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On the steps of Saint Pauls


Is there anything more romantic than visiting a city and heading straight to the rooftops, taking in the scenery and marvelling at the architecture? Sure this is the city I call home, the city of London. But if there’s one thing I love about it, it’s that you turn a corner and you feel like you’re suddenly somewhere else. Grungy East London turns into grand baroque 17th Century in a flash. Saint Pauls cathedral might be my favourite building in the whole of the city. Built by Sir Christopher Wren, the same wonderful architect that redesigned Regent Street into the marvel it is today. It feels romantic and stands alone against all the modern buildings below (having been the only thing left standing following the blitz!). So much history you can’t help but fall in love with Saint Pauls and this view.

You could say I’ve been dressing a little more 17th century, with this big balloon wool skirt from COS. It has deep roomy pockets and gives quite an elegant silhouette. You know I love everything oversized; and with a tucked in white tee or matching evergreen top, it’s easy and throw on and look like you’ve really dressed up. The green top on it’s own is slightly paramedic, so it needs a push to lift it up – note it’s not for casual jeans. Especially as I’m launching Khaki denim, it was very paramedic indeed. Maybe colour blocking with unusual coloured denim just isn’t a thing. Thoughts?

For the accessories, I love dressing the skirt down with my chunky Asics, it looks good too with some pointy loafers but when I’m running around the rooftops I like to be comfortable too (obviously!). This new SKAGEN smartwatch has been tracking my steps and fitness everyday and i’m loving it. I’ve been wanting to jump onto the smart watch game since forever. Loving the technology behind it, and the attraction of not having to check my phone every two minutes! But I always felt the design was too techy and always left something to be desired, until now. The rose gold and black watch face looks great paired with the resin handles on my Simon Miller grey suede bucket. You can choose between which watch face you’d like also: classic scandi chic, to world clock, to fitness goals etc. Getting addicted fast!


Wearing: COS top and skirt, SKAGEN Falster smart watch, SKAGEN bracelet, Simon Miller bag, ASICS trainers

In collaboration with SKAGEN

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  1. Nice dress, yes it could be another century. Old fashon style plus moderne watch. color and style works but the shoes I found it quite bit difficult. Wich material is the dress ?

    1. Mean the skirt

  2. Beautiful photos and outfits. You look gorgeous. I also really need to visit St Pauls, despite living in London – i never been inside. xx

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