but I’m so excited to be one of the first ones to try it!

Thanks to HP Sprout


It’s spring time finally and we can start to get excited about those lazy summer days. I’ve been thinking a lot about denim recently, I’ve gone from someone who would never dream of wearing it, to it becoming a staple part of my wardrobe. Just add gold accents and a flowing silk upper half and you’re good to go. Also leaning more and more into neutrals, nude trainers are feeling more and more right.

In collaboration with H&M


Feat: The best of Christmas with H&M

Suddenly there are people ice skating on my instagram, The Pogues being played on the radio and fairy lights going up on my route home from work, there’s only one conclusion, Christmas is actually around the corner! Even my boyfriend bounced out of bed the other day exclaiming ‘only 50 days to go!’. I had no clue what he was talking about of course or that he was even keeping track.. Christmas does strange things to people.  

Having said that the best thing about this time of year for me is the increased number of chunky knits, layered wools, textured leathers and slouchy sweaters; it’s the cosiest time of year. So I’ve teamed up with H&M to pick my favourite pieces from their website heading up to Christmas. I love this white silk jumpsuit which Joan Smalls makes look impossibly cool with silver brogues. Also the whole layered textured chunky knits WILL be happening, preferably in front of a roaring fire on a sofa somewhere far away from technology and reality for that matter. 

In collaboration with H&M


Monica Vinader 8Monica Vinader 9Monica Vinader 4

When hunting for new jewellery I love to be able to customise, whether it’s buying multiple rings, and wearing them in different combinations or choosing a chain and stacking up pendants myself. So finding the new Monica Vinader stack necklace tool that you can build yourself on their super sleek website was a bit of a godsend. I went for rose gold (of course), their thinest chain, hammered shell, and intricate diamond hoop. I’m also loving wearing one pendant at a time, anything goes really!

So now you know what’s going on under my sweater, because let’s face it, it’s not quite silk shirt weather anymore – although i will be disappearing to the Canary Islands in two days where it most certainly will be! I simply can’t contain my excitement for the first holiday of the year. I won’t be made to feel the least bit guilty as you were all away for August whilst I was head down in the studio. Make sure to follow me on instagram as I can’t imagine I’ll be blogging too much ;)

In collaboration with Monica Vinader, photos by Matthew



As the last of my spring/summer collection is disappearing into sale, I’m happy as the weather is finally good enough to permit me to wear it all here in London. A few pieces Ive been wearing to death is the cami dress (perfectly breezy), the raw v dress (raw silk always gets me) and the croc embossed raffia bomber (need I say more?). This feature comes from a meet up with Coldlilies to shoot my favourites from their site. You can find the online curation here. So many perfectly delicate pieces, when it’s too hot to wear anything else. 

Photos by Lucie Rox



So it happened on instagram and I thought it was time to reward my lovely readers on here too! So I’m giving away a pair of my Hudson collaboration shoes to one lucky reader. Please leave your email address with the comment, the winner will be contacted on the 1st July.

If you don’t already, please follow me on twitter, instagram and bloglovin’. I only have UK sizes 3-8 (so sorry to the guys!) , but I will ship worldwide, this comp is open to everyone :)

I’m also giving 30% off on my ecomms, just use the code ‘SUMMER30′!



New seasonally inappropriate footwear is in; as the spring/summer collection are already landing in store, I was immediately drawn to these slider-esque sandals from Isabel Marant. The first Marant purchase I’ve ever made, I feel like these perfectly bridge the gap between boho Birkenstocks and high fashion Céline fur adorned sandals or patent minimalism, even though I have to admit I thought these were Céline at first. Already wearing them with heavy overcoats and as many layers as possible.



Wearing: Charlie May ostrich biker, Stylein knit, Charlie May white wool skirt, Céline shoes, all accessories Completed Works.

Just before we were whisked away to Malta, I was treated to afternoon tea at Aqua Shard by new accessories label Completed Works; seeing London by night is a definite highlight of living in the city, it was beautiful sitting there from day to night and watching the whole skyline light up. I’m completely in awe of their very first pillar collection; the rings using marble and jade contrasting black Rhodium and gold are kind of a purists dream, whilst 3D printed broken column necklaces seem dainty and chunky all at the same time.

A huge thank you to Completed Works and Aqua Shard for having me!


There seems to be a running theme happening here, hair hair everywhere. Head, sweater, shoes and now bag. I’ve had my eye on the Lulu for so long but ever since seeing this calf hair beauty on Matches, my mind is set. Could there be a more perfect accessory? Except perhaps the white version that I’m sure I would spill something on as soon as it left the wrapping..



As you all know I have a particular love for jewellery, leather-ware and really any minimal gold petite accessories of any kind. On discovering Carnet De Mode, I immediately fell in love with their jewellery selection; chunky to fine – and even Loshy’s in between; of which I find to be genius. Best of all they support young designers by providing a platform for hundreds of labels to showcase and buy their latest collections. So many simple pieces that I’ve totally fallen for, now I just need to decide on a piece, any ideas? I know that each of these chains above would receive regular wardrobe rotation, so maybe I should just bite the bullet! The mini cardholder too is playing heavily on my mind, the little rose gold clip is the perfect little detail with the navy leather.  

Headed back to London tomorrow after a glorious 10 days in Devon. Totally in love with this piece of the countryside and very inspired for Autumn/Winter 14. Went up on the moors yesterday to get some inspo for my next collection and it was just so beautiful! Many more Devon pictures to come, but right now I’m off to the beach to soak in some last minute rays before the city urges me back to it.

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