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So London FASHUN week is just around the corner, show being 9 days and counting WHAT! I thought I would share some of my inspiration for the season, the mood and colour palette from the collection comes from these dramatic volcanic images, so maybe you can get an inkling of what the collection will be like.

Are any of you on Vine yet? I know everybody’s been going on about it but I’m excited to share with you some behind the scenes videos on the run up to the show. You’ll be seeing castings, fittings, backstage dramas (hopefully not too many..) Sometimes videos can be so much better than a little snapshot I think – sorry instagram.

You can find me on Vine at @charliemay


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    1. Thanks editor.

      I’m so excited to see you on Sunday!

      1. We haven’t played this game in ages!

        I know, omg, I’m so excited! AND THE AFTERPARTY. Crap, what are we wearing?

  2. Can’t wait to see your Vine.

  3. Have I seen this somewhere before? Absolutely stunning

    1. Oh that’s right, your Pinterest :))

  4. Please do menswear.


    1. PLEASE

  5. can’t wait to see your new collection!

  6. wow xx

  7. Beautiful inspiration pics Charlie. They’d make perfect backdrop in photoshop with objects on top of them, great mood. I’ve just posted up one my most PROVOKING outfits featuring Erdem’s runway printed neoprene coat and matching heels, do tell what you think on the craziness and l hope it entertains ;)

    xx The Provoker

  8. Mmmm so excited for Fashion Week! Get it gurl!


  9. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    x Sharday


  10. Love these photos Charlie. It’s so interesting to see how your inspiration translates into your collection. xx

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