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Black tipped manicure.

I originally saw this manicure on Hanneli and thought it was the perfect simple mani for those days when you don’t want to have to paint on three of four coats of varnish. I applied on a shine coat onto my bare nail, followed by a thin layer of black onto the tips, then finished with a topcoat and, voila! 

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  1. Wow, i have to use this on my nails, they need it really.

  2. This is gorgeous! Did you use a special thin brush to apply it? xx

    1. No I just used an ordinary brush! Super easy.

  3. I saw the nails for the DKNY show and have been rocking them with Shellac for the last couple of weeks. Love it! I get so many compliments!



  4. It’s the perfect alternative to french manicure :)

  5. Definitely going to try this. But I’m afraid my woefully unsteady hand will leave it looking very little like yours!

    1. I assure you, it’s so easy! My right hand didn’t look as good as my left, but I’m terrible at painting left handed!

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