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Feat: Rosetta Getty SS15.

The insanely beautiful new collection from Rosetta Getty that I’ve been seeing all over tumblrs and pinterest for the last few weeks. That moment when you discover it’s not just one editorial image but a whole collection! We’re seeing more and more of designers opting for lookbooks over runway shows (myself included) but making those lookbooks so beautiful and editorial that they are shared all over the world and become even more useful than runway images, allowing the designer to give the whole vibe of the collection rather than generic catwalk strut shot. Completely in love with Getty’s work, like something in between the Row and Celine and even some Haider Ackermann. Dreamy!

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Talking about dressing for colder weather, is there anything better than a simple black cami dress, where the focus is solely on the clean lines and straps across the collarbone? (Just add chunky knitwear as the nights draw in!)

The new Fashion Weeks collection from H&M, is exactly what it says on the tin; coming out at the end of August it’s perfect timing for strong statement dressing for the fashion month ahead, it’s modern but quirky in a unique way, heavily focused on monochromatic minimalism. As usual we can rely on H&M to make high fashion wearable for everyone.

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As a girl born into a landscape where surfing is a way of life, this new collaboration from Alexander Wang and Hayden Shapes speaks to me beyond the fashion element of OMFG marble everythang! These boards are just downright SICK, and that’s not a word I use often. 



Featuring: Ophelie by Paul Wetherell – Intermission Magazine S/S 2014

These sandals have been turning up in editorials across the board, they’re so not my usual type of thing but worn with excessive fray and slouchy black, they have my attention.

Why is it that things I can’t stop thinking about often lie in the love or hate bracket? Givenchy, Acne and even Topshop have some strong fugly contenders right now too. What are we thinking, yay or nay?

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Featuring: The Row Flagship, Melrose Place, LA.

No, it’s not a dream, you are visually laying your eyes upon the new flagship from the Row; as discovered through my girl Andy Heart via WWD. When I posted this last week there was some speculation if this was even real, the space looks so other-wordly to us we can’t even imagine. The space is reported to have been both Mark Kate and Ashley’s hairdressers before it became available. I dream about when I open my first store but I can’t imagine it ever having an open roof pool feature – only in LA! Which reminds me is on my list of top visits this year..

Photos by WWD


The LN-CC SS14 Campaign and concept space.

When I came across the new LN-CC SS14 web campaign, shot in a marble quarry in Carrara, Tuscany; it’s needless to say, my mind was blown. Possibly the most incredible backdrop of all time (and a little jealous it never crossed my mind first tbh)! I need to book the next flight out, that’s for sure..

I remembered these photos I shot of the London store at the end of last year, when AW was still on the shelves. The insanely beautiful London store space acts as an ever changing platform of creative ideas – you can see this perfectly through their Vimeo film; as you can see there’s even a club inside the space that resides on East London’s Shacklewell Lane, which is actually how I came to see the space for the first time. I’m proud to say that such an awesome boutique resides in my neighbourhood, and if you’re visiting London I’m telling you to make an appointment :) They’re closed at the moment until September but no worries if you’re not London bound or living as they’re online too.



A little to the imagination – Megan Thompson by Scott Trindle for T Magazine

Or the new silhouette, even. Easy going, wide legged calf reaching culottes (anyone would have called that a statement before but now it seems as cool and minimal as ever). I’m even seriously lusting after these Victoria Beckham slouch trousers, not to mention as soon as I saw those Calvin Klein raw chunky hem trousers, as seen above, on the runway, I knew I’d be hooked. Give me an uber lux disheveled raw coat and pants any day please.

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Céline AW14 details.

It’s been a while since I posted an inspo post; most of my hopes and dreams appear on Pinterest or Tumblr these days, which is actually where I first caught a glimpse of this Céline detail from their latest AW14 collection, in the first place. On my recent pilgrimage to the new Mount Street store in London, I was in awe of just the level of technique, texture and work that goes into each and every piece. I know a hefty price tag comes with it (hello dream shirt at £900) but it’s worth every penny. For now though I’m happy to just take these beauties, thanks.  

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Thomas Phifer,  3.1 Phillip Lim, Damien Ravn,  Iacoli McAllister, Low Classic, Danielle Romeril, Céline, ELLE Sweden, T Magazine.

Everything I’m turning to for inspiration this holiday; plenty of layering, daring exposing of skin with wools, knits and plenty of flats and oversized silk shirts. I could go on but it’s a tale as old of time of course. Hope you’re enjoying the holidays, New Years is just around the corner and whilst I’m enjoying sitting here with my feet by the fire, there’s a new collection to make when I get back to the big smoke!

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Feat: Daria Werbowy in L’Express Styles.

Daria has got to be my favourite model of all time. I don’t think it’s singularly down to the Céline campaigns that sealed her fate as my favourite, but doesn’t she resemble Philo herself a bit here? I should apologise for the lack of posts this past week, so much to handle with your own business, as well as squeezing in some very exciting projects right up until yesterday. Right now, I’m packing for home, managing to squeeze in christmas pressies around the mountain of shoes I’m trying to pack, whilst my boyfriend simultaneously removes them. No Stella’s for me this time!

Source: by Fashion Gone Rogue

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